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Cannabis growing has long been the forbidden fruit for most cannabis enthusiasts. For many it’s common after years or even decades of consuming cannabis to not have ever seen a living plant. With the uncertainty of how legalization will be implemented (restricted access, taxation, etc.) now is a great time to start learning how to take care of a cannabis plant and be self-sufficient apart from the Ontario monopoly. That’s if you aren’t currently a medical grower.

With impending legalization, grow classes are popping up around the city with even a Niagara College course starting in the fall of 2018. These courses, though informative can be expensive, especially when you are scrapping every penny together for your first grow.

Grow Op Hydroponics’ offers a bi-weekly (every other) free Wednesday grow class out of their 1332 Bloor St. W. hydroponic and grow shop. The class is lead by Mitchell Kennedy, a medical grower for years and CEO of Humboldt County Labs.

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Each class roughly focuses on a specific topic such as cloning, ppm/pH, drying, etc. with participants in the class getting hands on in the demos with rosemary and/or tomato seeds. It is encouraged to ask questions as they arise, everyone’s situation is different for growing and it is important to know if adjustments are needed for your say, deep water culture grow.

The class has attracted a solid group of regular attendees ranging from new growers to people who have a few years of experience growing in many different systems. As a result the topic can jump around a bit, but there’s never a dull moment. If they are talking about aeroponics or how to get rid of thrips, it’s always great information to absorb. As a grower you are always looking for ways to improve your garden or how you would set up your next location, so have a note pad and learn as much as possible!

grow op hydroponics grow-op hydroponics home cannabis cultivation free cannabis grow class toronto

If you have a specific question, the second hour of the class is dedicated for this. Mitchell is free to answer your questions that pertain specifically to your environment. It’s also a great time to pick the minds of the other growers in attendance. I’ve learnt a few great tips from other growers there. I’ll make a comment about an issue in my garden during the class, and then have someone approach me during the second hour exclaiming he had the exact same issue and detailed his regimented schedule to vanquish his pest. The tips were to put sand on top of my soil as well as sterilizing my soil in the oven before use.

It is strongly encouraged to connect with each other and build a community between us. Knowing people who grow can be very beneficial as there are many ways to legally help each other out. Whether you’re looking for some used equipment to get your grow set up or have an issue you can’t seem to solve, someone can probably help out.

Grow Op Hydroponics, the store that organizes, hosts and live streams the grow classes on Facebook also provides candy and beverages for you to enjoy. There is also a 15% discount on all items in the store on the day of the grow class. This is really handy when a topic like CalMag or Kelp is brought up and you want to try it out, you can pick it up on your way out and save 15%.

grow op hydroponics grow-op hydroponics home cannabis cultivation free cannabis grow class toronto

As a new grower spending at least an hour working on the garden every day for months, you can get demotivated if things aren’t going well. I find the bi-weekly grow class is a great way to get motivated to work on the garden and do some of those tasks you’ve been putting off. This was extremely beneficial as we set up our grow room, before we had any flowering plants. Having a consistent grow class like this would be very beneficial to all growers and I highly recommend you attend!

grow op hydroponics grow-op hydroponics home cannabis cultivation free cannabis grow class toronto

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