Cannabis Users Argue Trudeau Plan Amounts To ‘Prohibition 2.0’

Cannabis Users Argue Trudeau Plan Amounts To 'Prohibition 2.0'

Article by Ryan Tumilty, Toronto Metro. Medical marijuana users say the Trudeau government’s plans to legalize marijuana involve too many roadblocks. Activists and users said during a press conference Monday that the Liberal’s bill, which has yet to pass the House, still marks marijuana as something people need to be ashamed of. “My Canada includes being marginalized, stigmatized and criminalized ...

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The 710 Cup Weekend Wrap-Up

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Written by Maryjane Backwoods, for Dankr.ca It’s the day after the first annual 710 Cup (extract festival/competition) and I’m still lightly medicated after all the dabs I had, eating myself into a food-coma and falling asleep fairly early. I went on Sunday and I’m glad I did because I heard that Saturday was a lot busier (maybe due to other ...

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How the Media is the Driving Force Behind Society’s Notion of Cannabis

Written by Christopher J. O’Brien. (Image: Erin Goodwin / Courtesy of: Erin Goodwin/The Toronto Star) “During my time at school, the major stories we covered from 2013 until 2017 included the Rob Ford crack scandal, the Canadian medical cannabis revolution, ISIS terrorist threats, and the U.S. federal election. I’ve gained great sources in relation to most of these topics and ...

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Cannabis Growers of Canada executive director responds to new regulations

Written by Brent Constantin for Cannabis Life Network. With the recentimplementation of Health Canada’s full ACMPR rules, patients and advocates better look at how the government plans to deal with medical cannabis in the country going forward. Cannabis Growers of Canada executive director Ian Dawkins took to Facebook to publish his thoughts on the new system and what it means for patients in ...

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Ontario should avoid rigid system for selling pot

Editorial by Toronto Star Once marijuana is legalized, Ontario should not lock itself into a single rigid distribution system that treats adult consumers like naughty children and allows a substantial black market to survive. Has the Ontario government learned nothing from its decades-long struggle to find the right balance between safety and paternalism when it comes to selling alcohol? Judging ...

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The Smartest Way to Invest in Cannabis

Article by Paul Cohn, Quora via Forbes A great way to learn about the emerging cannabis industry and invest in it would be to join the ArcView Investor Network [1]. ArcView is a national organization focused on research and investment in the cannabis industry. The investor network is an organized Angel group that explores investment opportunities in the industry. … I ...

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Heavily Regulated Marijuana Distribution No Benefit To Ontarians

Article by Aaron Binder, Huffington Post The frustration of 9:53 p.m. is well known in Ontario. It’s the time where glancing at a watch or phone is accompanied by a heartbroken sigh and softly uttered four-letter expletive. Your dinner party is down to its last bottle of wine, some friends just surprised you from out of town, you’re just a ...

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Learning from beer and wine in selling marijuana

Article by Martin Regg Cohn, The Toronto Star In our haste to decriminalize marijuana, we have opened up a regulatory vacuum that looks increasingly dopey. There is a hallucinatory quality to the way intoxicating substances are bought and sold in Ontario these days. Choose your alcoholic poison — beer, wine, spirits — mindful that robust government regulation (not to mention ...

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How the DEA should classify marijuana

Opinion piece by Tom Downey, The Denver Post All relevant goals and concerns can be addressed with a three-part approach: 1. Reschedule marijuana from Schedule I (completely illegal) to Schedule III (legal for medical purposes, allowed only by prescription).  This would only address a small percentage of the current market, as most marijuana in Colorado and other legal states is ...

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