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True Compassion Toronto Raided By Police

True Compassion Toronto Dispensary Raid Raided

Written by Toronto Toker for On the night of Monday Feburary 6th, Toronto Police Services excited a search warrant for 3535 Dundas St. West. This is the location of True Compassion Toronto dispensary. Police entered the dispensary around 4pm seizing product and arresting an unknown number of individuals working there. They were later released the following day at 3:30 am in ...

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Complete List of Dispensary Raids Since Trudeau Took Power

Project Claidua Dispensary Raid Weed Shop Toronto Dispensaries

Dankr, along with help from Freddie Pritchard, have assembled as complete a list as possible of the dispensaries that have been raided by police across Canada since Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister. As of Feb. 6th, 2016 there have been 141 dispensary raids across Canada since Trudeau took office and continues to have police departments enforce the illegality of cannabis. Hopefully ...

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Toronto Cannabis Events: February 6 – February 12, 2017

Best Top Toronto Cannabis Events Wekend

Toronto is an amazing city for cannabis with so many diverse events going on. Here is a list of the events going on this upcoming week and weekend: Monday February 6, 2017: Ganja Yoga When: 7:30pm-10:30pm Where: The House of Yoga (714 Bloor St W, Toronto) Price: 1st class for $20, or 4 classes for $40(offer available only on first visit)! Drop in $20 ...

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Kushbury – Broken Coast Cannabis Galiano (Northern Lights Haze) Medical Marijuana Strain Video Review

Kushbury - Broken Coast Cannabis Galiano (Northern Lights Haze) Medical Marijuana Strain Video Review

Video by Micheal Kushbury, Galiano is a fantastic sativa from Broken Coast Cannabis. Also known as Northern Lights Haze, this super gassy bud has some very indica traits when it comes to effects… most notably the gentle onset and the relaxing qualities. I find some sativas can cause a jittery / anxious feeling but Galiano is nothing but uplifting! ...

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Hamilton Police Bust Another Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The Medicine Cabinet Dispensary Raid Weed Shop

Article by Samantha Craggs, CBC News. Hamilton police have charged the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary on Barton Street East. The vice and drug unit used a search warrant to enter The Medicine Cabinet, a dispensary at 1050 Barton St. E. It happened just before 3 p.m. on Feb. 3. The owner was “selling or giving marijuana or marijuana derivatives ...

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Planet Paradise Vape Lounge Review

Planet Paradise Vapor Lounge

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Planet Paradise Overview: (Cabbage town) 51 Winchester St. I was quite impressed by my experience at Planet Paradise. The lounge has a unique upscale feeling, but still comfortable, very different from other vape lounges in the city. Planet Paradise is well designed for their customers, with lots of outlets and food & beverage options, perfect ...

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Canadian Green Dispensary and Holistic Services, Raided Wednesday

Article by Brent,  Project Claudia has claimed their newest dispensary raid victim, Canadian Green Dispensary & Holistic Services. On Wednesday, Toronto Police Services entered the dispensary located at 1332 Bloor St. W. and arrested at least one individual. Little information is currently know about the raid because city police have not released any press statements on the topic, as of ...

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Lack of Communication Between Dispensaries and the Police Puts Communities at Risk

Dispensaries in Toronto feel they cant report robberies to the police, and police fear that this practice is putting communities in danger of violent crime. It's a real...

Article by Jenna Valleriani, Lift Just last week, Toronto Police Services held a press conference on the “growing public safety issue” of cannabis dispensaries in the city of Toronto – where over 13 of these storefronts (that we know of) have been robbed since June 2016. Adding another layer to the complicated existence of cannabis dispensaries in Toronto, we have ...

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Minor Cares – Canna Crisps Review

Minor Cares Canna Crisps

Written by Toronto Toker for Minor Cares Overview: Minor Cares is a craft cannabis company that makes cannabis infused treats and beauty products. Minor Cares has a Certificate of Competency in the Cannabis Industry from Northeastern Institute of Cannabis and used this knowledge to expand her company. Some of their original edible products included Canna Capsules, Jelly Gummies, and Canna ...

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