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Mrs. Fudgemaker – Chocolate Review

mrs. fudgemaker chocolate review

Written by Gideon B, for Mrs. Fudgemaker Overview: With cannabis legalization looming on the horizon, and the phenomenon that is cannabis pop-up markets taking over Toronto, new cannabis edibles and brands keep popping up too! Often, many of these brands simply produce the same of what is already out there, whether it be candies or baked treats, of which ...

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U.S. Border Officials Might Already Know All About Your Cannabis Use

U.S. Border Officials Might Already Know All About Your Cannabis Use Records of your legal purchases or weed-related employment history may reach the border long before you do.

Article by Kyla Lee, Huffington Post Since the legalization of recreational cannabis, cross-border travel has been on the minds of many Canadians. The United States government still considers cannabis to be an illegal drug, and those who admit to using cannabis or working in the cannabis industry may be subject to a lifetime ban on entry into the United States. Right now, we ...

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Ottawa’s Plan to Recover Weed-Regulating Costs With Hefty Fees Catches Industry Off Guard

Sleeping Pill New Dose 20110225 Ottawa's plan to recover weed-regulating costs with hefty fees catches industry off guard By: Solomon Israel fees will cover costs borne by primarily by Health Canada. (Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press files) A sign is displayed in front of Health Canada headquarters in Ottawa on Friday, January 3, 2014. Sean Kilpatrick

Article by Solomon Israel, The Leaf News Ottawa has unveiled a new plan to cover the costs of regulating legal cannabis by having the industry foot the bill. “Cost recovery is based on the principle that the public should not bear the costs of government activities in cases where private parties derive the primary benefit,” says a federal consultation paper released Thursday afternoon. ...

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Ottawa Sought Advice From Kids to Help Pick Cannabis Warning Symbol

Ottawa sought advice from kids to help pick cannabis warning symbol Focus groups convened in 3 cities as part of research contract worth nearly $60K Rob Antle · CBC News

Article by Rob Antle, CBC News Health Canada tapped the opinions of children as young as five years old as it attempted to decide what warning symbol would work best in mandatory labelling of cannabis products when pot is legalized later this year. The purpose of the symbol is to “prevent accidental ingestion of products containing cannabis, in particular by ...

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The Hazy Boundaries of Canada’s Cannabis Advertising Restrictions

The Hazy Boundaries of Canada’s Cannabis Advertising Restrictions HARRISON JORDAN (AP)

Article by Harrison Jordan, Leafly Coming into force on October 17, Canada’s legislation to legalize cannabis contains provisions that ban endorsements and testimonials, as well as depictions of people, celebrities, and characters on cannabis packaging. But just how far do the provisions go? What will these restrictions mean for Canopy Growth’s line of Snoop Dogg-affiliated products, or the infamous appointment ...

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Translation is NOT a Strategy – A Look at the New Quebec Cannabis Market

Translation is NOT a Strategy - A Look at the New Quebec Cannabis Market

Article by Jenn Larry, High! Canada Jenn Larry is President of Montreal-based CBD Strategy Group – A Communications architecture, Brand strategy and Design thinking firm built to help cannabis businesses thrive inside the box of regulations. Over the past 18 years, Jenn has worked across several sectors including: Music, Online Gambling, Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Payments, Technology, and Consumer Packaged Goods. Her previous ...

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Canadian Should Think Twice Before Crossing the American Border


Article by Sarah Leamon, Cannabis Life Network Crossing the border may become much more difficult for a certain group of Canadians come October 17, 2018.  While cannabis-users have been gearing up for potential issues at the border for some time, it now appears that people working in the cannabis industry may also be affected – regardless of whether they use ...

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Disability Benefit Recipients Denied Medical Cannabis Coverage

Disability benefit recipients denied medical marijuana coverage 'I look at all the medications I've taken over the years, and they don't help like medical marijuana' Susan Burgess · CBC Bobbi Assoun, who relies on payments from the Ontario Disability Support Program, can't afford medical marijuana to treat her MS symptoms and wants the province to cover the cost. (Susan Burgess/CBC) Bobbi Assoun smokes marijuana to control pain from multiple sclerosis. She has a prescription, but isn't covered for the cost as a client of the Ontario Disability Support Program. She says that's driving her back to opioids, which do qualify for coverage. (Susan Burgess/CBC)

Article by Susan Burgess, CBC An Ottawa woman living with multiple sclerosis says the province’s refusal to cover the cost of medical marijuana is driving her to risk addiction to opiate painkillers. Bobbi Assoun, 47, has a doctor’s prescription and is federally licensed to use marijuana for MS-related pain. As a recipient of benefits through the Ontario Disability Support Program, her drug costs ...

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BRAUN: Nothing Dope About Legal Cannabis

BRAUN: Nothing dope about legal cannabis Liz Braun Jodi Emery’s new hemp-based coffee shop in Kensington Market (235 Augusta Ave.) onJuly 12, 2018. (Veronica Henri, Toronto Sun)

Article by Liz Braun, Toronto Sun Nothing is dope about legal marijuana. October brings so-called legal weed, and with it a minefield of new laws aimed at protecting a monopoly. Nobody — and that includes politicians, police officers and law makers — seems to know what will happen next. (Hint: rich get rich, poor get poorer). Who can sell dope once ...

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Is Terpene Infused Vape Liquid the Healthier Alternative?

terpene infused vape liquid healthier

Written by Jessica Smith for The debate over marijuana legalization is catching up faster across various countries. With an increasing number of places legalizing marijuana especially for medical purposes, the global use for the same is at its all-time high. Cannabis has been the topic of various medical studies and significant results reflecting it to have great healing and ...

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