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Can Cannabis Take Your Relationship to a Higher Place?

CULTURE Can cannabis take your relationship to a higher place? Studies suggest couples will enjoy greater intimacy and longer love, but experts are not so sure, saying the motivation for cannabis use is key By David Wilson “It seems cannabis use may help some couples connect, increase relaxation, create an altered state of consciousness that lets them focus on different things.” iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by David Wilson, Growth Op In an era when couples have been trading the bouquet for bud or setting their dating preference to “green,” what effect does cannabis have on the modern romantic relationship? Thought it has been reported to enhance sex, does a daily toke help or hinder loving partners? Some say it’s made them feel closer to one another, while others say it’s hurt ...

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Everybody Just Calm Down: Cannabis Legalization has Faced Some Bumps in the Road, But Some Adjustments Will Make for a Smoother Journey

NEWS Everybody just calm down: Cannabis legalization has faced some bumps in the road, but some adjustments will make for a smoother journey Current cannabis restrictions around marketing need to evolve if legal market has a real shot at replacing the illegal market By Alana Armstrong “We’ve seen that there’s plenty of demand, there’s probably close to enough supply to have had more stores than is currently the case. Alberta is the best example right now.” Layne vanRhijn / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Alana Armstrong, Growth Op Today marks one year of legal adult-use cannabis in Canada. With not-so-sunny outlooks from the Royal Bank of Canada, cannabis businesses being dumped by banks, middling sales, unpalatable cannabis and a possible future supply glut, it’s easy to see why WeedWeek Canada called this “An Unhappy First Birthday for Legalization” in its latest newsletter. On the upside, ...

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Can Cannabis Ease Motion Sickness?

CULTURE Can marijuana ease motion sickness? Side effects and personal choice give marijuana the ability to offer a unique solution, especially with hemp-related CBD oil By Kate-Madonna Hindes, The Fresh Toast Often triggered by intense motion such as rollercoasters or rides, motion sickness can also happen while merely being a passenger in a car, leaving the individual disorientated. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Kate-Madonna Hindes, The Fresh Toast via Growth Op The U.S. National Library of Medicine states that not only is motion sickness prevalent, but that 1 in 3 individuals could be susceptible to nausea and dizziness that comes with a long car ride or intense rollercoaster.  Understanding motion sickness Often described as feeling “unwell” and accompanied by nausea and dizziness, individuals ...

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Drake Sends Bouquets of Blossoms Across Toronto to Spark Interest in New Cannabis Venture

BUSINESS Drake sends bouquets of blossoms across Toronto to spark interest in new cannabis venture The rapper is no stranger to making big business deals By Emma Spears Canadians — and Torontonians in particular — will likely enjoy supporting a homegrown hero whilst rolling up a blunt. Getty Images The rapper’s team sent the bundles of blooms to promote his latest business venture / Photo: marcociannarel/iStock/Getty Images Plus marcociannarel / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Emma Spears, Growth Op Drake has a new venture in the pipes — and he’s letting the world know by surprising people and media outlets across Toronto with elaborate, colourful floral bouquets. The rapper’s team sent the bundles of blooms to promote his latest business venture, dubbed “More Life Growth Company,” ostensibly after his 2017 mixtape More Life. Never ...

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WeedMD Completes Inaugural Outdoor Cannabis Harvest at its Sprawling Ontario Facility

WeedMD completes inaugural outdoor cannabis harvest at its sprawling Ontario facility The Toronto-based cannabis company will hold its third-quarter earnings call to report its financial results on November 29 Uttara Choudhury

Article by Uttara Choudhury, Proactive Investors WeedMD Inc (CVE:WMD) (OTCMKTS:WDDMF) revealed Tuesday that it has successfully completed harvesting its 27-acre outdoor cannabis crop at its sprawling facility in Strathroy, Ontario. The Toronto-based cannabis company owns and operates a 158-acre state-of-the-art greenhouse, outdoor and processing facility located in Strathroy, Ontario. In a statement, WeedMD also said it will hold its third-quarter ...

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Holt Renfrew Launches Cannabis Pop Up in Time for Holidays

CanadaIndustryStrains & products Holt Renfrew launches cannabis pop up in time for holidays Jesse B. Staniforth

Article by Jesse B. Staniforth, Leafly Facing the continued challenge of differentiating its brand from those of other cannabis producers and retailers, Canopy announced two moves designed to make its products synonymous with luxury. Canopy’s first choice was teaming up with venerable high-end department store Holt Renfrew (once furriers to the British Monarchy) to create a line of holiday-themed cannabis accessories. These ...

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Too Much Weed: Canadian Cannabis Producers are Sitting on a Mountain of Inventory, and it’s Making Some Industry Watchers Nervous

Too much weed: Canadian cannabis producers are sitting on a mountain of inventory, and it's making some industry watchers nervous Some analysts are concerned the massive stash could precipitate a price crash in the burgeoning industry Since January of 2019, the amount of unfinished inventory of dried cannabis has nearly tripled, reaching a staggering 328,000 kilograms at the end of August.Blair Gable/Reuters files Vanmala Subramaniam

Article by Vanmala Subramaniam, Financial Post Canadian cannabis producers and extractors are sitting on a massive stash of unfinished inventory that is growing so quickly that some analysts are concerned it could precipitate a price crash in the burgeoning industry. Since January of 2019, the amount of unfinished inventory of dried cannabis has nearly tripled, reaching a staggering 328,000 kilograms ...

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Cannabis May be Helping Some Canadians Cope with PTSD Symptoms: Study

Cannabis may be helping some Canadians cope with PTSD symptoms: study Person leaning on a wall. (Pexels) A woman smokes marijuana while celebrating the legalization of recreational cannabis, in Vancouver, on Wednesday

Article by Jeremiah Rodriguez, CTV News Cannabis use could be helping Canadians alleviate some of the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to new research from the BC Centre on Substance Use and University of British Columbia. The study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, found people with PTSD who were not using cannabis were “far more likely” to have suicidal thoughts ...

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How to Read an Edibles Label

NEWS How to read an edibles label If you’re not sure it’s a regulated product, just look for the giant red weed leaf warning symbol By Kate Robertson Edibles won't hit store shelves until mid-December, but the labelling and packaging rules will be tough to avoid consumption by minors Lars Hagberg / AFP / Getty Images

Article by Kate Robertson, Growth Op The industry is calling Canada’s second wave of legalization, which includes cannabis edibles, concentrates and topicals, “Cannabis 2.0.” But don’t stay up late waiting for new products to pop up in your nearest cannabis store. “It is expected that a limited selection of products will appear gradually in physical or online stores, and no ...

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More Ontario First Nation Cannabis Dispensaries Welcomed

More First Nation pot stores welcomed Province opens door for 5 new cannabis store applicants from Nipissing First Nation Michael Lee Michael Lee Five more applicants from Nipissing First Nation have been invited to apply for a store authorization and operator licence. Canadian Press File Photo JPG, NB

Article by Michael Lee, North Bay Nugget Ontario’s regulatory agency for cannabis retail stores has invited five more applicants from Nipissing First Nation to apply for a store authorization and operator licence. In a letter to Nipissing First Nation dated Oct. 22, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) chief executive officer and registrar Jean Major informed Chief Scott McLeod ...

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