Eco Four Twenty Air Filter REVIEW!

Eco Four Twenty Air Filter REVIEW!

Article by Highlife Media With all the new cannabis products coming out in this wave of cannabis legalization, today we get the opportunity to review a cannabis accessory that we’ve seen popping up in some local head shops and caught our attention with its sleek design and application. . Whether you’re trying to hide your toking habit from a judgy ...

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Home Grown Cannabis Reviews: Jack Herer by Squid Pants

Home Grown Cannabis Reviews>Jack Herer by Squid Pants

Article by Pancakenap Today we look at Jack Herer, a home grown version. This Jack Herer was grown indoors, in soil, by Squid Pants. You can check out his instagram for pictures of this grow and his upcoming projects. This is the 4th look at flower grown by Squid Pants, big thanks to him for sending it in. Check back to my previous ...

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Karma Cup 2019 Weekend Wrap Up

Karma Cup 2019 toronto weekend

Karma Cup held their 6th annual cannabis event at 412 Church St., September 7th & 8th with great weather and amazing turn out. Karma Cup rented a parking lot and filling it with vendors, 7 Acres smoking lounge, rest spaces and a stage for announcements with a DJ. As soon as the doors opened the first day, it was packing ...

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Home Grown Cannabis Review: Pure Kush by Squid Pants

Home Grown Cannabis Reviews>Pure Kush by Squid Pants pancakenap

Article by Pancakenap Hey everyone, doing a home grown review today. We’re looking at a Pure Kush by Green House Seeds. One of the best parts about writing this site is the community feedback. I get to meet a ton of cool people, some have given me helpful hints and corrections to scientific nomenclature (which I really appreciate). One of ...

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Oceania Labs LLC. – Piece Water Review

Oceania Labs LLC. – Piece Water Review bong water natural

Written by Toronto Toker for Piece Water Overview: Piece Water is a specially designed, all-natural product to replace your bong water to help keep your piece clean. The company was started in 2016 and over time word spread to where now the product is available to be shipped worldwide. Accessing Piece Water: Piece Water is carried in a number of ...

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Eat Your Green – Mac and Cheese Review

eat your greens eatyourgreens make your own edibles cannabis thc cbd

Written by Toronto Toker for Eat Your Green Overview: Eat Your Green started their company in April 2018 to give patients a way to easily infusing their cannabis into food. On their website they have the steps laid out for you to follow for a successful infusion at home with your products, as no cannabis is included. Accessing Eat Your ...

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House of Shambala – Wizard Premium Pre Rolled Joint Review

house of shambala wizard premium pre rolled joint grand wizard thc kief hash oil bud

Written by Toronto Toker for House of Shambala Overview: House of Shambala is an ACMPR company that has been operating in the GTA for many years, providing medical patients with oil that they can dab and cook with. Over time they have expanded their products and refined their processes. House of Shambala took their top products and combined them in ...

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Mary’s Brew – Apple Cider, Chai and Ginger & Green Tea

mary's brew mary's tea dragons den cannabis tea thc cbd

Written by Gideon B, for Mary’s Brew Overview: Mary’s Wellness has been specializing in THC and CBD infused teas since 2015 and recently featured on the TV show, Dragon’s Den, successfully gaining a business deal with one of the “Dragons”. Mary’s Brews Pricing & Selection: Mary’s Brews come in a variety of flavours and blends, from your typical variety of ...

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EarlDabsLabs – Sour Gummies Review

earldabslabs earl dabs labs extracts edible sour gummies gummiess

Written by Toronto Toker for EarlDabsLabs Overview: EarlDabsLabs is a company run by a long time medical grower and patient who produce their products in house or partner with a third party. Starting in 2006, company owner Chris, started experimenting with making cannabis extracts. Over time he has refined his process for the specific strains they work with to get ...

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House of Shambala – 50mg THC Sweets Review

house of shambala edibles thc

Written by Toronto Toker for House of Shambala Overview: House of Shambala is an ACMPR craft cannabis grower whose products we are familiar with, but this is their first edible for us to review. Since we first met House of Shambala he provided activated cannabis oil to patient to infuse their own foods, so I was eager to try out ...

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