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Dragon Elixir – Dragon Rub Review

Dragon elixir dragon rub elixirs thc cbd

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca Dragon Elixir Overview: Dragon Elixir is a holistic company that utilizes cannabis as one of many healing herbs combined to target the source of the issue. These herbs have been used for hundreds and thousands of years by various native cultures. Dragon Elixir’s products are created to resolve the source of the problem, rather than ...

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Dragon Elixir – Passion Review

dragon elixir passion thc infused healing medicinal dragon elixirs

Review by Brook, for Dankr.ca.  Dragon Elixir Overview: The Passion Dragon Elixir sets itself apart for the rest of their product line by being subtler than their other elixirs. A bottle is infused with only approximately 5.5 grams of dried decarboxylated cannabis, which is less than the approximately 7 grams in their other elixirs. The recommended dose is smaller too ...

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Dragon Elixir – Femme Review

Dragon Elixir Femme THC Alcohol cannabis weed marijuana infused edible medible edibles medibles

Written by Maryjane Backwoods, for Dankr.ca Dragon Elixir Overview: Did you know that until cannabis was banned in 1937 cannabis tincture was the primary method of cannabis consumption? The Dragon Elixir tinctures have been available for over a year now and to my delight, recently came out with a new tincture specifically for women called “Femme”.  The best way to ...

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Dragon Elixir – Elderberry Review

Dragon Elixir Elderberry Weed Edibles

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca Dragon Elixir Overview: Dragon Elixir is a natural botanical company that uses known medicinal herbs, cannabis included, to create products that heal the body rather than simply treating the symptoms. They have a background in holistic health and graphic design, leading to a product that works really well to boost your immune system along with ...

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