Deezy Organix – Deezy Gummies Review

deezy organix infused gummies thc weed

Written by Toronto Toker for Deezy Organix Overview: Deezy Organix is a craft cannabis grower and edible producer. He has been working with cannabis for 7 years where is has refined his recipes, expanded the products he carries and branded them for the Toronto market. Accessing Deezy Organix: Deezy Organix makes his rounds to the various cannabis markets around the ...

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Ziggy Budz – Black Cherry OG & Rugburn OG Review

ziggy budz buds runburn go black cherry og weed

Written by Toronto Toker for Ziggy Budz Overview: Ziggy Budz is an Ontario cannabis vendor that is at a number of markets. The buds are grown in ACMPR gardens in BC and retail for the great price of $20 for a half-quarter, eighth or 3.5 grams, whatever you prefer to call it. Accessing Ziggy Budz: Ziggy Budz is a new ...

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Big Dan the Munchies Man – Nutella Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie 200mg Review

Big Dan the Munchies Man edibles infused thc

Written by Toronto Toker for Big Dan the Munchies Man Overview: Big Dan the Munchies Man is a small craft cannabis edible company. This company was started in the summer of 2018 and has been at many of the subsequent markets. Their products are handmade incorporating high quality ingredients and cannabis to create tasty edibles. Accessing Big Dan the Munchies ...

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Left Coast Gummy Co. – Infused Diamonds Review

left coast gummy co thc infused gummy diamonds

Written by Toronto Toker for Left Coast Gummy Co. Overview: Left Coast Gummy Co. is a new edible company started in May 2018 that has exploded into the cannabis community. Creating one beautifully packaged product that is easily identifiable and tastes, great made them in hot demand. Left Coast Gummy Co. was founded in BC and since then branched out ...

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Purple Krown Canna Co. – “Banana Cake” Choco-Budz Review

choco-budz infused weed chocolate edible koko nugs nugz chcoc-buds chcoc budz buds

Written by Toronto Toker for Purple Krown Canna Co. Overview: Purple Krown Canna Co. is an infused edible company best known for their Choco-Budz. The Choco-Budz are Clodhopper style treats incorporating cannabis colours. The end product looks surprisingly similar to cannabis and took 2nd place edible at the 2018 Karma Cup. Purple Krown also makes cannabis infused gummy bears, which ...

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House of Shambala – Gold OG Kush Vape Pen Review

house of shambala cannabis vape pens thc cbd toronto cannabis weed

Written by Toronto Toker for House of Shambala Overview: House of Shambala is a team of medical cannabis growers who have experimented with lots of method of consuming their cannabinoids. As a daily medical patient I have noticed using the same method of ingestion, will have reduced effect over time. It’s important to have different options available for how you’re ...

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TVape – Utillian 721 Vape Review

tvape toronto vaporizer vapourizer vape

Written by Toronto Toker for TVape Overview: TVape also known at Toronto Vaporizer has been selling vaporizers for over six years. Over those years they have built a dedicated following through offering high quality vaporizers with great company branding. TVape has been a prominent vendor at, at least last two Lift Expo’s, hosting a vape lounge where medical patients could ...

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Mary J Munchies – 200mg Medi-Shakes Review

mary j munchies medi-shake milkshake infused cannabis thc weed

Written by Gideon B, for Mary J Munchies Overview: The first time I came across Mary J Munchies was through the increasingly popular cannabis pop-up markets in Toronto. At the time, they were focusing on mostly brownies and cookies, but today they offer a wide range of edible goodies to choose from. Accessing Mary J Munchies: Mary J Munchies ...

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Half Baked Extracts – Jolly Rancher Mix Pack Review

half baked extracts infused gummies edibles thc weed cannabis

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Half Baked Extracts Overview: Half Baked Extracts is, as the name suggests, an extract company that produces shatter and honey oil. Half Baked Edibles uses these concentrates to infuse their in-house edibles. They have been a company for almost a year now and have some excellent prices that are worth checking out. Accessing Half Baked ...

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King Palm – Slim Roll Review

king palm rolls roll cordia corn husk cornhusk cannabis weed

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for King Palm Overview: King Palm is a natural, hand-rolled cone that is distributed across the United States. The product is natural meaning the leaves were not grown with toxic fertilizers, and were not treated with pesticides, preservatives or any artificial chemicals. The filter is made from corn husks, and the wrapper is a Cordia (Borage ...

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