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Second Cannabis Shop Planned for Timmins

HOME LOCAL NEWS Second pot shop planned for Timmins They're hoping for a fall opening about 22 hours ago By: Maija Hoggett 2 / 2 Sessions Cannabis is opening in the Park Road Square in Timmins. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday 1 / 2 Sessions Cannabis has signs for its new location in the former party store at Park Road Square. Maija Hoggett/TimminsToday

Article by Maija Hoggett, Timmins Today A second pot shop is getting ready to open in Timmins. Signs for Sessions Cannabis have gone up inside the former party store in the Park Road Square, 425 Algonquin Blvd. According to the company, the opening is planned for this fall, “pending the ‘green’ light from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.” The Timmins ...

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Ontario to End Delivery, Pickup Services for Provincial Cannabis Shops

MARIJUANA 3h ago Ontario to end delivery, pickup services for provincial pot shops By David George-Cosh

Article by David George-Cosh, BNN Bloomberg Ontario-based privately-run cannabis stores will no longer be allowed to provide delivery or curbside pickup services to customers this month when a provincial emergency order expires, according to a government spokesperson. “As our province carefully moves towards recovery, the [emergency order] to temporarily allow for cannabis retail curbside pick-up and delivery will end when the ...

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Second Retail Cannabis Store in Collingwood Opening This Summer

HOME LOCAL NEWS Second retail cannabis store in Collingwood opening this summer Spiritleaf is opening on Balsam Street in August about 20 hours ago By: Jessica Owen 2020-07-03 Spiritleaf JO-001 Adam Tuerlings is the store manager for the Spiritleaf location in Collingwood. Contributed image

Article by Jessica Owen, Collingwood Today Spiritleaf is gearing up to open a Collingwood location at the beginning of August, and they’re hoping visitors to the new retail cannabis franchise will leave with a feeling in line with their store’s tagline. “We can imagine a world full of peace, love and harmony. We want people to leave our store with that kind ...

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Lift & Co. Offloading Assets as COVID-19 Shakes the Cannabis Sector

Lift & Co. offloading assets as COVID-19 shakes the cannabis sector Lift still plans to host its cannabis expo in Toronto this November Lift & Co. offloading assets as COVID-19 shakes the cannabis sectorThe Logic - Feed The Logic The Logic Catherine McIntyre July 6, 2020 4:16 PM EDT Filed under Cannabis Comment Facebook Twitter Reddit Email More RECOMMENDED FOR YOU Warren Buffett ends his deal drought with $10 billion bet on energy ‘This is addicting’: How the new retail investor mania is changing the stock market game Demise of $8 billion Atlantic Coast gas project shows pipelines are becoming unbuildable ‘Money to be made’: Meet the new retail investors flooding the market amid the pandemic What Lululemon's $500 million deal to buy Mirror says about the future of exercising at home Cannabis events and data insights company Lift & Co. has laid off nearly all of its staff and is seeking an “asset-light” strategy amid what it described as pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic. But sources

Article by Catherine McIntyre, Financial Post Cannabis events and data insights company Lift & Co. has laid off nearly all of its staff and is seeking an “asset-light” strategy amid what it described as pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic. But sources said it began winding down operations before the pandemic, after funding fell through late last year. Lift’s struggles are ...

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Albertans Can Now Stock Up on Cannabis and Munchies in One Stop

Albertans can now stock up on cannabis and munchies in one stop Circle K and Fire & Flower partner up with co-locations across Alberta By The GrowthOp Fire & Flower and Circle K convenience stores are opening co-locations in Alberta. /CNW Group/Fire & Flower Holdings Corp.

Article by Growth Op If you’ve ever pined for a slushie after a cannabis session or wished you could grab some snacks alongside your weed, Fire & Flower and Circle K have some good news for you. The convenience store chain, owned by Quebec-based company Alimentation Couche-Tard, is partnering with the cannabis retailer to open adjacent locations across Alberta. The ...

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Four Durham Cannabis Shops Enter Public Notice Phase

‹ Province reports 1... | Feds sending out t... › Four Durham pot shops enter public notice phase July 6, 2020 | 10:56 am Four more pot shops are getting closer to opening in Durham. They’ve all entered the public notice phase, which means people can file an objection with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Two of the potential shops are in Oshawa.

