Police Battle With Illegal Cannabis Dispensaries Over ‘Sidewalk Sales’

Police battle with illegal cannabis dispensaries over 'sidewalk sales' Crowd gathers outside closed cannabis store Despite concrete barriers blocking access to the dispensary on Harbord Street, the business appears to be operating. Codi Wilson, CTV News Toronto

Article by Codi Wilson, CTV News Toronto The Toronto Police Service’s battle with illegal cannabis dispensaries continues this weekend after police say customers are gathering for “sidewalk sales” outside shuttered shops. Four illegal dispensaries operating under the CAFE name have been raided this week and in order to keep staff from reopening the shops, police have placed concrete blocks outside ...

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Cannabis Canada: Why Cannabis Stocks Saw Steep Declines in Q2

MARIJUANA 17h ago Cannabis Canada: Why pot stocks saw steep declines in Q2

Article by BNN Bloomberg Pot stocks among biggest market losers in second quarter Cannabis investors must have a pretty strong stomach after what the sector went through in the past quarter. Canadian pot stocks were among the biggest laggards in the second quarter of 2019 for a myriad of reasons, ranging from softer-than-expected sales to supply chain issues that continue to punish ...

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What Will Cannabis Drinks’ Labels Say? Here’s Why ‘Barley Soda’ is a Possibility

What will cannabis drinks’ labels say? Here’s why ‘barley soda’ is a possibility By Patrick Cain National Online Journalist, News Global News WATCH: What will cannabis drinks look like when they come to market?

Article by Patrick Cain, Global News There’s nothing quite like a nice, cold, yeast-fermented, malt-flavoured beverage with hops on a hot summer day — said, perhaps, nobody ever. But after Friday’s announcement by Health Canada about the final rules for edible (and drinkable) cannabis products, makers of THC-infused drinks may have to sell the public on the concept. Federal regulations allow de-alcoholized wine and beer ...

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8 Ways We Treat Weed Differently From Alcohol. (Do Any of Them Make Sense?)

8 ways we treat weed differently from alcohol. (Do any of them make sense?) By Patrick Cain National Online Journalist, News Global News 8 ways we treat weed differently from alcohol. (Do any of them make sense?) By Patrick Cain National Online Journalist, News Global News WATCH: Marijuana edibles — everything you need to know

Article by Patrick Cain, Global News Last October, we started putting cannabis in a category kind of, sort of similar to alcohol. But through a series of cultural and legal accidents — or just lawmakers of different generations making decisions in different decades — we treat them differently in any number of ways. Nearly always, they involve being stricter about ...

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Time to Move the Pot Plants Outdoors, Peterborough Hydroponic Expert Says

Time to move the pot plants outdoors, Peterborough hydroponic expert says By Dan Nyznik Videographer Global News For the first time this spring, gardeners in Canada can legally grow cannabis. And you can share up to 30 grams as long as the other people are 19 years old.

Article by Dan Nyznik, Global News Now that the nicer weather is here, many gardeners have been busy planting flowers and vegetables. And for the first time this spring, something else is being put in the ground — cannabis. Michael Kidd owns Peterborough Hydroponic Centre in the city’s south industrial park. “Ontario is a wonderful place to grow and Peterborough ...

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Hash, Hot Drinks, Candy: The 17 Pot Products Canadians Could Buy When Edibles Become Legal

MARIJUANA Commodities Apr 25, 2019 Hash, hot drinks, candy: The 17 pot products Canadians could buy when edibles become legal By David George-Cosh

Article by David George-Cosh, BNN Bloomberg Canadians should expect a long list of cannabis-infused edibles, concentrates and other products to hit store shelves in the coming months, which will significantly expand the scope of the legal marijuana market, according to sources directly familiar with the matter. The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) seeks to add as many as 17 new product types to its ...

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Parliament Hill 4-20 Organizers Predict Record Crowd After Legalization

Parliament Hill 4-20 organizers predict record crowd after legalization The Marijuana Party of Canada says the Liberals need to expunge past convictions for simple possession, instead of suspending records, and issue a formal apology for the harms prohibition had particularly on black communities. There are also concerns being raised about the government’s decision to tax medical marijuana.

Article by CityNews Toronto The first 4-20 demonstration on Parliament Hill since marijuana became legal is expected to draw an even larger crowd than usual. Several thousand people normally set up shop on the Hill to smoke marijuana and highlight cannabis culture but organizers of this year’s event expect many more people to emerge from their shells and join in now ...

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