Eva’s Cannalife by Evanghelia K

Article by Evanghelia K, High! Canada

Eva's Cannalife by Evanghelia K

Hello hello all you gorgeous beings! Hope you’re all having an amazing start to the summer of 2017! I’m praying it’s going to be a long, hot Indian summer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of what? That’s right, SUMMER of LOVE!!

An era I wish I could have been a part of. An era that seems to be coming around full circle 50 years later, but this time we’ve woken up & are finally decriminalizing & legalizing some of what they were fighting for 50 years ago, during the SUMMER of LOVE. Although we still have a long way to go with world peace, maybe once cannabis & psychedelics are legalized for healing purposes, all these people with anger, hurt & hatred will finally do some psychedelics, realize the true purpose and meaning to life & that’s to love and be loved & then world peace will follow. I know, wishful thinking right?! but a girl can dream can’t she?! 😉 So there I was, talking to one of my elder friends about SOL, his memories of it & the first time he smoked a Joint. After listening to his story I thought I’d share it with you this month to kick of the celebration of Summer of Love. So here is Woody’s story of his younger years. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. There I was standing in the back alley behind my parents house having a butt. Then some of the younger guys showed up. I knew they were smoking marijuana. At the time I was a jock working guy, just can’t understand this hippie thing. Long hair, drugs, marijuana, who wanted to get hooked on all that bullshit? Anyways we got to talking about it. When I spoke negatively about marijuana and they started to laugh and make fun of me, so they dared me and my buddy to smoke.

We can’t let these young punks win – alas, so I had my first joint! It was like KAPOW! Holy Smokes Batman! From that time it’s been onward and upward. I was just one of many whose lives were changed forever, all of a sudden to me there was an all encompassing movement. People were feeling of freedom of expression in many different ways. This consciousness (for a better word) was spreading not only in North America but around the world. People became more accepting of each other and their ideas and of others lives; of how much injustice there was in the world. People became aware of other people’s needs. Examples the civil rights movement, the black movement and race riots and there was the fact that there was the Vietnam war going on; the protest for part of the social consciousness within a growing movement of expressing a new found freedom within us.

What summer of love meant to me and my mind, was opened like someone used a can-opener and my life took an unexplained twist now instead of a jock, I was a hippy with long hair and a beard. Taking part in as many protests as possible, I also took psychedelic drugs which opened my doors of procreation. I began examining my own life and realized what it would take be to be a better person, I would had to continually examine me to grow, and I feel that I have done that thanks to the use of psychedelics. A life unexamined is a life not lived. ~Socrates

All of what has happened to me in life, I believe it was marijuana that opened me up & came as a rescue of that summer and my use of marijuana. It gave me principles to live by. FREEDOM , JUSTICE, EQUALITY, RASTAFARIAN. Now on the 50th anniversary of summer of love, I hope that people reflect on what happened 50 years ago and the feelings and experiences they had. They needed to be reawakened in people and brought to the attention of the young teens and adults. They need to ind a new way for themselves and the world. So instead of a summer of hate, war and injustice we all need to reflect on the beauty and openness that was the summer of love. We need change and to gain awareness of what is happening around us today more than ever as our freedoms to choose and civil liberties, so hard fought & sacrificed for, are being eroded and underhandedly being taken away.

Now doesn’t that make you stop and think?!

So, now is the time to recapture the love & feelings of the summer of love, that grew in us and guided us to be more caring and giving individuals, so as they used to say “make love not war.” 😉 and let’s recreate what they started 50 years ago. Have an amazing June all you gorgeous beings and if you happen to be in Vancouver for the Cannabis Life Conference come on by the High! Canada booth & come say High!

Xoxx Evanghelia

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