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10 Women Leading the Canadian Cannabis Industry

10 Women Leading the Canadian Cannabis Industry Dianna Benjamin. Trina Fraser

Article by Dianna Benjamin, Wikileaf There are a lot of high hopes as we await Canadian legislation legalizing cannabis this summer. As everybody knows,  in the United States, structural biases favoring white men have resulted in the disproportionate exclusion of women and people of color from the highest positions in the cannabis industry (even if there is a higher percentage of ...

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Cannabis and Social: Media How To Navigate New Digital Waters

Cannabis and Social: Media How To Navigate New Digital Waters

Article by Colin Bambury, High! Canada Social media is the current state of the Internet. The majority of Internet usage is through smartphones and more than half of the time spent on a mobile device is spent in a social media application. These are valuable places to market and brand because the platforms have the consumer’s undivided attention. Social media is crucial ...

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Home-Grow Entrepreneurs Await Marijuana Legalization

Home-grow entrepreneurs await marijuana legalization Senate set to vote, and potentially amend, Cannabis Act on June 7 By Glen Korstrom. Weeds Glass and Gifts owner Don Briere wants to get a federal nursery licence that allows him to sell seedlings once cannabis is legalized in Canada Rob Kruyt

Article by Glen Korstrom, Business in Vancouver Entrepreneurs who want to sell supplies to help consumers grow cannabis at home are waiting anxiously for June 7, when Canadian senators are expected to vote on, and potentially amend, the Cannabis Act. One amendment that may pass is a ban on Canadians’ ability to grow cannabis for recreational purposes at their homes. The likelihood ...

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Parents Could Legally Give 16-Year-Olds Pot Under ‘Social Sharing’ Law

Parents could legally give 16-year-olds pot under ‘social sharing’ law By Patrick Cain National Online Journalist, News Global News. A 'social sharing' amendment would protect parents or people close in age who share marijuana with teens. GETTY IMAGES

Article by Patrick Cain, Global News At least on paper, sharing a joint with a 17-year-old can bring a sentence of up to 14 years after legalization. But an amendment passed Monday by a Senate committee, which could make its way into the final law, carves out two major exceptions in which adults can share marijuana with minors. The change will protect: Someone 18 ...

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Resolve ONE Looking to Solve Two Questions

Lift & Co. lift expo toronto 2018 cannabis event nutrients conference

Written by Timins Toker for It’s hard for some of us to remember the first time we smoked, and even harder to recall the thoughts/concerns leading up to that moment. For most medical individuals approaching cannabis for the first time, there are two main questions on their mind: What to take? & How much? Resolve Digital Health set out ...

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What is CBD? The ‘Miracle’ Cannabis Compound That Doesn’t Get You High

What is CBD? The 'miracle' cannabis compound that doesn't get you high. ‘Many users believe CBD helps them relax ... and some believe regular doses help stave off Alzheimer’s and heart disease.’ Illustration: George Wylesol. The cannabis-derived chemical is non-psychoactive, and – while federally illegal – has been hailed as a cure for disease

Article by Alex Halperin, The Guardian In early May, a federal court declined to protect cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical produced by the cannabis plant, from federal law enforcement, despite widespread belief in its medical value. The ruling was contrary to existing evidence, which suggests the chemical is safe and could have multiple important uses as medicine. Many cannabis advocates consider it a miracle ...

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Conservative Senator Admits He’s Smoked Pot And Isn’t Excited About Crossing U.S. Border

Conservative Senator Admits He's Smoked Pot And Isn't Excited About Crossing U.S. Border "I have smoked marijuana when I was 18 years old." By Zi-Ann Lum. Conservative Sen. Don Plett asked Liberal MP Bill Blair to explain to a Senate committee on May 28, 2018 how the government can prepare Canadians for an expected spike in U.S. border agents asking travellers about their marijuana use.

Article by Zi-Ann Lum, Huffington Post Conservative Sen. Don Plett told a Senate committee Monday that he smoked marijuana 50 years ago and is now concerned he may be barred entry into the United States if a border agent asks. The Manitoba senator made the admission as the government’s pot czar, Liberal MP and former Toronto police chief Bill Blair, ...

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Senate Committee Supports Amending Cannabis Bill to Let Provinces Ban Homegrown Pot, Introduce Potency Limits

Senate committee supports amending cannabis bill to let provinces ban homegrown pot By JOAN BRYDEN. Quebec and Manitoba have decided to prohibit home cultivation of marijuana. (STEVE HELBER / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO)

Article by Joan Bryden, Toronto Star A Senate committee passed 40 amendments Monday to the federal government’s cannabis legalization bill, including one that would allow provinces and territories to ban homegrown marijuana. But the social affairs committee refused to accept a Conservative amendment that would have prohibited home cultivation outright. And it defeated another that would have indefinitely delayed implementation of the legislation until ...

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