How Does Cannabis Affect Memory?

Article by Sam Riches, Growth Op

LIFE How does cannabis affect memory? While short-term impacts have been well-documented, less is known about the long-term outlook By Sam Riches We still have a limited understanding of any potential long-term memory impact from cannabis consumption. / Photo: Lars HagbergLARS HAGBERG/AFP/Getty Images Cannabis that is high in THC is believed to have a negative impact on short-term memory, and could potentially even trigger psychosis. / Photo: wildpixel / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Photo: wildpixel / iStock / Getty Images Plus

The detrimental effect that cannabis use might have on memory has long been trotted out by prohibitionists as one reason the plant is dangerous. But is that characterization accurate?

A recent piece at The Conversation authored by professors Ian Hamilton and Elizabeth Hughes, from the University of York and the University of Leeds, respectively, dove into the current science on the topic. Here’s what they found.

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