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How to Grow Cannabis Indoors

NEWS How to grow cannabis indoors For those apprehensive to leave the confines of their home, here's an easy guide By Anisha Dhiman Whether it's the balcony or the corner of a room, be mindful of the location. Getty Images Check out cannabis seeds as offered on the legal provincial website. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Anisha Dhiman, Growth Op Although cannabis is a popular choice of those prepping for isolation, some would prefer to keep our interactions with humans to the barest of minimums to prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19. In Canada, we’re lucky enough to be able to grow up to four plants legally at home, and spring is the time to pop ...

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Why are Sannabis and Liquor Stores Considered Essential Services During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

A person walks past an LCBO in Ottawa, on March 19, 2020. Several health experts have said the Ontario government’s decision to keep liquor stores open during the coronavirus outbreak will prevent harm. FREE DIGITAL ACCESS Why are cannabis and liquor stores considered essential services during the COVID-19 outbreak? Omar Mosleh By Omar Mosleh

Article by Omar Mosleh, Toronto Star For many Canadians, a glass of beer or wine or a toke of cannabis is a welcome relief at the end of a stressful day — but are they essential services? On Monday, the Government of Ontario released its list of essential workplaces that can continue to operate during the COVID-19 outbreak. The list included liquor stores, ...

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Could CBD Reduce Coronavirus Symptoms? This Toronto Company is Ready to Put Those Claims to the Test

NEWS Could CBD reduce coronavirus symptoms? This Toronto company is ready to put those claims to the test "We have made it very clear to the leadership at Health Canada that we are more than committed to this and we are more than prepared to execute it from a medical technology standpoint." By Sam RichesMarch 26, 2020 0 Comments

Article by Sam Riches, Growth Op Toronto-based Cannalogue, an e-commerce medical cannabis platform, has submitted an application to Health Canada to study the impact of cannabis on coronavirus. They believe compounds in the plant may be able to reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Dr. Mohan Cooray, the CEO of Cannalogue and a gastroenterologist at the Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto, says ...

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Ian Campeau’s Pandemic Plans? Grow a Bunch of Cannabis

CULTURE Ian Campeau's pandemic plans? Grow a bunch of cannabis "Anyone can get access to seeds, dirt and water," says the cannabis and Indigenous rights activist. "That’s all it takes to get started." By Sarah Hanlon, POT CULTURE Ian Campeau, left, and Sarah Hanlon. Photo: provided

Article by Sarah Hanlon, Growth Op Spring is here, and while COVID-19 is keeping us from doing some of our favourite activities, there are a few things that we can still do – like at-home gardening! And since growing four cannabis plants per home is legal in Canada, maybe this year will be your year to flex your green thumb. ...

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Cannabis is Not Always the Best Medicine

Cannabis is not always the best medicine Peter Jackson Reuters Memorial University school of pharmacy dean says many uses for medical marijuana are not backed by quality research A A We're providing all local COVID-19 related stories to you for free so you have access to important information. Jeff Piercey, shown outside his St. John’s home earlier this month, has been self-medicating with cannabis for six years to treat chronic back pain. - Joe Gibbons/The Telegram Third-year MUN Pharmacy students Rebecca Bishop (left) and Stephanie Tracey organized an information session on the health benefits and dangers of cannabis earlier this month at the Health Sciences Centre in St. John's. - Joe Gibbons/The Telegram Chronic pain

Article by Peter Jackson, Chronicle Herald Now that everyone can get their ganja legally, pharmacists hope the quality of research on its medical benefits will improve. Because right now, it’s about as useful as a matchbox full of marijuana stalks. “I think the advantage of legalization is that it allows us to do the trials that we should have done ...

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Highest THC strains: What are the strongest strains in 2018?

Highest THC strains: What are the strongest strains in 2018? The numbers that cannabis growers were getting in the earlier days were mostly limited to 10 percent THC ALEX TRPKOVICH, GREENCAMP.COM Updated: March 21, 2020 High-THC-hybrid-bud Company committed to quality through the development and stabilization of disease-free and pest-resistant cannabis cultivars ROSCHETZKYISTOCKPHOTO / ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS SHARE ADJUST COMMENT PRINT High-THC strains have always been in demand, but especially so after the Cannabis Cup events pitted U.S. growers against each other, making it into a genuine, bona fide competition with machines doing the measuring. At first, the Cannabis Cup was a relatively small competition in Amsterdam started in 1988, and was held there each November up until 2015. At that time, cannabis legalization started picking

Article by Alex Trpkovich, Greencamp via London Free Press High-THC strains have always been in demand, but especially so after the Cannabis Cup events pitted U.S. growers against each other, making it into a genuine, bona fide competition with machines doing the measuring. At first, the Cannabis Cup was a relatively small competition in Amsterdam started in 1988, and was held ...

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How Robots Could Save the Cannabis Industry in the Midst of Coronavirus

NEWS How robots could save the cannabis industry in the midst of coronavirus “Many companies are ahead of the curve right now, they already have automation, but the ones that are kind of sitting on the fence right now, they're the ones that could be hardest hit by this." By Sam Riches

Article by Sam Riches, Growth Op Coronavirus has not yet peaked in North America. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US infectious diseases chief, didn’t mince words last week when asked if a return to normalcy might be on the horizon. “It’s certainly going to get worse before it gets better,” he said, while urging people to embrace social distancing as a mitigation ...

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Doctors in Canada, U.S. Turn to Technology to Prescribe Cannabis From a Distance

NEWS Doctors in Canada, U.S. turn to technology to prescribe weed from a distance “Do we want them coming to the office? No. We want to limit that exposure.” By David Yasvinski The service helps doctors ease the burden on the country’s health care system by re-filling prescriptions and offering treatment without adding to the chaos that is expected to visit hospitals in the coming weeks. / Photo: cyano66 / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by David Yasvinski, Growth Op The coronavirus has doctors on both sides of the border phoning it in. Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced Saturday that patients can now use video and phone services to consult with doctors, an isolation-friendly measure the agency has been reluctant to implement in the past. “If this becomes a widespread community ...

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How to Make Your Cannabis Last Longer

NEWS How to make your cannabis last longer "It's a good time to turn [cannabis] into some edibles," says educator Tabitha Fritz. "What else do you have to do today?" By Sam Riches

Article by Sam Riches, Growth Op While Canadians are stockpiling cannabis and practicing social distancing, now is as good of a time as ever to get creative with your stash. As a respiratory illness spreads, you could also consider a tolerance break. As the Ontario Cannabis Store posted earlier this week, if you’re feeling any irritation in your nose, throat, or lungs: Skip the ...

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Comedian Bill Maher Says the Coronavirus Means No More Sharing Joints With Friends

NEWS Comedian Bill Maher says the coronavirus means no more sharing joints with friends “Every time I cough I’m like, is that the weed or the virus?” By David Yasvinski BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 07: Master of ceremonies Bill Maher speaks onstage during the 6th Annual Sean Penn & Friends HAITI RISING Gala Benefiting J/P Haitian Relief Organizationat Montage Hotel on January 7, 2017 in Beverly Hills, Calif. Michael Kovac/Getty Images for J/P Haitian Relief Organization

Article by David Yasvinski, Growth Op Won’t somebody please think of the potheads? Comedian Bill Maher spared a few thoughts for cannabis enthusiasts on Friday’s episode of his show before announcing it was heading into hiatus as coronavirus fears continued to sweep the country. The host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher — or “F–king Ridiculous with Bill Maher” as he ...

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