Cannabis Sprays Explored: Organosulphur, A Plant’s Natural Pesticide

Article by Travis Cesarone, Cannabis Life Network


Adding certain ingredients to the soil that is embracing your cannabis plant can be beneficial, even adding certain products that are not intended for food consumption. A little sulphur in the dirt can actually help a plant grow as well as protect it from the environment. Extremely delicate applications of H2O2 (aka hydrogen peroxide) can sterilize the soil and help a plant’s roots by encouraging oxygen.

If this is going to be attempted, you must err on the side of caution. If different complements are added to the dirt, leaves- and especially flowers- without care by repeatedly fogging an entire crop, prepare for some foul results. Too much oxygen and sulphur can burn the plant’s crucial components and leave behind undesirable toxic residues.

Albeit, in the agriculture world one can find vile synthetic options that are far worse. These harsh, banned sprays can make familiar products seem milder in comparison. Less harmful is great, but what if you want truly safe alternatives?

Influence LC

Active Ingredient: Garlic Powder

This spray is yet another defence for powdery mildew.

If this were to be sprayed directly onto flowered plants right before harvest in a heavy concentration, it mostly creates irritating smoke with an undesirable and unusual aftertaste.

Garlic does contain unique aromatics that are not typically found in cannabis. These are actually organic sulphur compounds, which is not surprising for a part of the plant’s own bulbous feeding system. When you realize garlic is a storage vessel of nutrients and natural pesticides, there is no more wondering why it is effective against mildew.

Unfortunately, the actual effects of inhaling garlic smoke have not been thoroughly studied.

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