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It’s hard for some of us to remember the first time we smoked, and even harder to recall the thoughts/concerns leading up to that moment. For most medical individuals approaching cannabis for the first time, there are two main questions on their mind: What to take? & How much?

Resolve Digital Health set out to simplify these questions through designing and manufacturing two smart vapourizers. One vapourizer for buds, that is touch screen and one for oils that is strictly app based. The company was founded three years ago and is based in Toronto with manufacturing out in BC. Resolve distinguishes themselves with a few core principles from other vapourizer companies. This includes using preloaded pods, an app for a patient feedback loop, and working with doctors for accurate information.

the resolve ONE vaporizer patient feeb back cannabis medical thc cbd

To simplify what to take, there are three preloaded pods (Chronic Pain, Sleep, and Cancer Support) in 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg doses. Each pod has a different strain or blend of strains to best relieve the issue. Each pod is also marked with a bar code, which the vapourizer can pick up to know which pod it had been loaded with. Before consumption the device prompts the patient to input their pain and functionality levels. The Resolve ONE starts to heat up, taking approximately 35-40 seconds followed by a 4-minute vape cycle. Through the vape cycle, the device will vibrate to remind you to use it if left alone for 6 seconds. Based on an average medical patients use, the devices are expected to last 3 days on one charge.

Ten minutes after consuming, the patient is prompted again for their pain & functionality levels to document how effective that pod and heating cycle was for this patients issue. The feedback loop is completed, as the device will try different settings until a personalized solution is found for you. Over time the device will help suggest the dose required for your ailment.

the resolve ONE vaporizer patient feeb back cannabis medical thc cbd

You may be wondering how three preloaded pods at three different dosed increments will treat different people with various ailments. The secret is the device can change the heating cycle to bring out different terpenes and cannabionoids from the same pod. This will provide very different effects and relief.

Resolve had paired up with doctors who have a fact-based approach to providing medicinal cannabis and a Licensed Producer in Canada to ensure consistent cannabis. Resolve works with doctors knowledgeable about cannabis with Dr. David Casarett being one of them. Dr. Casarett is the author of “Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana” and had his own TED Talk. To maintain uniformity across their products over time, Resolve is working with one source for their cannabis per region, going state-by-state in the US and partnering with Aphria in Canada.

Lift & Co. lift expo toronto 2018 cannabis event nutrients conference

The Resolve ONE is currently in the final testing stage before launching in September. The Resolve ONE looks like it was be a great product for patients new to medical cannabis and will relieve a lotstress around trying cannabis.

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