Studio710 Launches Brand New Cypher Sessions Series, Episode 1


Article by Andres Markwart, Cannabis Life Network The latest Studio710 Cypher Sessions premiered today, showcasing some prime Vancity talent and the art of the freestyle. Relaunching as Episode 1 of a brand new, ongoing series, it features host and rapper Creed Taylor alongside fellow rhymers Manny Alcatraz and Jacobi the Giant, with the trio flexing their lyrical skills over a melange of instrumentals courtesy of DJ and ...

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Waterloo Region Still Waiting For Legal Cannabis Dispensaries

KITCHENER Waterloo Region still waiting for legal pot shops Jennifer K. Baker with reporting by Stephanie Villella CTV Kitchener

Article by Jennifer K. Baker and Stephanie Villella, CTV News Cannabis edibles are now for sale in pot shops across the province, but for anyone living in Waterloo Region, buying them won’t be easy. The Ontario Cannabis Store has released 59 new products, including edibles, beverages, lotions and concentrates. They’re only available in retail stores and won’t be available online ...

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Wait for ‘High’ Before Gobbling More Cannabis Edibles to Avoid ER Visit: Doctors

HEALTH | News Wait for 'high' before gobbling more cannabis edibles to avoid ER visit: doctors Camille Bains

Article by Camille Bains, CTV News People who have never smoked marijuana could be most at risk of overdosing on cannabis-infused edibles that will soon be on store shelves across the country, warns a public health physician who says first-time users may keep noshing away while expecting a high, only to experience a racing heart, anxiety and panic attacks. Dr. ...

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Craig Ex Starts 2020 With Joint, Short Film

CRAIG EX STARTS 2020 WITH JOINT DEBUT, SHORT FILM ANDRES MARKWARTJANUARY 4, 2020 BLOGCANNABIS 101CANNABIS NEWSCULTURECULTUREFEATUREDMARIJUANA NEWS I started my day with a joint. While writing this, I've smoked several joints. By later tonight, I’ll have smoked even more joints. After all, smoking joints is what I do. I get it. Your sleek and stylish vape pen that tastes just like cotton candy, is super handy, and discreet. Go ahead, no one at the dog park is the wiser. But I'll stick to joints. I don't mind their glare. That lavender and hibiscus bath bomb smells delicious. I see why you might enjoy lighting some candles and hopping into the tub to soak away the cares after a long hard day. Just make sure you position those bubbles ever so carefully before you snap your Instagram pic. My tub is too small to get comfortable in, so I'll stick to joints. Ten milligrams in that package of newly-legalized gummies that are in no way fun or appealing to anyone? That's a little too low and slow for me. I'd also rather not wait forty-five minutes to an hour to see how I feel, and then possibly take another bite. I need my cannabis delivered a little faster than that. I'll stick to joints. Carrying a case with a torch, and a can of butane, and a timer, and a carb cap, and a dab tool, and a quartz banger, and alcohol wipes, and some Q-Tips...isn't especially convenient, but I get it. Dabs are indeed awfully terpy, and they do go immediately to the head. It's great that you have the time to heat that glass until it's red hot, wait exactly 68 seconds until it cools to the perfect temperature so you can take a giant toke, cough up a lung, sweat profusely for five minutes and repeat. I, unfortunately, have too little time, but let me know when a low-temp baby dab is ready for me. Until then, I'll stick to joints. I realize they are a bit low tech, smelly, and dare I say old fashion, but in my so-called Expert opinion, nothing is as effective, convenient, or classic as a well put together joint. Now, where'd my lighter go? - A Well Put Together Production -

Article by Andres Markwart, Cannabis Life Network Picking up right were the his Christmas gift left off, Craig Ex is back with a second Expert Joints short, to start our 2020 off right. In a world of vape pens and glass sculptures, we take a stroll back, to the simplicity and elegance of something hand rolled. Debuting a brand new Expert Joints logo ...

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Ontario Cannabis Store Expects First Wave of Cannabis 2.0 Products to Sell Out Within a Week

OCS expects first wave of cannabis 2.0 products to sell out within a week Ontarians will see a 'very limited supply' of cannabis 2.0 products at retail stores starting next week, with online sales starting Jan. 16 Vanmala Subramaniam

Article by Vanmala Subramaniam, Financial Post Ontarians will see a “very limited supply” of cannabis 2.0 products at retail stores starting next week, with online sales starting Jan. 16, according to the Ontario Cannabis Store, the province’s only cannabis wholesaler. “We expect products to sell out within the first week. But it will improve, week after week,” said OCS chief ...

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Ontario Mulls Overhauling Pot Shop System in 2020 as Sales Lag: Source

COMMODITIES Company News Marijuana 30m ago Ontario mulls overhauling pot shop system in 2020 as sales lag: Source By David George-Cosh

Article by David George-Cosh, BNN Bloomberg Relief may finally be coming for cannabis producers that have been stymied by the lack of legal retail stores in the country’s most populous province. The Ontario government is considering a plan that would abandon the maligned lottery process that has left it with only two-dozen legal pot shops, and instead pivot as early ...

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Cooking With Cannabis: How to Make THC-Infused Foods

Cooking with cannabis: How to make THC-infused foods Making cannabis butter with Stratford Chef School From CTV Kitchener's Shannon Bradbury: Chef Eli shows Shannon how to make THC-infused butter for making edibles. Cannabis-infused hollandaise sauce From CTV Kitchener's Shannon Bradbury: Anything you make with butter, you can make with cannabis butter, including this hollandaise sauce. Tasty cannabis dessert recipe From CTV Kitchener's Shannon Bradbury: If a savoury edible cannabis recipe isn't your speed, take a look at this cannabis dessert recipe. CTVNewsKitchener

Article by CTV News Kitchener More than a year after cannabis became legal in Canada, more people are showing interest in cooking with it. The Stratford Chef School is seizing the opportunity, giving people the skills to create specifically-dosed edible marijuana recipes. “One of the most safest and easiest ways to ingest this is through edibles, so we’ve created a ...

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Inside CannTrust: Whistleblower Reveals New Video of Alleged Illegal Grow Room

Inside CannTrust: Whistleblower reveals new video of alleged illegal grow room Jeff LagerquistYahoo Finance Canada Screenshots of video from CannTrust whistleblower Nick Lalonde. (Provided)

Article by Jeff Lagerquist, Yahoo Finance Canada The whistleblower who brought the illegal cannabis scandal at Ontario-based licenced producer CannTrust (TRST.TO)(CTST) to light has come forward with new video allegedly showing the company’s biggest unlicenced grow room in operation in January. Nick Lalonde worked at CannTrust from July 2017 to May of this year. The tips he provided to Health Canada ...

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Ontario to Allow Private Sector to Handle Legal Cannabis Distribution

MARIJUANA Commodities 3h ago Ontario to allow private sector to handle legal pot distribution By David George-Cosh

Article by David George-Cosh, BNN Bloomberg Ontario plans to allow the private sector to handle distributing cannabis from producers to retailers, a sign that the provincial government is beginning to reduce its legal pot exposure. According to an email sent by an Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) executive to Canadian licensed producers late Tuesday that was obtained by BNN Bloomberg, the ...

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