Article by Durham Radio News Four more pot shops are getting closer to opening in Durham. They’ve all entered the public notice phase, which means people can file an objection with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Two of the potential shops are in Oshawa. One is called Old West Cannabis Company and it’s going to be located at ...

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Canadian Cannabis Companies Have Landed in Legal Hot Water Due to False Advertising

CANADIAN CANNABIS COMPANIES HAVE LANDED IN LEGAL HOT WATER DUE TO FALSE ADVERTISING SARAH LEAMONJULY 3, 2020 CANNABIS CANADACANNABIS LEGALIZATIONCANNABIS NEWSFEATURED0 COMMENTS96 VIEWS A lawsuit filed in the Court of Queens’ Bench in Alberta is making some pretty heavy allegations and naming a number of big Canadian cannabis companies for false advertising as parties to the proceedings. cannabis companies false advertising Lead plaintiff on the matter, Lisa Marie Langeuin, says that she was sold misleading products with false advertising after purchasing cannabis packed and distributed by Tilray Canada at a retail store called Canna Cabana in Calgary. Langeuin says that she selected the product based on the potency as displayed on the product packaging. However, after taking the recommended dosage on several occasions, she says that she felt nothing. Undeterred, Langeuin took the product to her doctor to get to the bottom of it. After examining the packaging, Langeuin says that her doctor became concerned. He told her that the manner in which the cannabis was sold in this case – in a plastic bottle with a plastic lining – could cause the plastic to leech into the product itself. This, according to the doctor, could cause liver or pancreas damage as well as degrade the product’s potency level over time. But Langeuin says that she and her doctor did not stop their research there. Concerned about false advertising and potential adverse health effects, they purchased a number of cannabis products and sent them to third party testing companies to determine their true contents. They say they that the results were alarming, with many products containing a higher than labeled THC potency or a lower than labeled CBD level. The lawsuit alleges that product potency is “drastically different” than advertised and “could have” caused harm to the plaintiff and other members of the public. It seeks a whopping $500-million judgement along with punitive damages of $5 million from each of the named defendants. Parties named to the suit include Tilray, Cronos and Aurora Cannabis, as well as a number of other cannabis industry players and subsidiaries. Community safety and consumer empowerment are some of the key issues at play here, with lawyers for the plaintiff arguing that legal cannabis products must be properly marketed and safely delivered to consumers. The potential for harm, they say, is serious if proper standards are not met. But this isn’t the first time that Canadian cannabis companies have landed in legal hot water. In February, nine U.S. law firms launched class-action lawsuits against Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis and Hexo Corp alleging that the companies had released misleading inventory information and overstated their sales potential. While these sorts of class action lawsuits are rather typical for a new and emerging industry, the cannabis sector has taken harder than expected hits over the two years. With a 75 percent drop in cannabis stocks, many investors are looking for more secure alternatives, sending ripples of doubt through the industry. Lay-offs, cutbacks and corporate restructuring are some of the more troubling symptoms of an industry struggling to stay on its feet. And this most recent lawsuit will only cast more shadows over Canadian cannabis. If what Langeuin says is true, the chance of the court ruling that false or misleading advertising has taken place is not insubstantial. The legal test for false or misleading advertising is relatively straight-forward. It ultimately comes down to whether a representation was made to the public to promote a product that was misleading in nature and material to the transaction. In determining whether a representation is “material”, the court will consider whether an average consumer would be influenced in their decision to purchase the product in question or not based on the information represented. In the past, courts have found that things like product pricing and other key aspects – like projected performance or components – to be material representations. It is therefore not unlikely that the courts will find potency to be a material in terms of cannabis sales and advertising. Moreover, it is important to note that in cases like these, the plaintiff only needs to prove their case on the civil burden of proof. This is on a balance of probabilities and is much lower than the criminal standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. But even if Canadian cannabis companies’ role in false advertising is proven, the quantum of damages may be adjusted by the court. Generally speaking, Canadian courts have been more conservative than their American counterparts when it comes to accessing big cash awards. So, just because this particular lawsuit is seeking a half-billion-dollar pay-day, that fact alone doesn’t mean it will happen. Only time will tell what damages – if any at all – is appropriate. At this point, none of the products in question have been recalled by Health Canada. FacebookTwitterLinkedInShare AURORA CANNABIS INCCRONOSHEXO CORPLISA MARIE LANGEUIN SHARE ON Save Tweet PREVIOUS ARTICLE HEALTHY FOODS TO EAT THAT CAN IMPROVE AND EXTEND YOUR MARIJUANA HIGH NEXT ARTICLE EVER AFTER MUSIC FESTIVAL, FANS REACT TO 2020 CANCELLATION. Sarah Leamon SARAH LEAMON CONTRIBUTING WRITER Sarah Leamon is a criminal defence lawyer and founder of Sarah Leamon Law Group. Sarah specializes in impaired driving offences and cannabis law. In 2017, Sarah was invited to appear before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to discuss the legal implications of Bill C-46. Sarah has been sought out for her legal insights by both the House of Commons and the Senate on multiple occasions since then. Sarah regularly writes for The Georgia Straight, The Huffington Post, The Her(b) Life and The Cannabis Life Network. She is also involved in numerous non-profit organizations, including PACE Society where she acts as Board Chair, The Coven Club and The Women’s Association of Criminal Lawyers – British Columbia. Sarah was nominated in Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Lawyers list in 2018 and 2019 and won Business in Vancouver’s 2018 Forty Under 40 award. She won the 2019 Integrity Award from the Universal Womens Network. 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Article by Sarah Leamon, Cannabis Life Network A lawsuit filed in the Court of Queens’ Bench in Alberta is making some pretty heavy allegations and naming a number of big Canadian cannabis companies for false advertising as parties to the proceedings. Lead plaintiff on the matter, Lisa Marie Langeuin, says that she was sold misleading products with false advertising after purchasing cannabis packed and ...

