EarlDabsLabs – Sour Gummies Review

earldabslabs earl dabs labs extracts edible sour gummies gummiess

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca. EarlDabsLabs Overview: EarlDabsLabs is a company run by a long time medical grower and patient who produce their products in house or partner with a third party. Starting in 2006, company owner Chris, started experimenting with making cannabis extracts. Over time he has refined his process for the specific strains they work with to get ...

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Deezy Organix – Deezy Gummies Review

deezy organix infused gummies thc weed

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca. Deezy Organix Overview: Deezy Organix is a craft cannabis grower and edible producer. He has been working with cannabis for 7 years where is has refined his recipes, expanded the products he carries and branded them for the Toronto market. Accessing Deezy Organix: Deezy Organix makes his rounds to the various cannabis markets around the ...

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Ziggy Budz – Black Cherry OG & Rugburn OG Review

ziggy budz buds runburn go black cherry og weed

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca. Ziggy Budz Overview: Ziggy Budz is an Ontario cannabis vendor that is at a number of markets. The buds are grown in ACMPR gardens in BC and retail for the great price of $20 for a half-quarter, eighth or 3.5 grams, whatever you prefer to call it. Accessing Ziggy Budz: Ziggy Budz is a new ...

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Toronto Hempfest Cannabis Expo 2018

Toronto Hempfest Cannabis Expo 2018 hemp conference

Written by Brent Parsons, Dankr.ca. Hempfest Cannabis Expo is in its third year, with each year expanding to more cities across Canada. Originally starting in Saskatoon, the expo was very well received making for a packed event. Each year the organizers expand a bit more to where the event now takes place in 5 cities. This year was the first ...

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Can you Feel the Karma? Karma Cup 2018

karma cup cannabis festival toronto 2018

Written by Gideon B, for Dankr.ca. The Karma Cup began in 2013 and is one of Canada’s largest cannabis and concentrate competitions, allowing Canadians over the age of 19 to judge, compare and score a variety of craft cannabis products, from flower, to edibles, concentrates and everything in between. The infamous competition attracts Canadians from all parts of the country, ...

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Why Marijuana Really is a Gateway Drug

marijuana gateway drug date way

Written by James Bong, for Dankr.ca. High there! I’m Bong. James Bong. And I have something to say. It may seem a bit shocking, I warn you. I believe that marijuana is indeed, as many say, in fact a gateway drug. Wait! Hold On! James Bong, the cannabis crusader himself, believes the phony, despicable propaganda that marijuana leads to experimentation ...

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Big Dan the Munchies Man – Nutella Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie 200mg Review

Big Dan the Munchies Man edibles infused thc

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca. Big Dan the Munchies Man Overview: Big Dan the Munchies Man is a small craft cannabis edible company. This company was started in the summer of 2018 and has been at many of the subsequent markets. Their products are handmade incorporating high quality ingredients and cannabis to create tasty edibles. Accessing Big Dan the Munchies ...

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Grow Up Cannabis Conference & Expo 2018

grow up conference 2018 niagara falls

Written by Van Netoff, for Dankr.ca. We attended the Grow Up Cannabis Conference & Expo on Friday, September 7th, and Saturday, September 8th in Niagara Falls, Ontario, at the Scotiabank Convention Centre. The first of the two days of the Conference was opened with a talk by the keynote speaker Kevin O’Leary from Sharks Tank and Dragon’s Den. There were ...

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Left Coast Gummy Co. – Infused Diamonds Review

left coast gummy co thc infused gummy diamonds

Written by Toronto Toker for Dankr.ca. Left Coast Gummy Co. Overview: Left Coast Gummy Co. is a new edible company started in May 2018 that has exploded into the cannabis community. Creating one beautifully packaged product that is easily identifiable and tastes, great made them in hot demand. Left Coast Gummy Co. was founded in BC and since then branched out ...

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The Benefits of Intelligent Regulation of Cannabis Edibles

The benefits of intelligent regulation of cannabis edibles Français (French) irpp HOT TOPICS SPECIAL FEATURES PODCASTS VIDEOS ABOUT IRPP Cannabis edibles have great economic and public health potential, but they also present some of the greatest risks if not regulated properly. PRINT ARTICLE Dexter Docherty

Article by Dexter Docherty, Policy Options Despite projections that Canadians will spend up to $7.17 billion on cannabis in 2019, and despite the fact that 28 percent of users are already consuming edibles, our policy-makers have still to announce the regulations for this major part of the cannabis market. The federal government has promised that edibles will be legally available to consumers by October 2019, ...

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