Good Data Will Be Key to Measuring Marijuana’s Impact

Good data will be key to measuring marijuana’s impact GUY DIXON

Article by Guy Dixon, The Globe and Mail What changed in Colorado after the legalization of cannabis? And what can Canada learn from that? We may never fully know, at least not to the highly detailed level that policy makers prefer. “One thing that I think we’ve seen is that we have very bad data when it comes to impaired ...

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Driving High? Some Disturbing Questions

Driving high? Some disturbing questions Jane Stevenson

Article by Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun The federal government is acting “extremely sloppy and risky,” when it comes to new drug-impaired driving rules as Canadians prepare to legally smoke pot on Oct. 17, according to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. “The government wants to keep its political promise but it’s doing so at the expense of people’s civil liberties,” insisted ...

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Ontario Turning The Right New Leaf on Cannabis Sales

Doug Ford Ontario turning the right new leaf on cannabis sales The Ford government’s new approach isn’t perfect, but it is a big improvement over the mess it inherited OPINION 02:48 PM by Michael J. Armstrong Hamilton Spectator Ontario premier-designate Doug Ford leaves after announcing his commitment to keeping the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in operation until 2024 in Pickering, Ont., on Thursday, June 21, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Article by Michael J. Armstrong, Hamilton Spectator The provincial government announced Monday it’ll let businesses handle all storefront cannabis sales in Ontario. This switch from public to private-sector retailing will mean more convenience for Ontario cannabis consumers. That, in turn, will help legal cannabis compete against black market products. The Conservatives’ action on this topic is much needed. The ex-governing Liberal’s ...

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‘Cannabis is Sexy’: The View From Toronto’s Big Pot Industry Convention

COMMODITIES Aug 17, 2018 'Cannabis is sexy': The view from Toronto’s big pot industry convention David George-Cosh, BNN Bloomberg Attendees at the Marijuana Business Daily conference in Toronto. (Handout/Soliman Productions)

Article by David George-Cosh, BNN Bloomberg Gone are the Birkenstocks and tie-dye shirts. Today’s cannabis confabs are strictly business. The Marijuana Business Daily held its first international conference in Toronto over a three-day period this week, bringing an event that has drawn thousands of attendees in previous incarnations such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles to the last major industry gathering ...

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One Cannabis Legalization Surprise: It May Feel More Repressive Than What We See Now

One marijuana legalization surprise: it may feel more repressive than what we see now By Patrick Cain National Online Journalist, News Global News Police remove marijuana products from Cannawide dispensary in Toronto on May 26, 2016. GETTY IMAGES

Article by Patrick Cain, Global News To watch people smoke marijuana in public – sometimes in front of indifferent police officers – you would think that marijuana legalization had already happened. Smoking pot in public isn’t legal now, but the reality in most provinces is that it’s not going to be legal on Oct. 17 either, when provincial cannabis laws kick in. In ...

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Ontario Will Rely on Private Sector to Sell Recreational Cannabis

Ontario will rely on private sector to sell recreational cannabis By ROB FERGUSON

Article by Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star Ontario will begin selling recreational cannabis online when it is legalized Oct. 17 and allow “tightly regulated” private retail stores into the weed business by next April 1. The sales model from Premier Doug Ford’s new Progressive Conservative government marks a sharp shift from the previous Liberal administration’s plan for 150 brick-and-mortar Ontario Cannabis Stores modelled ...

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‘We Got Screwed’: Former Weed Dispensary Worker Speaks Out

'We got screwed': Former weed dispensary worker speaks out Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn No conviction for former HBB Medical worker in Saint John, but 15 months of uncertainty have taken a toll Julia Wright · CBC News William Caines in front of the now-closed Chesley Drive storefront of HBB Medical, where he worked until the dispensary was raided in January 2017. Since then, he's had to deal with a year and a half of court appearances and lawyer's bills, he said. (Julia Wright / CBC) William Caines, second from left, poses with fellow dispensary workers John Albert and Kyle Owens and owner Hank Merchant. (CBC)

Article by Julia Wright, CBC News William Caines doesn’t have a criminal record. But he still dreads potential employers asking for a criminal record check. He’s one of 12 workers charged in raids on Saint John cannabis dispensaries in January. When the results reveal to potential bosses he has a court date coming up, “they’re like, is this guy a pedophile, is this guy a killer, what is he?” said Caines. “It’s ...

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Ottawa Sought Advice From Kids to Help Pick Cannabis Warning Symbol

Ottawa sought advice from kids to help pick cannabis warning symbol Focus groups convened in 3 cities as part of research contract worth nearly $60K Rob Antle · CBC News

Article by Rob Antle, CBC News Health Canada tapped the opinions of children as young as five years old as it attempted to decide what warning symbol would work best in mandatory labelling of cannabis products when pot is legalized later this year. The purpose of the symbol is to “prevent accidental ingestion of products containing cannabis, in particular by ...

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DHydra Technologies Changes the World

DHydra Technologies Changes the World

Article by High! Canada High! Canada Magazine attended the Lift & Co Expo in Toronto recently and we were overwhelmed by the response to DHydra’s new technological advances in dehydrartion – to the point where DHydra was the toast of the Lift& Co Expo. There is no other way to say it: DHydra Technologies is disrupting the cannabis space. Many ...

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