Cannabis & Coffee: From Taboo to Trendy

Article by Laura Lagano, The Fresh Toast via Growth Op

WELLNESS Cannabis & coffee: From taboo to trendy Is coffee just a familiar vehicle for cannabis consumption or is there something more to it? By Laura Lagano, The Fresh Toast What better place to start than coffee, the sacred bean juice that America runs on! Getty Images

From its reputation as a taboo herb that the hippie crowd smoked in college to a sociallyacceptable add-on to your favorite barista drink, cannabis has completely rebranded itself. As cannaphobia is diminishing, people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of using cannabis products in everyday life.

What better place to start than coffee, the sacred bean juice that America runs on! After all, caffeine is the most widely consumed psychotropic compound around the globe. And, cannabis — though not available in cafes worldwide, yet — ranks fourth.

Why not combine two plant products, coffee and cannabis, that boast mind-altering substances, caffeine and cannabinoids, respectively? Is coffee just a familiar vehicle for cannabis consumption or is there something more to it? Do the seemingly opposite effects of each cancel one another out? Well, not exactly. Science is always a bit more complicated.  

Let’s examine how caffeine works its magic to rev us up. Essentially, it’s all about adenosine, a neuromodulator, whose primary purpose is to promote sleep. Caffeine functions as an antagonist to the adenosine receptors. That means that it gets in the way by blocking adenosine receptors. The end result is a delay of drowsiness signals to the brain. On the other hand, cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid in cannabis, interferes with the reuptake of adenosine, increasing adenosine levels. 

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