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Will CBD and THC Have a Future Role in Fighting Viruses and Inflammation?

NEWS Will CBD and THC have a future role in fighting viruses and inflammation? ZBP1 not only seems to have a hand in helping the body fight viruses, but seems to offer positive effects on inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. By Kate-Madonna Hindes, The Fresh Toast “These are early days and we have a long way to go, but understanding the underlying mechanisms may one day lead to novel therapies for human diseases.” / Photo: SeventyFour / iStock / Getty Images Plus Cannabis has been researched for its ability to enhance the body’s immune system and relax inflammation. / Photo: peterschreiber.media / iStock / Getty Images Plus peterschreiber.media / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Kate-Madonna Hindes, The Fresh Toast via Growth Op Could marijuana and CBD be helped by a genomic parasite to decrease inflammation and viruses? Researchers at the CECAD Cluster of Excellence in Aging Research of the University of Cologne, the University of Texas Health Science Center and the Francis Crick Institute in London have made a significant discovery that ...

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This Study is Finding That Men and Women are Very Different When it Comes to Cannabis

NEWS This study is finding that men and women are very different when it comes to cannabis The intensity of weed cravings among heavy cannabis users may differ by sex By Angela Stelmakowich Researchers make crystal clear that both physical and behavioural measures must be considered.and more study is needed to reach any conclusions. / Photo: Talaj / iStock / Getty Images Plus FILE: A young woman lights a marijuana joint during a march for the legalization of cannabis in Santiago, on May 5, 2012, as part of the 2012 Global Marijuana March which is being held in hundreds of cities worldwide. / Photo: MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/GettyImages MARTIN BERNETTI / AFP/GettyImages

Article by Angela Stelmakowich, Growth Op If preliminary findings are confirmed, it looks like women who consume weed regularly get stronger hankerings for bud than their male counterparts, according to Technology Networks. And these more intense cravings may be associated with estrogen levels. “Researchers also found preliminary evidence that ovarian hormones may modulate this differential response and may be related to different levels of ...

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Cannabis Can Help Save the Bees: Cornell University

NEWS Cannabis can help save the bees: Cornell University A good buzz By David Yasvinski Plants that were two metres high or taller attracted almost 17 times the number of bees that their shorter neighbours did. In all, 16 different varieties of bees were found to be swarming the crop. ULRICH PERREY/DPA/AFP via Getty Images

Article by David Yasvinski, Growth Op Hemp might prove more useful to bees than humans, and that’s saying a lot. Researchers at Cornell University have discovered that the pollination powerhouses are attracted to hemp and the taller the plant, the bigger the party. Cannabis and hemp are two forms of the same plant. They may look alike, but their effects ...

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The Female Pioneers Of Cannabis Science

The Female Pioneers Of Cannabis Science

Article by Green Market Report Many scientists don’t have big public relations teams to promote their work or work at companies that employ marketing efforts to make their achievements known. Instead, they toil away in labs, most unrecognized for their hard work. Green Market Report is happy to give these women the accolades they deserve. Allyn Howlett, PhD, is a ...

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What’s the Ideal Age to Start Using Cannabis? Researchers From Newfoundland Say They Have the Answer

NEWS What's the ideal age to start using cannabis? Researchers from Newfoundland say they have the answer The legal minimum age to buy cannabis has been the subject of lively debate since legalization was first announced By Anisha Dhiman To determine who's doing it right and help others follow suit across the world, the study examined 40,000 Canadians aged between 21 and 65 years over the course of 12 months. Getty Images

Article by Anisha Dhiman, Growth Op Researchers say the minimum legal age to buy and consume recreational cannabis should be 19 years old. The findings were revealed on May 14 in a study conducted by a team from the Memorial University of Newfoundland. “What may be surprising is that several later life outcomes (mental health, general health, and cigarette smoking) from ...

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Pediatricians Seeing a Growing Demand for Medical Cannabis For Kids

Pediatricians seeing a growing demand for medical cannabis for kids Michelle Ward , Academic Pediatrician & Journalist , L'Universite d'Ottawa/University of Ottawa

Article by Michelle Ward, The Conversation Most Canadian pediatricians are shying away from medical cannabis for patients, knowing that it can hurt the developing brain and that there isn’t much research to guide them. But physicians say they are getting increasing requests for cannabis from parents, for a growing list of conditions. . Dr. Adam Rapoport, medical director of the ...

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Study: Patients Show Few Changes in Driving Performance Following Cannabis Inhalation

Study: Patients Show Few Changes in Driving Performance Following Marijuana Inhalation By NORML Patients who regularly use medical cannabis show little difference in their simulated driving performance following marijuana inhalation, according to data published in the April edition of the Journal of Concurrent Disorders.

Article by NORML via Yes! Weekly Patients who regularly use medical cannabis show little difference in their simulated driving performance following marijuana inhalation, according to data published in the April edition of the Journal of Concurrent Disorders. A team of investigators from the University of Toronto, Health Canada, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health assessed the influence of ...

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Cannabis Shows Promise Blocking Coronavirus Infection: Alberta Researcher

NewsLocal NewsCannabis MedicalCannabis Cannabis shows promise blocking coronavirus infection: Alberta researcher Author of the article:Bill Kaufmann University of Lethbridge researcher Igor Kovalchuk is leading a study on medical cannabis as a potential therapy for COVID-19. SUMMITED PHOTO

Article by Bill Kaufmann, Calgary Herald Cannabis extracts are showing potential in making people more resistant to the novel coronavirus, says an Alberta researcher leading a study. After sifting through 400 cannabis strains, researchers at the University of Lethbridge are concentrating on about a dozen that show promising results in ensuring less fertile ground for the potentially lethal virus to ...

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