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Over the last few years I have been fortunate to witness a massive shift and evolution in the cannabis field across Canada and worldwide. From a flooding of new products and concentrates in the marketplace, to the many different cannabis-related events being hosted in every city, today the public are in for a treat and have a multitude of choices when it comes to enjoying cannabis. Many in the food industry have even opened their arms wide to welcome cannabis as a powerful ingredient in their kitchens. Infusing it into their recipes to create tasty beverages and meals that pack a punch, while also delivering the many health benefits cannabis offers which are lost when smoked.

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to a cannabis-infused dinner by the talented team at the High Society Supper Club, the cooking crew for the increasingly popular Hamilton Vape Dab N’ Dine events in Hamilton. The High Society Supper Club have recently made plans to expand outside of Hamilton across Ontario, and this event marked their first one outside of Hamilton. With the current popularity of pop-up cannabis events happening frequently around Toronto, it was perfect for “Carib-Canna”, a caribbean-themed supper to be held at the infamous Hot Box lounge nestled in cozy Kensington Market just one week after Caribana.  Not being able to attend their past events in Hamilton, and after seeing photos of their delicious work, I was eager to meet the master cannabis chefs and try their creations!

Carib-Canna boasted an infused tapas menu filled with tropical-themed tasty delights as well as a tasty infused dessert by the ladies from Khronik Kreations, and boy, they definitely didn’t let anyone down! Every ticket purchase gave you access to a fully prepared series of hors d’oeuvres, dessert, prerolls and dabs provided by Hamilton Vape and Mouldy Buds, as well as a chance to win several prizes by their various sponsors of the event. While Buzz Basketz provided cannabis-friendly gift baskets, Dragon Elixir provided elixirs and rubs, and Canna Chocolatier donated his delicious chocolates! Other sponsors included Thermodynamix, High! Canada and Connoisseurs PTFE.

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Arriving into the Hot Box, everyone was greeted by Lia Luv, a smiley young lady dressed head-to-toe in a dazzling caribbean-themed parade costume, which automatically set the night off right! An intimate setting, dining tables were adorned with candles and highly addictive infused roasted spiced chickpeas.  As the rooms filled with guests, the guys at High Society Supper Club made sure everyone was taken care of and popped into the rooms every few minutes to chat and hand out tapa after tapa.

We’ve all heard of cannabis edibles, but this menu was nothing like any of the edibles I’ve been accustomed to. Unlike your typical edible that’s infused with a simple cannabutter or concentrate, with their background in the restaurant industry, the High Society Supper Club take infusions to the next level by creating food pairings with specific strains to further enhance the flavour and make each meal that much more special. Just take their Garlic & Cheese Biscuits infused with cannabis extracted from the “Cheese” strain or Crispy Cod Tacos with a side of Great White Shark sauce as examples… genius!  Aside from their creative cuisine, they even offered guests infused beverages such as a Lemonade Punch and even spritzers infused with Dragon Elixir drops to create canna-cocktails! Definitely a supper for the seasoned cannabis user, as everything was infused from the first bite to the last.

High society super club highsocietysupperclub toronto


The atmosphere was joyful, and despite being surrounded by several strangers, one couldn’t help but feel they were amongst family in this warm and cozy event filled with friendly faces and fantastic foods.  I can’t wait to check out some of their next events, and if you’re looking to have a fun and tasty dinner like no other, make sure to follow them on Instagram @HighSocietySupperClub!

Thank you for such a wonderful dinner guys! Hats off to the chefs!

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