Why Canada Needs Medical And Non-Medical Cannabis Platforms


Article by Travis Cesarone, Cannabis Life Network Non-medical use of cannabis became legal in Canada, so what of the medical patients left without their own market?  Those who were able to jump through tricky shifting legal hurdles, maintaining years of legitimacy for something they truly need. From MMAR through to ACMPR, and now Cannabis Regulations alongside the Cannabis Act. A ...

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Cannabis Industry Says It Needs More Approved Growers To Meet Canadian Demand

Cannabis industry says it needs more approved growers to meet Canadian demand BILL KAUFMANN Gregg Wigeland, director of cultivation at Sundial Growers, tends to cannabis plants at the company's facility in Olds on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018. DEAN PILLING/POSTMEDIA

Article by Bill Kaufmann, Calgary Herald More fully-licensed cannabis growers and cultivation space are needed to meet a voracious demand for legal marijuana, a spokesman for the industry said last week. That means more licences for both producers and their grow areas need to be issued by Health Canada, said Allan Rewak, executive director of the Cannabis Council of Canada. ...

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Cannabis Cooking Company – A Halloween Infused Cooking Class

cannabis cooking company toronto make your own edibles gummy bears peanut butter cup thc weed

Written by Brent Parsons, Dankr.ca. If you’ve paid any attention to cannabis news you’re probably aware cannabis edibles have been a hot topic. For years the grey market has had beautifully packaged, tasty infusions but now with legalization, edibles are illegal to buy and sell. There will be new laws passed for edibles and concentrates a year into legalization that ...

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Postal Strikes and Lying Criminals: Why Ontario Residents Aren’t Getting Their Legal Weed On Time

Postal strikes and lying criminals: why Ontario residents aren't getting their legal weed on time JACQUIE MILLER A worker examines cannabis products at the Ontario Cannabis Store distribution centre in an undated handout photo. HO

Article by Jacquie Miller, Ottawa Citizen Tired of waiting for your weed to arrive from the Ontario government’s online store? You’re not alone. Three weeks after Canada legalized recreational marijuana, the country’s largest province is still struggling to fill orders and deliver them. The Ontario Cannabis Store has been flooded with complaints about slow delivery and poor customer service. The problems ...

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Ontarians Could Be Waiting Weeks For Legal Weed

Article by Manisha Krishnan, Vice News If you live in Ontario and you ordered legal weed last week, chances are you’re still waiting on it. Canada’s most populous province has no legal storefronts open—and won’t have any until April, due to the Progressive Conservative government’s last-minute decision to roll out a completely new framework for retail cannabis sales in the province. ...

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Dank DNA: Your Personal Roadmap to Cannabis Consumption


Article by Canna Lance, Cannabis Life Network Cannabis consumers today have more choices than ever before. Choices like what strain of cannabis to try, different titrates (estimated dosages) to pick from, and the multiple methods to choose from. The big question many people are left asking is, how do you know what works the best? For the old school stoner this ...

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Customers Flock Back to Illegal Cannabis Dispensaries in Ottawa

Customers flock back to illegal marijuana dispensaries in Ottawa JACQUIE MILLER Capital Buds marijuana dispensary on Churchill Avenue closed for a morning on Oct. 17, but re-opened and was still open on Saturday. JACQUIE MILLER / PORTMEDIA

Article by Jacquie Miller, Ottawa Citizen Adam Brett says he plans to try Ontario’s online cannabis store, but not until the kinks are worked out. The 23-year-old said his roommate had ordered from the online Ontario Cannabis Store in the wee hours of weed legalization on Wednesday, but as of Saturday was still waiting for his order to arrive. “Overall, ...

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Big Cannabis is Creating Big Waste—And it Needs to Stop

Article by Jessica Delfino, High Times Plastic is in everything: our clothing, cars—it’s even in the food chain. We rely on plastic to help shape the planet we call home. But you’re living in a fantasy world if you don’t know that plastic is also a major cause of our planet’s immense pollution fandango. It might, then, be the world’s biggest ...

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Canadian Licensed Cannabis Growers Behind on First Orders For Recreational Marijuana, Provinces Warn

Canadian Licensed Cannabis Growers Behind on First Orders For Recreational Marijuana, Provinces Warn MARK RENDELL AND CHRISTINA PELLEGRINI

Article by Mark Rendell and Christina Pellegrini, Globe and Mail Canada’s largest cannabis growers are behind on their first orders for recreational marijuana, a development that will leave consumers with less choice on Oct. 17, multiple provincial distributors and retailers are warning. . British Columbia says its four largest suppliers won’t meet shipping deadlines and are coming up short on ...

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Do You Smoke Pot and Drive? A Poll Shows Half of Ontario Cannabis Users Do

Do you smoke pot and drive? A poll shows half of Ontario cannabis users do A spokesperson for CAA, which released the poll, says the organization fears there’s a “potential for there to be more” driving while high after legalization. NEWS 07:58 AM Ben Spurr Transportation Reporter A new Ipsos poll has found half of cannabis users have driven after using the drug. The poll, released by CAA, found 16 per cent of all users have driven after using pot at some point in their lives. - Carlos Osorio,Toronto Star File

Article by Ben Spurr, Hamilton Spectator A poll released Thursday by the South Central Ontario chapter of the Canadian Automobile Association found 48 per cent of drivers who said they currently use cannabis reported they had tried driving after ingesting or smoking the drug. Sixteen per cent of all the province’s motorists said they had tried driving after using pot at some point in ...

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