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CAMH: Long-Term Cannabis Use Might Cause Higher Anxiety, Stress in Youths, Study Suggests

Toronto Long-term cannabis use might cause higher anxiety, stress in youths, study suggests Social Sharing CAMH study raises questions about common perception of cannabis as stress relief Stephanie Matteis · CBC News A slide showing the difference in the presence of the brain protein TPSO between a regular cannabis user and someone who doesn't use the drug. (CAMH)

Article by Stephanie Matteis, CBC News Long-term cannabis use could be elevating stress and anxiety levels in young adults, according to a new study by Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The study’s lead author, Dr. Romina Mizrahi, said the perception is so widespread that cannabis helps users cope with anxiety and stress that her team expected to see that in ...

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Here’s How Much Weed and Cocaine are Consumed in Toronto vs Other Cities

Here's How Much Weed and Cocaine are Consumed in Toronto vs Other Cities Scientists found a combined 450 grams of THC-COOH in wastewater across all 14 test sites per million people per week. Image via Statistics Canada.

Article by Lauren O’Neil, BlogTO Halifax likes cannabis, Edmonton prefers meth and Vancouverites are into morphine (… and coke, and also meth). This is what federal government scientists were able to determine through the results of a 12-month-long pilot project that tested municipal wastewater samples across five major Canadian cities for traces of at least a dozen different drugs. “Accurate measures ...

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Number of Pets Exposed to Cannabis on Rise: Vet Association

Number of pets exposed to cannabis on rise: vet association By: Solomon Israel Dr. Jonas Watson, local vet and president of the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association, poses with Lou the golden retriever in Winnipeg on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. Although there is a danger of accidental overdoses of cannabis with pets, there is also potential for therapeutic use. Winnipeg Free Press 2018.

Article by Solomon Israel, Leaf News New data suggest pet poisonings from cannabis are on the rise, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association says. The Pet Poison Helpline, a U.S.-based animal poison control centre that also serves Canadian pet owners and veterinarians, tracked 179 cases of pets being exposed to cannabis in Canada between the start of 2016 and June 30, 2019. ...

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UNB Researcher Receives Grant to Explore Medical Potential of Cannabis


Article by Cannabis Life Network A biochemist at the University of New Brunswick says the legalization of recreational cannabis has opened the door for scientists to find medical potential of cannabis. Yang Qu says: Cannabis is rapidly being transformed from an underground species into an industrial crop that awaits medical and agricultural development. “In the past the major driving force of the breeding was to get a ...

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Zero-Tolerance Workplace Cannabis Policies Common, Survey Finds

Zero-tolerance workplace cannabis policies common, survey finds Safety-sensitive employers more likely to take a zero-tolerance approach, says Conference Board of Canada By: Solomon Israel Doctors make big money testing urine for drugs, then ignore abnormal results A thousand or more cups of urine arrive most nights by express mail to Comprehensive Pain Specialists clinics. The samples are tested for narcotics and other drugs, both legal and illegal. (Heidi de Marco/Kaiser Health News/TNS) HEIDI DE MARCO / KAISER HEALTH NEWS / TNS According to Alison McMahon, CEO of Cannabis at Work, in practice, workplace drug testing for cannabis isn't truly "zero-tolerance," but typically measures levels of cannabis-derived chemical compounds in a worker's urine or saliva against a "cutoff limit."

Article by Solomon Israel, Leaf News Zero-tolerance policies towards employee cannabis use have been instituted by 40 per cent of Canadian employers surveyed for a recent Conference Board of Canada report. The survey didn’t explicitly define “zero-tolerance,” meaning the term could have been open to respondents’ interpretations, said Conference Board senior researcher Monica Haberl. But the think-tank’s report defined zero-tolerance workplace cannabis policies as those ...

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Toronto Company Develops DNA Test Kits That Will Basically Ensure You Never Have a Bad Cannabis Trip

HEALTH Toronto company develops DNA test kits that will basically ensure you never have a bad cannabis trip Now you can figure out how pot affects you before even trying it By Anisha Dhiman The four-inch cube used to process the test kits at Lobo Genetics. John Lem, CEO of Lobo Genetics. The company was founded in 2018 and later that year announced the addition of Charles Sousa, former Ontario finance minister, to the board.

Article by Anisha Dhiman, Growth Op Even though some may consider having a bad trip as normal, wouldn’t it be amazing if a person could learn how cannabis affects them before they even tried it? No more anxiety attacks, paranoia, bodily discomfort… a world without bad cannabis trips. Lobo Genetics, a Toronto-based healthcare technology company, claims it has the answer: DNA testing. The ...

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Cannabis Use Highest in Halifax, While Edmonton had Highest Use of Meth, Wastewater Samples Show

British Columbia Cannabis use highest in Halifax, while Edmonton had highest use of meth, wastewater samples show Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn StatsCan reported its findings from 12-month pilot project beginning in March 2018 Bridgette Watson · CBC News This infographic shows the cannabis metabolite load per capita by city for March 2018 to February 2019. (Statistics Canada)

Article by Bridgette Watson, CBC News Wastewater samples collected from across the country have given the federal government a better indication of what drugs are being used in Canadian cities, suggesting the highest consumption of cannabis is in Halifax while the highest use of methamphetamine was in Edmonton. Statistics Canada has reported its findings from a 12-month pilot project beginning in March 2018 that involved collecting ...

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Medical Cannabis For Children Slowly Being Recognized

PARENTINGOPINION Medical marijuana for children slowly being recognized By Brandie Weikle Contributing Columnist

Article by Brandie Weikle, Toronto Star When Alexander Repetski’s daughter Gwen was born seven years ago, she was “extraordinarily healthy.” But by the time she was 18 months old, doctors were telling Alex and his wife to buy a wheelchair accessible van. Gwen was in a near vegetative state caused by a condition called refractory intractable epilepsy, a form of ...

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Canada’s Cannabis Use Rate Holds Steady

Canada's cannabis use rate holds steady New Statistics Canada data highlights differences in how men, women use drug By: Solomon Israel According to Statistics Canada, 16 per cent of Canadians over the age of 15 reported using cannabis in the second quarter of 2019.

Article by Solomon Israel, Leaf News Sixteen per cent of Canadians used cannabis in the second quarter of 2019, according to Statistics Canada — a figure unchanged from pre-legalization usage in the same period of 2018, but slightly lower than the 18 per cent rate tracked in the first quarter of this year. The latest National Cannabis Survey measured cannabis use among those aged 15 ...

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Six Months in, Provinces With Private Cannabis Sales Offer Better Access to Legal Cannabis

Six months in, provinces with private cannabis sales offer better access to legal cannabis Canadian jurisdictions with private cannabis stores, like Manitoba, had more cannabis stores per capita six months after legalization than jurisdictions with government-operated cannabis stores only. (Mikaela MacKenzie/Winnipeg Free Press)

Article by Leaf News New research tracking legal cannabis stores in Canada illustrates how two of the federal government’s key legalization objectives — protecting public health and eliminating the black market for cannabis — might sometimes be at odds. The paper was written by a group of Ottawa physicians, and published in the journal CMAJ Open. The researchers examined the differences ...

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