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Bill Blair Announces $24.5 Million in Funding for Cannabis Research

CANNABIS Bill Blair announces $24.5 million in funding for cannabis research The federal point man on legalization announced a swell in funding on Wednesday by Piper Courtenay Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Bill Blair says the funding will make Canada an international leader in cannabis research.

Article by Piper Courtenay, Georgia Straight  On Wednesday (May 22), Canada’s point man on legalization Bill Blair met with researchers at the University of Calgary to announce a swell in funding for cannabis research. The minister of organized crime reduction and former Toronto police chief says $24.5 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research is allotted to studying cannabis ...

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Handling the High: Can a Genetic Test Make Cannabis Consumption Safer?

Handling the high: Can a genetic test make cannabis consumption safer? Through a simple cheek swab, the company hopes to educate consumers about safe consumption. (Lobo Genetics) A man smokes a marijuana joint at a party celebrating weed in this April 2016 file photo. A Toronto-based healthcare technology company, has developed a test to help consumers understand their genetic sensitivity to THC, in an effort to educate consumers about safe consumption. (Elaine Thompson)

Article by Nicole Bogart, CTV News Cannabis users experience their high in many different ways, from a sleepy kind of mellowness, to anxious paranoia. But it turns out how users handle the high isn’t entirely dependent on the strain or strength of the marijuana—genetics may also be a factor. Toronto-based healthcare technology company Lobo Genetics has developed a test to help consumers understand ...

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StatsCan: Over Half a Million Canadians Use Cannabis at Work

StatsCan: Over Half a Million Canadians Use Cannabis at Work JACK CHOROS The Cannabiz Agency iStock

Article by Jack Choros, Leafly News Statistics Canada’s most recent National Cannabis Survey estimates 514,000 Canadians are using cannabis before or during work. While age and gender don’t play a factor in terms of increasing the likelihood of consumption on the job, frequency of cannabis use does. Of cannabis consumers who use cannabis daily or almost daily, 27% of survey respondents say ...

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Survey Suggests Canadians More Uncertain About Cannabis in Wake of Legalization’s Failures

Survey Suggests Canadians More Uncertain About Cannabis in Wake of Legalization's Failures A woman smokes a marijuana joint at a legalized marijuana event in Toronto on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. A new survey suggests Canadians have become less accepting of recreational cannabis since legalization two years ago. Christopher Katsarov

Article by Times Colonist A new survey suggests Canadians have become less accepting of recreational cannabis since 2017, despite legalization last October. Researchers at Dalhousie University say they’re surprised by the findings, which also suggests a high degree of stigma persists. While the majority of Canadians still support legalization, the research suggests support has dropped to 50.1 per cent from ...

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Does Cannabis Make You Mellow or Manic? A New Genetic Test May Explain Why

Toronto Does cannabis make you mellow or manic? A new genetic test may explain why Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn Genes reveal your risk of psychosis when taking THC, Toronto company says Natalie Nanowski · CBC News John Lem, CEO of Lobo Genetics, holds a cheek swab and the cube the company uses to test a person's DNA for three specific genes. (Martin Trainor/CBC NEWS ) Results from a Lobo Genetics test show an increased, or intermediate risk, of short-term psychotic symptoms from THC. (Natalie Nanowski/CBC)

Article by Natalie Nanowski, CBC News About a year ago, the head of a cannabis company approached genetic technology expert John Lem with a problem; why did he have an adverse reaction from pot when everyone else who had smoked the same joint  seemed fine? So Lem set out to find whether there was a genetic explanation for the different ways people react to THC, ...

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Cannabis Sprays Explored: Toxic Sludge and Sulfuric Acid


Article by Travis Cesarone, Cannabis Life Network The quality of Canada’s legal strains always seems so incredibly poor. The reality is, harsh smoke emanates from cannabis after it has been dosed in different chemicals and chemical sprays. Legal producers often ensure no pests, mites, or mold grows on their crop by using pesticide shortcuts. Substances are left behind that are almost worse than ...

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Illuminating the Lighting Situation in Indoor Marijuana Grows

Article by Bart Schaneman, Marijuana Business Daily Marijuana grown indoors obviously needs water and nutrients to grow and thrive, but it’s imperative that growers also ensure plants are getting the proper amount of light. Providing cannabis with optimum light enables plants to conduct photosynthesis efficiently and produce healthy, robust flower. Cultivators can get a leg up in this area by ...

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Twice as Many Canadians are Trying Cannabis for the First Time Since it was Legalized

Twice as many Canadians are trying marijuana for the first time since it was legalized Isobel Asher Hamilton Canada legalised weed in October 2018. 613rd420th/Shutterstock Twice as many Canadians are trying pot compared to this time last year, according to a report from Canada's national statistics agency. Canada legalized recreational marijuana in October 2018. A large proportion of these first-time users are aged 45 or older.

Article by Isobel Asher Hamilton, Business Insider A report from Canada’s national statistics agency published Thursday suggests that Canadians are embracing the country’s recent legalization of marijuana. Canada legalized the drug for recreational use in October 2018, becoming the first country in the G7 to do so. In the first three months of 2019, 646,000 Canadians reported trying pot for the first time. ...

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Did Canadians Flock to Cannabis After Legalization? A Survey Finds Reefer Mildness

How often Canadians report using marijuana in the past 12 months Did Canadians flock to cannabis after legalization? A survey finds reefer mildness Large new poll of usage and attitudes by Pollara finds 3 per cent of Canadians tried cannabis for the first time since legalization. NEWS 03:04 PM by Joseph Hall Toronto Star

Article by Joseph Hall, Toronto Star via Hamilton Spectator Open cannabis laws did not spark a feared bout of reefer madness in Canada. Indeed, consumption spikes since July 2018 (after passage of the Cannabis Act) were more like marijuana molehills, according to a large new survey of pot usage and attitudes across the country. Despite concerns that cannabis use might skyrocket, the ...

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The Boomer Weed Rush is Real: Older Canadians Leading Country-Wide Increase in Use

The boomer weed rush is real: Older Canadians leading country-wide increase in use Youth weed use still leads by far, but more and more older Canadians are coming back to or trying cannabis for the first time in 2019 CHRISTIAN PAAS-LANG Of roughly 646,000 Canadians to try cannabis in 2019, 332,000 were 45 or older, data from the self-reported survey run by Statistics Canada shows. RON WURZER/GETTY IMAGES

Article by Christian Paas-Lang, Montreal Gazette Half of all new users of cannabis in the first quarter of 2019 were aged 45 or older, showing boomers are increasingly flocking to legalized weed. Of roughly 646,000 Canadians to try cannabis in 2019, 332,000 were 45 or older, data from the self-reported survey run by Statistics Canada shows. That brings that demographic’s ...

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