Michigan Is Turning to the Black Market to Combat Cannabis Supply Shortages

Politics Michigan Is Turning to the Black Market to Combat Cannabis Supply Shortages Calvin Hughes

Article by Calvin Hughes, Civilized Michigan’s medical marijuana market is facing a serious supply shortage, so the state is turning to the black market to solve it. All unlicensed cannabis businesses in Michigan were forced to close on December 31, leaving patients with few places to legally buy medical marijuana. To fight this issue, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Licensing Board will temporarily ...

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Enjoy it While You Can Cannabis Canada, Your Edge is Already Eroding

Enjoy it while you can Cannabis Canada, your edge is already eroding Once America federally legalizes, Canadian producers ‘might as well be growing tomatoes’, insiders say Government regulation could end up costing Canada's cannabis industry big, especially with the legalization in the U.S. market expected in 2019.Christopher Katsarov Vanmala Subramaniam

Article by Vanmala Subramaniam, Financial Post Green Growth Brands Ltd., a U.S.-based cannabis retailer with a large footprint in Nevada, was all geared up to enter the Ontario market until an unexpected announcement in mid-December by the province placed a drastic cap on the number of retail licences issued for pot shops. Citing supply concerns, the provincial government changed its ...

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Canada’s Cannabis Laws And 5 Burning Questions For 2019

Canada's Cannabis Laws And 5 Burning Questions For 2019 Andre Bourque Andre Bourque A marijuana law breakdown by Canadian Province, and five burning industry questions for 2019.SHOPIFY PARTNERS

Article by Andre Bourque, Forbes 2018 was a momentous year for cannabis advocates as Canada became the second country (after Uruguay) to legalize recreational marijuana use. Canadians and cannabis companies alike eagerly awaited legalization, but the rollout hasn’t been as smooth as they would have liked. The most pressing problem facing the country’s legal weed market is the fact that, in the ...

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Canada Legalized Pot in October, But its Black Market is Still Going Strong

Canada legalized pot in October, but its black market is still going strong By Selena Ross The Washington Post A man inspects plants at his small cannabis-growing operation near Crawford Bay, in British Columbia, Canada, on Nov. 7, soon after the country legalized recreational pot.

Article by Selena Ross, The Washington Post via Denton Record-Chronicle The legal cannabis stores that opened here last fall still look pristine. Curious customers file in, but the shelves they peruse are often bare. Supplies are so short the stores are shuttered three days a week. A few blocks from one outlet, though, a longtime pot dealer was receiving a stream ...

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Cannabis Edibles Will Be Big — But Concentrates Could Be Even Bigger

Cannabis edibles will be big — but concentrates could be even bigger Sales of potent extracts have surpassed edibles in U.S. jurisdictions By: Solomon Israel In this Monday, Feb. 9, 2015, photo, a reusable vaporizer, right, and the packaged marijuana oil concentrate cartridge used with it, are displayed alongside a single-use vaporizer joint at a pot shop in Seattle. Some schools are taking stricter measures to keep e-cigarettes out of students’ hands, even punishing possession of the devices more harshly than regular cigarettes, because the devices, sometimes also known as vaporizers, can also be used for illegal substances like marijuana. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Article by Solomon Israel, Leaf News Cannabis edibles will be legal for sale in Canada later this year, and the news media is breathless with anticipation. Marijuana-infused food will “radically transform food and drink in the new year,” declares the National Post. “The market is enormous,” according to a recent Maclean’s headline. “It is just a matter of time before the edible market will ...

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Why 2019 Will Be the Year of Weed

Why 2019 Will Be the Year of Weed From more states legalizing to a boom of new kinds of products, here’s what to expect from the cannabis industry this year By AMANDA CHICAGO LEWIS Experts predict that 2019 will be a huge year for the marijuana industry. David Zalubowski/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Article by Amanda Chicago Lewis, Rolling Stone In 2018, pot reached a tipping point. A clear majority of Americans now wants to see the drug made fully legal. California and Canada began selling marijuana to anyone over 21. Corporate behemoths like Altria (parent company of Marlboro cigarettes) and Constellation Brands (parent of Corona beer and Svedka vodka) made multi-billion dollar weed investments. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ...

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U.S. Cannabis Company Green Growth Denies It’s a ‘Related Party’ to Takeover Target Aphria

U.S. cannabis company Green Growth denies it’s a ‘related party’ to takeover target Aphria JEFFREY JONES MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS REPORTER DAVID MILSTEAD

Article by Jeffrey Jones and David Milstead, Globe and Mail Green Growth Brands Ltd. moved to play down its business links with Aphria Inc. on Monday as it reaffirmed its intention to launch a $2.8-billion unsolicited bid for the beleaguered Canadian cannabis company. . Green Growth, based in Columbus, Ohio, revealed its plans last week to bid $11 a share ...

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Cannabis Companies Expect Big Growth After Trump Legalizes Hemp

Cannabis Companies Expect Big Growth After Trump Legalizes Hemp Lawrence Carrel Lawrence Carrel Hemp plants grown for medical research purposes in Thailand. Taylor Weidman/Bloomberg© 2018 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP

Article by Lawrence Carrel, Forbes Lost in all the hoopla over the government shutdown is the fact that President Donald Trump just made hemp legal in all 50 states. The 2018 Farm Bill Trump signed earlier this month allows for hemp cultivation and the transfer of hemp-derived products across state lines for commercial or other purposes. Now that Jeff Sessions, one ...

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Changing Cannabis Laws in Canada and Mexico Create Pressure on Texas

Changing marijuana laws in Canada and Mexico create pressure on Texas Photo of Olivia P. Tallet Olivia P. Tallet In this April 20, 2015 file photo, a Canadian flag with a cannabis leaf flies on Parliament Hill during a 4/20 protest in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada is following the lead of Uruguay in allowing a nationwide, legal marijuana market, although each Canadian province is working up its own rules for pot sales. The federal government and the provinces Photo: Adrian Wyld, SUB / Associated Press

Article by Olivia P. Tallet, Houston Chronicle In just two weeks in October, the legal landscape for marijuana use in North America changed dramatically. First, Canada opened sales of legalized pot for recreational use, and then Mexico’s high court delivered a definitive ruling that citizens have the right to possess the weed for their personal use. That leaves Texas virtually surrounded ...

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Thailand Approves Medicinal Cannabis

Thailand approves medicinal cannabis Campaigners had held protests demanding medicinal cannabis be allowed

Article by BBC News Thailand’s parliament has voted to approve cannabis for medical use, with a key lawmaker calling it a “New Year’s gift” to the Thai people. Recreational use will remain illegal. Marijuana was used in Thailand as a traditional medicine, until it was banned in the 1930s. South East Asia has some of the world’s toughest penalties for ...

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