How To Get Cannabis Edibles To Hit Faster

Article by Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast via Growth Op

World NewsLifeEdibles How to get cannabis edibles to hit faster One trick is to purchase an edible that melts. Author of the article:Maria Loreto • The Fresh Toast Some argue there’s plenty of good associated with edibles, not the least of which is because there’s no smoke or vapour. / PHOTO BY / PHOTO: WILDPIXEL / ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS

It can be a crapshoot with edibles. A person never really knows if her or she has consumed enough, because the effects don’t hit until waiting a few hours or after already having inhaled an entire batch of pot brownies. That could mean bracing for a bad time.

Unlike other forms of cannabis, edibles require patience, timing and the correct dosage, which is a lot to ask of someone who’s never tried them before.

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