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Quebec Pharmacists Want to Amend Bill C-45 so That They Can Distribute Medicinal Cannabis

Quebec pharmacists want to amend Bill C-45 so that they can distribute medicinal cannabis Despite its special status, pharmacists' society says patients who use cannabis aren’t different from users of any other drug

Article by Deepak Anand, Lift News Quebec’s college of pharmacists, the L’Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec (OPQ), presented their position on the province’s cannabis Bill 157 to the Quebec Commission on Health and Social Services yesterday as part of the government’s ongoing hearings from stakeholders. While most of their recommendations focus on provincial recreational cannabis legislation, the college was keen to communicate an important message regarding ...

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Canopy Growth Corporation Announces Record Financing Deal With BMO

Canopy Growth Corporation announces record financing deal with BMO Investment represents an unprecedented deal for the Canadian cannabis industry

Article by Devon Scoble, Lift News Yesterday, Smiths Falls, Ont. licensed producer Canopy Growth Corporation announced an $175 million bought deal financing via BMO. This unprecedented investment makes BMO the first Canadian financial institution to lead equity financing for a medical cannabis company. The deal saw a syndicate of underwriters, co-led by BMO Capital Markets and GMP Securities L.P., purchase just over ...

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Opinion: Health Canada’s ACMPR Stats Are The Cannabis Industry’s Most Exciting Numbers

Opinion: Health Canada's ACMPR stats are the cannabis industry's most exciting numbers Forget the stock market peaks and plunges: for constitutional challenger Matt Mernagh, ACMPR stats offer the biggest thrills

Article by Matt Mernagh, Lift News Statistics can be overwhelming for some, but for me, reading Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) stats – which quantify the number of registered patients across the provinces and territories –  creates an emotional response more appropriate to celebrating a .300 batting average than a government program. These days, industry professionals pretty much ...

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Ontario Attorney General Proposes Places Of Use Changes to the Cannabis Act, 2017; Vape Lounges OK

Ontario Attorney General Proposes Places Of Use Changes to the Cannabis Act, 2017

Article by Ontario’s Regulatory Registry Bill or Act: The Cannabis Act, 2017 Summary of Proposal: The Ministry of the Attorney General is proposing to prohibit medical cannabis users from using medical cannabis in any form while driving or having care or control of a vehicle or boat, whether or not the vehicle or boat is in motion. Medical cannabis users ...

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Ed Clark to be Named New LCBO Chair Ahead of Marijuana Sales Launch

Ed Clark to be named new LCBO chair ahead of marijuana sales launch Government, industry sources tell CBC News that appointment will be announced Thursday By Mike Crawley, CBC News. Ed Clark is already serving as the premier's business adviser and chaired Wynne's advisory council on government assets. He is the former president and CEO of TD Bank Group. (Marta Iwanek). Sessions gave states' attorneys the ability to prosecute legal marijuana businesses – and congress is uniting to stop them. Bill Clark/Getty Images

Article by Mike Crawley, CBC News Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s go-to business adviser will be named the new chairman of the LCBO Thursday, with the agency poised to oversee the retailing of cannabis in the province. CBC News has learned that Ed Clark is to be nominated as chair of the LCBO’s board of directors. Clark spent 12 years as president and CEO of TD Bank Group and has more ...

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Women and Weed – Stephanie Karasick: Strainprint Technologies

Women and Weed - Stephanie Karasick: Strainprint Technologies

Article by Phil Wong, High! Canada Today we are pleased to have with us Stephanie Karasick from Strainprint. Stephanie was born and raised in the suburbs of Montreal, and left shortly after getting her degree in Graphic Design. She moved to Toronto, working as a copywriter at Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, Taxi, and MacLaren McCann over a span ...

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SparQ Toronto Dispensary Review (Yonge & Sheppard)

Sparq toronto dispensary review thc

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for SparQ Toronto Overview: SparQ Toronto is a unique dispensary focused on carrying top-notch strains, rather than an excessive selection. SparQ is discretely placed right on Yonge Street and has been there since the beginner of the 2017 summer, providing medicine to patients in need. SparQ Toronto Location: 4905 Yonge St. SparQ Toronto is conveniently located ...

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Delta 9 Releases Justin Trudope, a New Strain in Honour of the PM

Delta 9 releases Justin Trudope, a new strain in honour of the PM But... isn’t that what the alt-right calls the Prime Minister?

Article  by Kate Robertson, Lift News Marketers face a difficult challenge when it comes to medical cannabis in Canada: under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations(ACMPR), licensed producers aren’t allowed to promote themselves with any images of the plant, dried or not; they can’t lean on celebrity endorsements, nor can they make claims about the effects of strains. And ...

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How Queen’s Park Is Gearing Up To Be The Largest Legal Pot Dealer In Canada (And Maybe The World)

How Queen’s Park is gearing up to be the largest legal pot dealer in Canada (and maybe the world) Ontario’s new government monopoly kicks into gear in July, when the legalization of recreational weed takes effect. Here’s what you need to know. Finance Charles Sousa joked at a Toronto Regional Board of Trade meeting in November about Canada becoming the "world's biggest pot dealer." (CHRISTOPHER KATSAROV)

Article by Robert Benzie, The Toronto Star Charles Sousa was half-joking about toking. “I was with some high school buddies last week — you remember the guys from high school — and they said to me: ‘who’d have thought it would be you that would one day aspire to become the world’s biggest pot dealer?’ ” the Ontario finance minister ...

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Genetic Pot-Pourri: Why Cannabis Strains Don’t All Live Up To Their Billing

Genetic pot-pourri: Why cannabis strains don't all live up to their billing Pot strains can have mixed-up genetics that don't always match what's advertised, experts caution By Susan Ormiston, CBC News . Canopy Growth, a cannabis company in Smiths Falls, Ont., is actively breeding pot and drilling into its genetics to create new strains with consistent characteristics. (Mia Sheldon/CBC)

Article by Susan Ormiston, CBC News Red Diesel, Moby Dick, Lemon Burst, or how about Girl Scout Cookies? All names for “bud,” the cannabis flower, and when the black market product goes legal in Canada this summer expect some heavy marketing of fancy names and their tantalizing effects. But plant scientists say the “sell” is hazy. Those buds have a mixed-up ...

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