Are Stoners Ditching Joints for Dabs and Vapes?

CULTURE Are stoners ditching joints for dabs and vapes? Insight from a few sources are showing that one particular form of marijuana ingestion continues to be the most popular By Rudy Sanchez, The Fresh Toast Both methods of measuring modes of marijuana consumption have inherent limitations. Sales data only includes legal purchases and does not measure data from the black market. Scientific research thus far has limited by the rapid pace of marijuana legalization and can not account for factors such as reluctance to admit engaging in an activity that is still illegal where they reside. Even with the limited insight, it is probably a safe bet to say puffing on burning buds remains the stoner go-to most of the time.

Article by Rudy Sanchez, The Fresh Toast via Growth Op Although cannabis has been consumed for millennia — usually in the form of inhaled smoke or edibles — today, there are a multitude of ways to get high. But are people embracing newer forms of marijuana consumption, such as dabbing, vaping, inhalers, or even cannabis-infused tampons? Insight from a few ...

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The Best Gifts For Weed Snobs: Hanlon

CULTURE The best gifts for weed snobs: Hanlon From premium pre-rolls to the most-coveted dab rig on the market, these ideas are sure to impress the cannabis consumer on your list By Sarah Hanlon, POT CULTURE Marijuana Bud on Marble Vanity with Joint in Crystal Ashtray and Cannabis Jar Luxury Cannabis A woman's vanity setting with white fur and pink velvet as a background for a jar with cannabis, a cannabis bud and a joint in a crystal ashtray on top of white marble. A perfume bottle and a rose gold bracelet adorn the vanity in the background.

Article by Sarah Hanlon, POT CULTURE I seem to find a countless number of perfectly thoughtful gifts throughout the year, but the second December comes around, gift-buying becomes infinitely more difficult. The mind goes blank, the anxiety rushes in and suddenly I feel like the worst friend/daughter/co-worker in the world because I can’t seem to find a single remarkable gift ...

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The Electricity Consumed By Growing Pot in Ontario is Forecast to Grow By 1,000 Per Cent Over Five Years

The electricity consumed by growing pot in Ontario is forecast to grow by 1,000 per cent over five years NEWS 03:53 PM by Joseph Hall Toronto Star At a projected 1.258 terawatt-hour (TWh) consumption by 2024, pot producers will suck up far more energy than the 0.8 TWh the province’s auto sector used in 2018. - Codie McLachlan / For Star Edmonton

Article by Joseph Hall, Toronto Star via OurWindsor The pot industry will not be a mellow new player on the province’s power grid. Indeed, the energy munched by the fledgling cannabis-growing business is expected to rise by 1,250 per cent in Ontario over the next five years, according to a recent study by the province’s Independent Electricity System Operator. “We’re ...

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Tasting Like Weed


Article by Julia Veintrop, Cannabis Life Network There is a myth that I have heard many times and I have always been very hesitant to believe it. I always chalked it up as being a beautiful complement one could make to a stoner, never a fact. It seemed unlikely that someone could consume enough cannabis to make their private parts taste like ...

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London Youth Council Says Ontario’s Tougher Vape Ad Rules Not Tough Enough

London London youth council says Ontario's tougher vape ad rules not tough enough Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Email Teens who studied vaping habits of peers say more needs to be done online and in schools Colin Butler · CBC News The electronic cigarette. Safer than the real thing? (Nam Y. Huh/The Associated Press) Alberta and Saskatchewan are the only two Canadian provinces that still have no rules on e-cigarette advertising restrictions. (CBC )

Article by Colin Butler, CBC News A council of London youth who have studied the vaping habits of their peers say new provincial rules that restrict the advertisement of vaping products inside Ontario convenience stores and gas stations don’t go far enough. On Friday, Ontario announced new rules that would only permit the advertisement of vape and vape accessories inside vape ...

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CannTrust Expected to be Dropped From the S&P/TSX Composite at the End of September

CannTrust expected to be dropped from the S&P/TSX composite at the end of September ANDREW WILLIS The slide in CannTrust’s value has put its market capitalization at about $335-million, well below the threshold for membership in the index.

Article by Andrew Willis, Globe and Mail CannTrust Holdings Inc. is likely to be dropped from Canada’s benchmark stock index this month, the latest setback for a company that was rocked this summer by a Health Canada investigation into unlicensed cannabis production and subsequent executive departures. . CannTrust is a member of the S&P/TSX Composite Index, a group that includes ...

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50 Cannabis Retail licenses to be Awarded in Second Lottery

50 cannabis retail licenses to be awarded in second lottery Fifty new retail cannabis licenses will be awarded on Tuesday as Ontario moves forward with its second lottery.

Article by CityNews Fifty new retail cannabis licenses will be awarded on Tuesday as Ontario moves forward with its second lottery. The lottery will be handing out licenses to sell legal marijuana to 42 retail stores, including 13 in Toronto and six in the rest of the GTA, while eight more will be given to First Nations Reserves through a ...

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What it’s Like to Have Cannabis Delivered From Toronto’s CAFE

What it's like to have cannabis delivered from Toronto's CAFE Peter Smith

Article by Peter Smith, Daily Hive Toronto’s unlicensed dispensary chain, CAFE, has been making headlines and aggravating law enforcement for months. Yet, while the store’s four locations may be secured behind large concrete bricks — at least for now — the business is still finding ways to get its customers their product. Last week, police made multiple arrests of individuals selling outside the forcibly shuttered locations, ...

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Cornwall Street Crime Unit Seize $115k Worth of Illegal Cannabis, Cash

CPS seize $115k worth of illegal cannabis, cash

Article by Cornwall Seaway News On Friday, July 26, members of the Cornwall Street Crime Unit executed a Cannabis Act search warrant at a Marlborough St. address. As a result of the search warrant, over 2,000 grams of illegal cannabis products were located. They include cannabis shatter, cannabis edibles and THC resin. Police also located Canadian currency, a machete and ...

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