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Pilot Study Shows Cannabis Can Help Chronic Pain Patients Stop Taking Opioids

SCIENCE & HEALTHPilot Study Shows Marijuana Can Help Chronic Pain Patients Stop Taking OpioidsPublished 22 hours ago on October 8, 2019By Kimberly Lawson

Article by Kimberly Lawson, Marijuana Moment When chronic pain patients participated in a program to reduce their use of opioids with medical marijuana, a quarter of them completely stopped taking opioid medications within half a year, a new pilot study reports. “After 6 months, 156 patients (26%) had ceased taking opioids,” the paper states. “An additional 329 patients (55%) had reduced ...

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Feeling Burned: The First Year of Legal Cannabis Has Been a Complete Disaster For Investors

Feeling burned: The first year of legal cannabis has been a complete disaster for investors Shares of the 10 largest Canadian cannabis producers have been bludgeoned, yielding an average negative return of more than 57% Victor Ferreira

Article by Victor Ferreira, Financial Post The legalization of cannabis in Canada was supposed to be a catalyst — the most powerful one yet, investors and analysts alike thought — that would launch companies in the young but potent industry to new heights. Instead, nearly one year later, it has been a nightmare. Since recreational cannabis became legal on Oct. ...

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Mississauga Landlords Don’t Want Tenants Growing Cannabis

Mississauga landlords don't want tenants growing cannabis by Matt Dionne

Article by Matt Dionne, insauga Cannabis has been legal in Canada for almost a year, and attitudes about it are shifting. Bill C-45 (otherwise known as the Cannabis Act) has been in place since Oct. 17, 2018, making it legal for Canadians to consume the drug, and to grow it within the comfort of their own homes in most provinces. People in ...

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Six Ways Cannabis Can Improve the Life of Seniors

CULTURE Six ways cannabis can improve the life of seniors Cannabis has shown promise for relieving Alzheimer’s Disease, chronic pain, poor appetites, and other issues that affect seniors By Maria Loreto, The Fresh ToastOctober 8, 2019 Comments Loneliness is something that greatly affects seniors and that can act as a gateway for depression, diseases, and even death. Cannabis is considered a mind-enhancing substance, which could help seniors develop their creativity, improve social skills, and promote their relaxation. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast via Growth Op The older we get, the more demands and care our bodies require. One estimate claims that by the year 2030, the current statistics on senior diseases will be doubled, resulting in 15 million adults that will suffer from some sort of ailment. Having this in mind, how can cannabis improve the ...

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Cannabis has Added Over $8 billion to Canada’s GDP

Cannabis has added over $8 billion to Canada's GDP Peter Smith

Aritcle by Peter Smith, Daily Hive According to Statistics Canada, the cannabis industry has added over $8 billion to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product since fall 2018. The latest numbers, released Monday, show that the cannabis industry added $8.259 billion to the economy between when the products became legal in October 2018 to the end of July 2020. This is up from ...

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York Police Arrest 3, Dismantle Major Cannabis Grow-Op Linked to Alleged Organized Crime

York police arrest 3, dismantle major cannabis grow-op linked to organized crime A York Regional Police badge is shown in a 2014 file photo. CITYNEWS Close caption York police say they’ve made three arrests related to what they describe as a major marijuana grow-op with links to organized crime. They began investigating the facility in King Township back in July.

Article by CityNews York police say they’ve made three arrests related to what they describe as a major marijuana grow-op with links to organized crime. … They say Health Canada had granted a licence allowing for 475 outdoor plants and 124 indoor plants on the premises. Instead, officers allegedly found well over 2,000 plants on the site, around 10 pounds ...

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Ontario And Quebec’s Cannabis Retail ‘Nightmare’ Threatens Industry, Experts Fear

BUSINESS 10/07/2019 10:44 EDT | Updated 9 hours ago Ontario And Quebec's Cannabis Retail ‘Nightmare’ Threatens Industry, Experts Fear As stock prices swoon, some marijuana companies are facing a cash crunch. By Daniel Tencer CARLOS OSORIO / REUTERS A production team member works in an aquaponics grow operation by licensed marijuana producer Green Relief in Flamborough, Ont., Jan. 25, 2019

Article by Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post A year after legalization, the honeymoon is over for Canada’s cannabis industry. Many producers are reporting disappointing earnings; some have seen crop failures; turnover is high in the executive suite; and so far, prices in the legal industry are far higher than in the black market. And the illicit market is hanging in there: Despite ...

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Catch a Bad Buzz? Don’t Expect a Refund For Your Cannabis Purchase

Catch a bad buzz? Don't expect a refund for your marijuana purchase Ontario Cannabis Store refuses refund A Toronto resident says she was not ready for what she called a “bad trip” after smoking sativa marijuana ordered from the Ontario Cannabis. Pat Foran, Consumer Reporter, CTV News

Article by Pat Foran, CTV News A Toronto resident who describes herself as a “seasoned” marijuana smoker says she was not ready for what she called a “bad trip” after smoking sativa marijuana ordered from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). Jessica Weiser says she smokes marijuana for medical and relaxation reasons. When it was legalized, she started buying it online. ...

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Expect Cheaper Pot Prices Around Christmas: BMO

Expect cheaper pot prices around Christmas: BMO Jeff LagerquistYahoo Finance Canada Medical marijuana buds up close with peppermint candy and bokeh lights on wood table (GETTY)

Article by Jeff Lagerquist, Yahoo Finance Canada If you’re thinking of gifting cannabis this holiday season, it may pay to shop last minute, according to analysts at BMO Capital Markets calling for discounts near the end of the year. Tamy Chen and Peter Sklar are forecasting price cuts on middle-tier flower as provinces attempt to clear out vaults ahead of ...

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Cops Seize More Than $4.7M of Illegal Cannabis in York Region

Cops seize more than $4.7M of illegal cannabis in York Region A cannabis plant approaching maturity is photographed in Fenwick, Ont., on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ Tijana Martin 0 Kayla Goodfield, Digital Journalist, CTV News Toronto

Article by Kayla Goodfield, CTV News Toronto More than $4.7 million worth of illegal cannabis has been seized by police in York Region. Officers began investigating a suspected illegal outdoor marijuana grow operation in the Township of King on Highway 11 in July. In the investigation, police said they learned “that there was a licence through Health Canada, which allowed ...

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