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Grow Up Conference in Niagara 2019

grow up conference niagara 2019 cannabis conference weed thc

Attending the Grow Up Conference the past three years has been great and exciting to see how the event has changed over the years. The first year, 2017, I recall there were a lot of grower specific vendors, such as nutrient companies and lights. As a new home grower this was very exciting to me. Last year felt like a ...

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Cannabis and Alcohol Linked to Majority of Youth Hospitalizations for Substance Abuse in Canada

CULTURE Cannabis and alcohol linked to majority of youth hospitalizations for substance abuse in Canada Youth living in the Northwest Territories and in Nunavut were more likely to be hospitalized for substance-use related reasons than those in any other province at approximately five times the national average By Emma Spears More than 23,500 youth aged 10 to 24 were hospitalized “for harm caused by substance use” of in 2018. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Emma Spears, Growth Op Cannabis is putting Canadian kids in the hospital, according to a recent study by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). The report revealed that cannabis, along with alcohol, is responsible for the majority of youth hospitalizations relating to substance abuse in Canada. More than 23,500 youth aged 10 to 24 were hospitalized “for harm caused ...

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Pot Raid Should Not Have Happened — Sudbury-Area Native Leader

Pot raid should not have happened — Sudbury-area native leader Harold Carmichael The Sudbury StarHarold Carmichael The Sudbury Star Ted Roque, Wahnapitae First Nation band councillor. Harold Carmichael/Sudbury Star/Postmedia Network HAROLD CARMICHAEL / HAROLD CARMICHAEL/SUDBURY STAR

Article by Harold Carmichael The Sudbury Star The arrest this week of Derek Roque – co-owner of the Creator’s Choice cannabis dispensary on the Wahnapitae First Nation – should never have happened, says a band council member. “We don’t need (an Ontario) licence to do this,” councillor Ted Roque told reporters at a protest outside the Sudbury Courthouse on Thursday, ...

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Strain of the Day: 5 Things to Know About Heavenly God Bud

CULTURE Strain of the Day: 5 things to know about heavenly God Bud Though not created in a mere seven days, this stocky, bushy plant will flower at about eight to nine weeks By Alana Armstrong God Bud is a fragrant hybrid with genetics bringing forth a terpene profile regularly described as being a mix of earthy and tropical GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images

Article by Alana Armstrong, Growth Op The popular hybrid, God Bud, comes to us from Jordan of the Islands, who describes the strain as “an amped-up Purple Skunk from the West Coast Islands of Canada.” The genetic mix of a Hawaiian landrace, Purple Skunk and a Canadian strain known as God was reproduced by Canadian outfit BC Bud Depot under the name BC God Bud. However, despite its ...

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Sex and the Single Stoner: Using Cannabis to Spark Up the Bedroom

SEX AND THE SINGLE STONER: Using cannabis to spark up the bedroom BY BECKY GARRISON, THE FRESH TOAST Relaxed couple smoking weed and flirting at night club party, carefree life Relaxed couple smoking weed and flirting at night club party, carefree life

Article by Backy Garrison, The Fresh Toast via Toronto Sun Call it tokes for strokes. Babeland — a woman-founded adult entertainment store — educates people about how cannabis can enhance their sex life. Here are some pointers; Preparation for Using Cannabis During Sex Before adding cannabis to your sex life, have a conversation outside of the bedroom. Go on a ...

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Legal Cannabis Packaging is an Environmental Disaster, But Some Companies are Offering Innovative Solutions

Pot packaging is an environmental disaster, but some companies are offering innovative solutions Until recently, recreational cannabis users didn’t really have any way of disposing of the packaging other than throwing it in the trash ELIZABETH HAMES Noah Shopsowitz, son of the late Sam Shopsowitz of the Toronto-based Shopsy’s Delicatessen empire, is currently shopping his child-resistant, smell-proof and 100 percent recyclable containers around to angel investors under the company name Weedlocka. MY WEEDLOCKA VIA INSTAGRAM

Article by Elizabeth Hames, Windsor Star As the legalization of edible cannabis approaches in Canada, the industry has yet to solve one of its greatest challenges: packaging. Since October 17, cannabis companies have been plagued with problems associated with packaging. Apart from the fact that cannabis packages are really boring (thanks, Health Canada), they are also an environmental disaster. One customer reported receiving ...

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Vapes Spiked with Illegal Drugs Show Dark Side of CBD Craze

Vapes spiked with illegal drugs show dark side of CBD craze By: Holbrook Mohr, The Associated Press

Article by Holbrook Mohr, The Associated Press via Leaf News Jay Jenkins says he hesitated when a buddy suggested they vape CBD. “It’ll relax you,” the friend assured. The vapour that Jenkins inhaled didn’t relax him. After two puffs, he ended up in a coma. That’s because the vapour he inhaled wasn’t CBD, a natural compound that marketers say can ...

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Wahnapitae First Nation Dispensaries Raided Again by OPP

Wahnapitae First Nation dispensaries raided again Calls for Indigenous inclusion in cannabis market Leaders gathered on Wahnapitae First Nation today to discuss a potential framework for Indigenous dispensaries. CTV's Ian Campbell reports. Chelsea Papineau, Digital Content Specialist

Article by Chelsea Papineau, CTV News Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) tells CTV News they are conducting a joint forces raid, involving the cannabis enforcement team, with the Anishinabek Police Service(APS) on Wahnapitae First Nation again Wednesday. Two First Nation cannabis dispensaries, Creator’s Choice Natural Health Solutions and First Nations Medicinal, were also raided back in January. First Nations Medicinal posted ...

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Provincial Canada Websites Have Hugely Uneven Supply and Selection

BUSINESS Puff luck: Provincial pot websites have hugely uneven supply and selection Our survey of the sites found ridiculously irregular inventory across the country, reflecting problems in the market as a whole by Claire Brownell The ‘trim room’ at Canopy Growth Corp., one of a limited number of legal growers trying to meet consumer demand (Photographed by Kaja Tirrul)

Article by Claire Brownell, MacLean’s Magazine At midnight on Oct. 17, 2018—the second it became legal to sell cannabis—Christopher Duffitt was ready. His store, Puff Puff Pass Head Shop, opened its doors to a lineup of customers in Clarenville, Nfld., a town of 6,300 people northwest of St. John’s. But it quickly became clear that the business wouldn’t be open ...

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First Nations Reserve Will Sell a Kilo of Fine Hashish Online, and Canada Post Will Kindly Deliver it Right to Your Door

BONOKOSKI: Lawless First Nations reserve will even sell a kilo of fine hashish online, and Canada Post will kindly deliver it right to your door Mark Bonokoski Hastings-Lennox and Addington MP Mike Bossio addresses Hastings County council Thursday, March 28, 2019 in Belleville, Ont. Luke Hendry / Luke Hendry/The Intelligencer

Article by Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun In the pre-writ month of August, when our Liberal prime minister was dishing out billions like candy, Liberal MP Mike Bossio showed up at the Tyendinaga Mohawk reserve with his own cheque in hand. None of the national media chose to attend, however, deciding that the promise of a few thousand bucks for a ...

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