Herbivores Edibles – Dong Kong Video Review

Herbivores Edibles

Review by Michael Kushbury, for Herbivores Edibles Overview: Herbivores is a division of Exotica Farms, a well known collective from Ontario. I met them at The 710 Cup 2017 and was very impressed with the selection of edibles they had on hand. Accessing Herbivores Edibles: As mentioned above, I discovered Herbivores at The 710 Cup and they are known ...

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RastaRozion – Baba Ganoush Rosin Review

Baba Ganoush RastaRozion Rasta Rozion Rosin

Review by Toronto Toker for RastaRozion Overview: RastaRozion is a Canadian rosin company based out of Toronto. The company is run by two Rastafarian’s, who have a combined over 40 years of cannabis experience. RastaRozion was started in February of 2017, and seeks to bring the highest quality rosin to the Toronto market. Accessing RastaRozion: Unfortunately RastaRozion’s products currently ...

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Sofa King Good Bakery – Maple Bacon Cupcake Video Review

Sofa King Good Bakery Infused thc edible bcd weed cannabis marijuana

Review by Michael Kushbury, for Sofa King Good Bakery Overview: Sofa King Good Bakery is a Toronto based edibles company. The company was started to provide medical patients lab tested edibles with quality they can trust but have expanded to include the recreational side of the industry as well. Sofa King Good Bakery recently won their first award through ...

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RAWZN – Pink Panther Rosin Review

RAWZN Rosin pressing concentrate solventless dabs

Written by Gideon B, for RAWZN Overview: RAWZN is a small Toronto-based group of rosin makers that specialize in creating small-batch, high quality, solvent-free rosin from only highly-prized and boutique cannabis strains. Always striving for a purer, stronger, and more terpene-rich rosin, the RAWZN team are constantly researching and educating themselves on new practices and techniques from some of ...

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Sweet Treats – Chocolate Brownie & Glazed Doughnut Review

sweet treats logo infused cannabis edibles glo

Written by Gideon B, for Sweet Treats Overview: Sweet Treats is a local Toronto brand of homemade infused desserts, specializing in a variety of gourmet style cakes and treats. All Sweet Treats products are baked by Glo, exclusive baker for C.A.L.M., one of the oldest medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada, helping thousands of Canadians with her edibles. Just by looking ...

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The Canna Chocolatier – Creamy Caramel & Salted Pretzel Bits Review

Shattered Sweet Mr. Sweets The Canna Chocolatier thc infused weed distillate cannabis marijuana chocolate

Written by Toronto Toker for Update: Shattered Sweets is now offered under the name The Canna Chocolatier in Toronto. Our apologies for the inconsistent branding through the review. The Canna Chocolatier Overview: The Canna Chocolatier is an artisanal chocolate company that makes cannabis (THC distillate) infused chocolates. A professional chocolatier makes all of The Canna Chocolatier’s products and each treat is individually dosed by ...

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Blessed Edibles– Blessed Booch 40mg THC Review

Blessed Edibles Booch Kamboucha thc infused

Written by Toronto Toker for Blessed Edibles Overview: Blessed Edibles is an edible company that creates cannabis infused products, made with athletes in mind. Blessed Edibles has been infusing edibles for a number of years, and as a result has multiple options on their menu, all healthy.  Accessing Blessed Edibles: Blessed Edibles used to have their products in dispensaries across ...

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Dragon Elixir – Femme Review

Dragon Elixir Femme THC Alcohol cannabis weed marijuana infused edible medible edibles medibles

Written by Maryjane Backwoods, for Dragon Elixir Overview: Did you know that until cannabis was banned in 1937 cannabis tincture was the primary method of cannabis consumption? The Dragon Elixir tinctures have been available for over a year now and to my delight, recently came out with a new tincture specifically for women called “Femme”.  The best way to ...

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IncrEdibles – Pot Sauce Video Review

IncrEdibles - Pot Sauce Video Review

Written by Toronto Toker for   IncrEdibles Overview: IncrEdibles is a Toronto based compassionate, medible producer that works with professional chiefs and bakers to create some amazing tasting, unique edibles. IncrEdibles is a new company, started less than a year ago, and continues to expand their product line, which now contains everything from jam to ice cream and even ...

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Dovercourt Park Bakery – Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Video Review

Dovercourt Park Bakery

Written by Toronto Toker for Dovercourt Park Bakery Overview: I was really satisfied with the experience from the P.B. Cup Cookie of Dovercourt Park Bakery. The product smelt and tasted wonderful with only trace flavours of cannabis that hide in the background. The effect of 50 mg of kief were relaxing and not overpowering. The effects were split 50/50 ...

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