Cannabis Retail Sales Top $100M for the First Time in July: StatCan

Cannabis retail sales top $100M for the first time in July: StatCan Jeff LagerquistYahoo Finance Canada Canada's legal recreational cannabis industry has sold $676.4 million worth of pot in retail outlets in the first 10 months of legalization. (Getty)

Article by Jeff Lagerquist, Yahoo Finance Canada Cannabis retail sales topped $100 million for the first time post-recreational legalization in July, according to data from Statistics Canada. The federal agency said on Friday that “gains at cannabis stores were widespread, and across all provinces, with double-digit growth in eight provinces.” That pushed non-seasonally adjusted sales to $104 million, a 14.3 per ...

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Canadians Spend Twice as Much on House Plants and Cut Flowers than on the Stuff You Smoke

NEWS Canadians spend twice as much on house plants and cut flowers than on the stuff you smoke Monthly sales of legal cannabis have surpassed $100M, but it still lags alcohol, lottery tickets, even tampons By Elizabeth HamesSeptember 24, 2019 Comments To get a better idea of how marijuana sales are going, here is a round-up of products and services that had higher first-quarter sales in 2019 than legal cannabis. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Elizabeth Hames, Growth Op Canada’s retail cannabis industry is growing at a furious pace. In November 2018 — the first full month of legalization — Canadians spent just $54 million on legal weed. By July of this year, monthly sales had nearly doubled, surpassing $100 million for the first time ever, according to StatsCan. And that number is ...

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Which Canadian Cannabis Strains Are Highest in THC?

CANADASTRAINS & PRODUCTS Which Canadian Cannabis Strains Are Highest in THC? BRAD MARTIN Photo by Jesse Milns/Leafly

Article by Brad Martin, Leafly High-THC strains are in high demand across Canada as cannabis buyers seek out the most potent products on the market. Often equated with offering “more bang for your buck,” high-THC cannabis can, for some, provide the most intoxicating effects, while for others, a high dose is simply a recipe to fall asleep. Below, we summarize details ...

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Study Suggests Brain Activity ’Dampened’ by Vaped THC, Similar to Those With Schizophrenia

Study suggests brain activity ’dampened’ by vaped THC, similar to those with schizophrenia This file photo taken on October 02, 2018 shows a man exhaling smoke from an electronic cigarette in Washington, DC. EVA HAMBACH / AFP/Getty Images

Article by Toronto Sun A new study by Ontario researchers suggests that brain activity in rats exposed a single time to THC — the vapourized psychoactive component of marijuana — is similar to those with schizophrenia and cannabis-induced psychosis. Lead author Jibran Khokhar, an assistant professor of neuroscience at the University of Guelph, said the rats’ “dampened” brain activity lasted ...

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Stirring the Pot: Cannabis Drinks Promise to Mix Up the Beverage Market

Stirring the Pot: Cannabis drinks promise to mix up the beverage market Nathan Caddell Jeff Donnelly at one of his Hobo Recreational Cannabis shops. Although he’s dealt with liquor regulations for 20 years, the Donnelly Group owner found it surprisingly difficult to get a cannabis licence Dan Sutton, founder and managing director of Tantalus Labs, at his Maple Ridge facility Paul Meehan of Goodridge & Williams Distilling isn’t sure there will be a market for cannabis beverages

Article by Nathan Caddell, BC Business Should B.C.’s alcohol industry be worried? In October, the federal government will celebrate a year of recreational cannabis becoming legal. There’s no word on how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and company plan to mark the occasion. (Or if Trudeau will be in office long enough to enjoy the day.) A year later, the only real ...

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When it Comes to Stolen Cannabis, London, Ont. Cops are Your Buds

London When it comes to stolen pot, London, Ont. cops are your buds Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Email The pot thief left behind a backpack with his ID in it, so his address was easy to find Kate Dubinski · CBC News London police helped a homeowner recover his stolen pot plants. (Supplied by homeowner/Facebook) The homeowner has replanted the cannabis plants retrieved by London Police and is trying to tend to them. (Supplied by homewoner)

Article by Kate Dubinski, CBC News It would have been unthinkable a year ago: police helping a homeowner recover stolen pot plants. But that’s exactly what London police officers were called to do in a quiet residential neighbourhood in South London. When a resident called to report stolen cannabis plants, the police responded. Their job is, after all, to weed out ...

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Two Under the Age of 19 Accused of Growing Cannabis in Kirkland Lake

Two under the age of 19 accused of growing cannabis in Kirkland Lake It is alleged that OPP responded to a family dispute and found occupants of the resident illegally growing, possessing cannabis about 16 hours ago By: TimminsToday Staff

Article by Timmins Today On Sept. 21, 2019, members of the Kirkland Lake Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a family dispute at a residence on Duncan Avenue South in the Town of Kirkland Lake. While investigating the complaint, police learned that the occupants were growing marijuana plants in the residence. Further investigation revealed that both occupants ...

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Finding the Perfect Cannabis Dose: Where are We Today?

CULTURE Finding the perfect cannabis dose: Where are we today? The perfect dose is no one-trick pony. A combination of technologies, all working together, is what may finally crack the dosing code By Dr. Theodore Search, The Fresh Toast While legalization blooms, dose control becomes an even more important hurdle to overcome as new markets open and new customers cast a curious eye on the plant. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Dr. Theodore Search, The Fresh Toast via Growth Op It’s no secret that the “perfect dose” has long been among the most sought-after requests of cannabis connoisseurs and medical advocates. While legalization blooms, dose control becomes an even more important hurdle to overcome as new markets open and new customers cast a curious eye on the plant. But ...

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