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White Label Co. – Coconut Brownie Pop Video Review

White label co. coconut brownie pop weed infused

Review by Michael Kushbury, for White Label Co. Overview: White Label Co. is an edible company that operates as a patient collective. With each edible bosting “1g of kush” or more, I was super curious to try them out! Their flagship product is gourmet “brownie pops” that are covered in all manner of decadence. I went with the coconut ...

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Shattered Sweets – 100mg Dark Chocolate Truffle with Salted Caramel Ganache Review

Shattered Sweets – 100mg Dark Chocolate Truffle with Salted Caramel Ganache Review

Review by Brook, for  Shattered Sweets Overview: Shattered Sweets delivers high quality artisanal chocolates with a THC distillate punch. I tried a 100mg Dark Chocolate Truffle with Salted Caramel Ganache. It gave strong physical and mental effects with minimal weedy flavour.   Accessing Shattered Sweets: Shattered Sweets can be found at the Green Market events and can easily be ...

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WhitePalm – Gorilla Glue #4 Review

White Palm WhitePalm Gorilla Glue #4 GG#4 microcannabis

Review by Toronto Toker for WhitePalm Overview: WhitePalm is an online dispensary that retails high quality cannabis to Canadian citizens who are 19+. WhitePalm only sources products from growers and brands that produce consistently high quality products. Accessing WhitePalm: WhitePalm is based out of British Columbia, with Canada wide postal delivery available. This is a great way to access ...

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Sweet Tooth Canada – Cereal Bars Video Review

sweet tooth canada edibles cereal bars theca

Review by Michael Kushbury, for Sweet Tooth Canada Overview: Sweet Tooth Canada is a very new edible company operating out of Toronto. The owner first started making edibles for a family member with stage four cancer and the community expanded from there. They specialize in a variety of cereal bars but also offer other baked goods like sugar cookies. ...

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Canada Concentrates – ATF Flavoured Distillate Review

canada concentrates alaskan thunder fuck atf flavoured distillate thc

Review written by Mike LaLone, for Canada Concentrates Overview: Canada Concentrates is an Ontario based cannabis extraction company, who’s main operations are within the GTA. Officially starting in 2015 and launching into the market in 2016, the team has worked together for the last 4 years. There main goal since then has been to provide safe, high quality and ...

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Herbivores Edibles – Dong Kong Video Review

Herbivores Edibles

Review by Michael Kushbury, for Herbivores Edibles Overview: Herbivores is a division of Exotica Farms, a well known collective from Ontario. I met them at The 710 Cup 2017 and was very impressed with the selection of edibles they had on hand. Accessing Herbivores Edibles: As mentioned above, I discovered Herbivores at The 710 Cup and they are known ...

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RastaRozion – Baba Ganoush Rosin Review

Baba Ganoush RastaRozion Rasta Rozion Rosin

Review by Toronto Toker for RastaRozion Overview: RastaRozion is a Canadian rosin company based out of Toronto. The company is run by two Rastafarian’s, who have a combined over 40 years of cannabis experience. RastaRozion was started in February of 2017, and seeks to bring the highest quality rosin to the Toronto market. Accessing RastaRozion: Unfortunately RastaRozion’s products currently ...

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RastaRozion – OG Kush Rosin Review

RastaRosion Premium solventless extracts og kush rosin

Review by Toronto Toker for RastaRozion Overview: RastaRozion is a Toronto based rosin company that is dedicated to pressing only top quality cannabis buds, grown by some of the best growers in Canada. The company, RastaRozion, was started in February of 2017 to bring high quality solvent-less products to the Toronto cannabis market. Accessing RastaRozion: Currently RastaRozion’s rosin is ...

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Sofa King Good Bakery – Maple Bacon Cupcake Video Review

Sofa King Good Bakery Infused thc edible bcd weed cannabis marijuana

Review by Michael Kushbury, for Sofa King Good Bakery Overview: Sofa King Good Bakery is a Toronto based edibles company. The company was started to provide medical patients lab tested edibles with quality they can trust but have expanded to include the recreational side of the industry as well. Sofa King Good Bakery recently won their first award through ...

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RAWZN – Pink Panther Rosin Review

RAWZN Rosin pressing concentrate solventless dabs

Written by Gideon B, for RAWZN Overview: RAWZN is a small Toronto-based group of rosin makers that specialize in creating small-batch, high quality, solvent-free rosin from only highly-prized and boutique cannabis strains. Always striving for a purer, stronger, and more terpene-rich rosin, the RAWZN team are constantly researching and educating themselves on new practices and techniques from some of ...

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