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Cannabis Companies Look to Outdoor Growing

Cannabis companies look to outdoor growing 48North Cannabis Corp. chief executive Charles Vennat, shown in this undated handout image, runs a 100-acre outdoor cannabis farm in Brant County, Ont. , which he says is far cheaper than keeping indoor pot facilities. Health Canada began handing out licenses to cultivate cannabis outside in 2019, but interest has since grown steadily. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-48North Cannabis Corp *MANDATORY CREDIT*

Article by Tara Deschamps, A planting machine crawled along the 100-acre Good Farm in Brant County, Ont. on a sunny June day, dropping seeds into the soil in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Behind the wheel was an employee of 48North Cannabis Corp. one wouldn’t usually expect: chief executive Charles Vennat. “I joked with my team that I ...

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Ontario MP Demands Health Canada Act Against ‘Criminal Elements’ of Cannabis, Says Dead Animals Left on Porches are Linked

NEWS Ontario MP demands Health Canada act against 'criminal elements' of cannabis, says dead animals left on porches are linked In a letter to Health Canada, Sloan warns some growers "utilize loopholes in existing federal regulations to enrich themselves and ignore municipal bylaws via large scale cannabis growing operations.” By Emma SpearsFile - Conservative MP Derek Sloan is a rookie. Photo: MEGHAN BALOGH/THE WHIG-STANDARD/POSTMEDIA NETWORK

Article by Emma Spears, Growth Op An Ontario-based MP and Conservative leadership candidate is demanding that Health Canada make immediate moves to halt what he alleges to be cannabis-related “potential criminality and corruption” in his riding. Hastings-Lennox and Addington MP Derek Sloan wrote a letter to Health Minister Patty Hajdu urging her department to take action against local cannabis operations ...

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Aurora Announces Another Management Shake-Up as Further Layoffs Loom

NewsBusiness Aurora announces another management shake-up as further layoffs loom Author of the article:Emma Spears File - An employee tends to marijuana plants at the Aurora Cannabis Inc. facility in Edmonton. JASON FRANSON/BLOOMBERG

Article by Emma Spears, Regina Leader-Post Amid company layoffs and facility closures, Aurora Cannabis has appointed a new chief commercial officer. Miguel Martin, president of Aurora USA, is replacing former CCO Darren Karasiuk, who was in the position from February 2019 to June of this year. “This appointment allows us to take full advantage of Miguel’s depth of international CPG experience to ...

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