Opinion: Quebec Should Make Legal Cannabis More Available, Not Less

Opinion: Quebec should make legal cannabis more available, not less Instead of trying to legislate unrealistic changes in behaviour, Quebec should be aiming to squeeze out cannabis black markets. MICHAEL ARMSTRONG, SPECIAL TO MONTREAL GAZETTE Customers line up outside a government cannabis outlet in Montreal on Nov. 1, 2018. RYAN REMIORZ

Article by Michael Armstrong, Montreal Gazette The Coalition Avenir Québec government is making a mistake with its proposed law to raise the legal age for cannabis to 21 as well as to ban public smoking.  The government seems well-intentioned. But its law seems likely to have unintended effects. Critics argue the age increase would drive young adults to illegal suppliers. And the ...

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Opinion: Lack of Price Transparency is Hurting Cannabis Consumers

CANADAINDUSTRYPOLITICS Opinion: Lack of Price Transparency is Hurting Cannabis Consumers DAVID CLEMENT Photo by Lindsay Elliott for Leafly Canada at City Cannabis in Vancouver

Article by David Clement, Leafly News Saying that Canada’s cannabis rollout has been a rocky road would be a huge understatement. Since Oct. 2018, consumers have been faced with limited access, supply shortages, and steep prices. And, while all levels of government seem to be attempting to address and accommodate access and supply problems, one issue that has not been properly addressed, ...

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The Hidden Risks of Your CBD Edible

The Hidden Risks of Your CBD Edible

Written by Gideon Bentata, High Life Media.  Knowing how many sick people spend their hard-earned money on CBD products hoping that it may help with their health issues, it is important to know some truths about most CBD edibles and why they may be doing more harm than good. Although CBD is considered by many as a natural medicine, if ...

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High Folks Edibles – Netflix and Chill Infused Nachos

high folks edibles the freedom factory cannabis infused edibles toronto

Written by Brent Parsons, Dankr.ca. High Folks Edibles recently started cannabis infused cooking classes hosted at The Freedom Factory art gallery in downtown Toronto. Each class is two and a half hours long, from 7pm to 9:30, with this one on a Tuesday night. Each ticket for the class costs $75 and you’ll make your own infused food to bring ...

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Canada’s Black Market to Control 71% of Marijuana Sales in 2019

Canada's Black Market to Control 71% of Marijuana Sales in 2019 Sean Williams

Article by Sean Williams, MSN. The marijuana industry had itself a year in 2018 like none before it. Having entered the year as a still somewhat taboo topic, cannabis exited 2018 on solid ground. That’s because the industry was legitimized following the legalization of recreational pot in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018. The passage of the Cannabis Act in June ...

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Our Deeper Connection with Cannabis

Our Deeper Connection with Cannabis POSTED BY : JADE RIDGE

Article by Jade Ridge, Twelve High Chicks. The soaring generation of personal cannabis freedom has become the spirit of  coping with the dramatics of today’s society, but lends a confident self-reflecting insight as to where we are going, who we truly are becoming, and where our evolution originated. Cannabis has been our guide since day one, and it has opened our ...

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Canada’s Post-Legalization Pardon Promises Don’t Go Far Enough

Canada’s Post-Legalization Pardon Promises Don’t Go Far Enough Marginalized Communities Continue to Be Affected by Cannabis Criminalization NEWS by David Earles Photo Illustration Paulina Dominguez and Elisa Barbier

Article by David Earles, The Link Last fall, after nearly a century of prohibition, Canada became the first country in North America to fully legalize marijuana. In June 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that, “We will soon have a new system in place, one that keeps cannabis out of the hands of our kids and keeps profits away from organized ...

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Harm Reduction Should Drive All Drug Policy

Harm reduction should drive all drug policy Harm reduction-based policies are known to reduce the incidence of overdose, lower disease transmission rates and reduce the presence of organized crime, writes Heather Bone. OPINION 12:00 AM by Heather Bone Hamilton Spectator A handmade thank you card given to the clinic workers by addicts sits on a stainless steel injection table inside a temporary safe injection site in London, Ont. Heather Bone writes that one London site has reversed 37 overdoses and referred more than 180 people to treatment since it opened. - Peter Lee , Waterloo Region Record

Article by Heather Bone, Hamilton Spectator When the Canadian government introduced legislation to legalize cannabis, the rationale was clear: Canada would abandon a model of prohibition in order to, in the words of Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, “protect youth from the health and safety risks of cannabis and keep those same criminals from profiting from its production, distribution and sale.” This ...

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Liberals Must Pass a Cannabis Amnesty Law

Liberals must pass a cannabis amnesty law By TIFFANY GOOCH Opinion York Regional Police hold a press confrence on Friday, May, 16, 2008, to announce the conclusion of a multi-million dollar marijuana bust. There were 31 arrests made in the case. Columnist Tiffany Gooch writes: “There is nothing fair about any Canadian continuing to carry criminal records ... while many of those who criminalized them are literally cashing in on the new cannabis economy.” (TORY ZIMMERMAN / TORONTO STAR)

Article by Tiffany Gooch, Toronto Star When the Trudeau government set out to deliver on its core campaign commitment to legalize cannabis, success was defined for many by legislation that did not impede on each province’s autonomy over responsible implementation. The timeline was ambitious, and history was ultimately made on Oct. 17, 2018 with the passage of The Cannabis Act. Throughout the process, ...

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