Canadian Companies Revisiting Workplace Policies With Cannabis Legalization Just One Week Away

Canadian companies revisiting workplace policies with cannabis legalization just one week away MARK RENDELL

Article by Mark Rendell, The Globe and Mail With recreational cannabis legalization a week away, organizations across the country are having to revisit workplace policies in an attempt to balance safety and employee choice in Canada’s newly permissive legal environment. . Despite widespread concerns, most organizations are in a good position to manage this change, according to labour lawyers. . ...

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Toronto Cops Can’t Use Cannabis Within 28 Days of Working

Toronto cops can’t use cannabis within 28 days of working Ahead of the Oct. 17 legalization date, police forces across the country have begun releasing varied policies on recreational cannabis use. Toronto police officers won’t be allowed to use recreational cannabis within 28 days of reporting for duty, according to a video announcement released internally by police Chief Mark Saunders. - Andrew Francis Wallace,Toronto Star file photo

Article by Alyshah Hasham and Wendy Gillis, Hamilton Spectator Toronto police unveiled one of the country’s most restrictive policies for cannabis use in law enforcement Tuesday, banning all of its employees from using recreational cannabis within 28 days of reporting for duty. “We have not come to this decision lightly,” said a statement released by the force Tuesday. “It was made thoughtfully ...

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Ontario Government to Launch Awareness Campaign on Cannabis Dangers, Rules

Ontario Government to Launch Awareness Campaign on Cannabis Dangers, Rules

Article by Shawn Jeffords, The Canadian Press Ontario is launching a public awareness campaign to highlight the dangers of using recreational cannabis and promote social responsibility ahead of the legalization of marijuana next week. Attorney General Caroline Mulroney said the ads will emphasize the province’s rules around the sale and consumption of pot, as well as measures to protect children and the community. “Our ...

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Investors Could Help Canada’s Cannabis Industry Improve Its Social and Environmental Record, Experts Say

Investors could help Canada's cannabis industry improve its social and environmental record, experts say Facebook LinkedIn Email Reddit Pension funds and other investors could influences things like safe-use guidelines, energy consumption Brandie Weikle · CBC News Cannabis buds lay along a drying rack at the CannTrust Niagara Greenhouse Facility in Fenwick, Ont., on June 26. Investors concerned with the impact of legal marijuana on Canadians and the environment should consider buying in to hold cannabis companies to account, says Vinay Shandal, partner and managing director at Boston Consulting (BCG) in Toronto. (Tijana Martin/Canadian Press)

Article by Brandie Weikle, CBC News Investors who’ve shied away from cannabis out of concern about whether legalization will be good for Canada should consider buying in to help shape the industry and how it operates, say experts in so-called impact investing. While there’s been no shortage of excitement around pot stocks as the legalization of recreational cannabis use approaches on Oct. 17, uncertainty around issues ...

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Health Canada Announces Fees to Recover Costs of Regulating Cannabis

Health Canada announces fees to recover costs of regulating cannabis

Article by CHEX Licensed cannabis producers now know what fees they will have to pay with the Oct. 17 cannabis legalization date fast approaching. Health Canada announced Friday four new fees with the purpose of fully recovering the costs of regulating the cannabis industry. The fees announced that will take effect Oct. 17 are: Application screening fee: recovers the costs associated ...

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Crackdown on Cannabis Dispensaries After Oct. 17 Will Be a ‘Process,’ Say Police

Crackdown on cannabis dispensaries after Oct. 17 will be a 'process,' say police Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn 'There is certainly some persistence on these criminals to continue the illegal operation' Angela MacIvor · CBC News Halifax Regional Police says there will be no same-day crackdown on marijuana dispensaries once recreation cannabis becomes legal. (Brian MacKay/CBC)

Article by Angela MacIvor, CBC News When recreational cannabis becomes legal on Oct. 17, don’t expect a same-day crackdown on Halifax dispensaries. Supt. Jim Perrin of the Halifax Regional Police said his department has a “myriad of demands” and history has shown just how persistent some dispensary operators can be. “The challenge for us continues to be a reasonable use of resources,” he ...

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First Nations Look to Secure a Piece of the Cannabis Pie Ahead of Legalization

First Nations look to secure a piece of the cannabis pie ahead of legalization The Canadian Press Christopher Reynolds

Article by Christopher Reynolds, Canadian Press via National Post Just upriver from downtown Montreal, the Kahnawake First Nation council office takes pride of place in the reserve’s modest skyline, along with a youth centre and a pair of churches. Soon, however, these old edifices may all be dwarfed by a sprawling, state-of-the-art greenhouse sprouting with cannabis plants and buzzing with ...

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Ontario Medical Association President Dr. Nadia Alam Apologizes After Calling Cannabis a ‘Gateway Drug’

Ontario Medical Association President Dr. Nadia Alam Apologizes After Calling Cannabis a ‘Gateway Drug’ Dr. Nadia Alam, seen in 2015, apologized Saturday on Twitter, saying: “I misspoke. Recreational cannabis is NOT a gateway drug. I thank my colleagues for correcting me.” (RICHARD J. BRENNAN / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO)

Article by The Canadian Press via Toronto Star The president of the Ontario Medical Association is taking back her comments saying recreational cannabis is a “gateway drug” to harder substances. Dr. Nadia Alam says she “misspoke” during an interview on CBC Radio last week, in which she also said recreational cannabis can cause anxiety and withdrawal symptoms for people who become addicted. ...

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Too High to Drive? Enforcement of Drug-Impaired Driving in Ontario Could Face Roadblocks Similar to Those Encountered in Colorado

Too high to drive? Enforcement of drug-impaired driving in Ontario could face roadblocks similar to those encountered in Colorado By PATTY WINSA With the looming legalization of recreational cannabis, many Canadians are concerned about drivers getting behind the wheel high. (CARLOS OSORIO / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO)

Article by Patty Winsa, Toronto Star If you could look into a crystal ball to see the future of drug-impaired driving on Ontario roads come October 17, you might see Colorado. Since cannabis was legalized there four years ago, statistics on marijuana and driving compiled by the state found that more than 20 per cent of drivers involved in fatal ...

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