Cannabis Users Driving Sober – Punishments & Prohibitions

CANNABIS USERS DRIVING SOBER – PUNISHMENTS & PROHIBITONS SARAH LEAMON - SARAH LEAMON LAW GROUPAPRIL 11, 2019 CANNABIS CANADACANNABIS LEGALIZATIONFEATUREDLAWMARIJUANA LEGALIZATIONMARIJUANA NEWS A medical cannabis user who was not impaired at the time of driving – according to a police expert – was essentially penalized by police for being impaired at the time of driving. The penalties doled out to Gray were on the basis of her failed drug test alone. The fact that she was ultimately vindicated by police and proven not to be impaired did not save her from the costs associated with being issued a driving suspension and vehicle impoundment.

Article by Sarah Leamon, Cannabis Life Network A number of tough new cannabis impaired driving laws kicked into effect only a few months ago, and already, some Canadians are feeling the burn. Nova Scotia motorist Michelle Gray has been making headlines over the last week thanks to her debacle at the roadside, which occurred after she identified herself as a medical cannabis patient during a routine ...

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‘Who is Doing Anything About It?’: Ford Hammers Hamilton Over Illegal Weed Dispensaries

'Who is doing anything about it?': Ford hammers Hamilton over illegal weed dispensaries BY MICHAEL TALBOT Undated photo of a Hamilton Police officer. HANDOUT/Twitter/@HamiltonPolice CANNABIS LEGALIZATION OF CANNABIS LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA LOCAL

Article by Michael Talbot, CityNews On the same day that a handful of legal marijuana shops opened up across Ontario, Premier Doug Ford singled out one city for being too lenient when it comes to stamping out the black market. During a conference on Monday to announce the scrapping of Drive Clean Tests, Ford not only railed against the newly-implemented carbon tax, ...

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‘Fair to Say’ Demand for Legal Cannabis Higher Than Expected, Says Newfoundland and Labrador Finance Minister

Article by CBC News It’s been less than five months since cannabis was made legal in Canada, and Finance Minister Tom Osborne says Newfoundland and Labrador has the third-highest per capita supply in the country. “I think it’s fair to say demand is probably greater than we anticipated, which is probably a good thing for the NLC in terms of regulator ...

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NHL Alumni Team Up With Cannabis Company For Concussion Study

NHL Alumni Association partners with marijuana company for health research By Ryan Rocca WATCH: NHL Alumni Association partners with marijuana company for health research

Article by Ryan Rocca, Global News The NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA) announced on Saturday that it will be partnering with Canopy Growth, a Canadian cannabis company, for a health research initiative. Researchers will be investigating the effects of some cannabis compounds as a treatment method for diseases connected to concussions in former NHL players. “As we continue to break new ground, ...

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Weed Before the Deed: Albertans on Using Cannabis During Sex

Weed before the deed: Albertans on using cannabis during sex Alex Antoneshyn, CTV Edmonton

Article by Alex Antoneshyn, CTV Edmonton A recent survey suggests Alberta cannabis users like to get high before they get down. An Ipsos survey sampled 1,002 Canadians over the age of 18 who are cannabis users. Across Canada, 82 per cent of respondents said they have used cannabis as part of a sexual experience (72 per cent before; 66 per ...

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Scoring Illegal Pot is Easy as Windsor Experiences Black Market Boom

Scoring illegal pot is easy as Windsor experiences black market boom DOUG SCHMIDT, WINDSOR STAR Generations of negative stigma went up in smoke when recreational marijuana became legal, and there was plenty of partying on Oct. 17, 2018, including here at a legalization street party in Windsor. Meant to tackle the criminal element, legalization instead appears to have triggered a black market bonanza. DAN JANISSE / WINDSOR STAR Economic opportunity. Kat Blondin, left, and Jessica Sanchez are shown in their newly opened business on Feb. 1, 2019. Pretty Baked Cannabis Co., located on Drouillard Road, carries pot accessories and paraphernalia. Unlike this new Ford City enterprise, however, not all new businesses opening up in Windsor to cater to the new legalized cannabis market are licensed and legal. DAN JANISSE / WINDSOR STAR

Article by Doug Schmidt, Windsor Star Designed to push out the illicit drug trade, Canada’s recent decision to legalize marijuana has instead been a major boon to the black market, including in Windsor. Despite city council’s recent “opt in” vote to permit bricks-and-mortar retail pot operations, it’s unlikely Windsor will see any such business established before 2020 at the earliest. ...

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Is This Your Bike? Police Hamilton Seize Bicycle After Arresting Alleged Drug Dealer

Is this your bike? Police seize bicycle after arresting alleged drug dealer Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn 35-year-old Hamilton man facing drug trafficking charges CBC News Hamilton police are searching for the owner of this bike, which is believed to have been stolen and was seized during a drug trafficking arrest Saturday. (Hamilton Police Service)

Article by CBC News Hamilton police are searching for the owner of a high-end bicycle found with a man who has been charged with possession of heroin, fentanyl and other illicit drugs. Investigators believe the bike may have been stolen. It was seized after an officer on patrol around 7 a.m. Saturday spotted a large bag of cannabis in “plain view” inside a vehicle ...

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Thailand Approves Medicinal Cannabis

Thailand approves medicinal cannabis Campaigners had held protests demanding medicinal cannabis be allowed

Article by BBC News Thailand’s parliament has voted to approve cannabis for medical use, with a key lawmaker calling it a “New Year’s gift” to the Thai people. Recreational use will remain illegal. Marijuana was used in Thailand as a traditional medicine, until it was banned in the 1930s. South East Asia has some of the world’s toughest penalties for ...

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Have It Your Way: The 5 Most Popular Consumption Methods


Article by Canna Lance Today there are many different ways to utilize cannabis. The question is:Which ones will get you the most elevated? This is something that many individuals have asked themselves. In this article, we will break down some of the different consumption methods that are most common in order from the least psychoactive to the most potent. 1. ...

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‘I’d Rather Someone Else Was The Guinea Pig,’ Town of Erin, Ontario Opts Out of Cannabis Retail

‘I’d rather someone else was the guinea pig,’ Town of Erin opts out of cannabis retail Erin first of kind in area to make decision against hosting retail shops in municipality NEWS 02:35 PM by Alexandra Heck Erin Advocate Erin councillor John Brennan agreed to opt out of hosting cannabis retail in town, citing a lack of clarity from the Province on policy details. - Alexandra Heck/Metroland It was a unanimous decision.

Article by Alexandra Heck, Erin Advocate via SouthWestern Ontario It was a unanimous decision. Erin town council chose to opt out of hosting cannabis retail sites in the municipality, citing a lack of details from the province as a primary factor. “I’d rather someone else was the guinea pig,” said Coun. John Brennan, noting that the province can’t possibly reap the millions they ...

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