Craig Ex Starts 2020 With Joint, Short Film

CRAIG EX STARTS 2020 WITH JOINT DEBUT, SHORT FILM ANDRES MARKWARTJANUARY 4, 2020 BLOGCANNABIS 101CANNABIS NEWSCULTURECULTUREFEATUREDMARIJUANA NEWS I started my day with a joint. While writing this, I've smoked several joints. By later tonight, I’ll have smoked even more joints. After all, smoking joints is what I do. I get it. Your sleek and stylish vape pen that tastes just like cotton candy, is super handy, and discreet. Go ahead, no one at the dog park is the wiser. But I'll stick to joints. I don't mind their glare. That lavender and hibiscus bath bomb smells delicious. I see why you might enjoy lighting some candles and hopping into the tub to soak away the cares after a long hard day. Just make sure you position those bubbles ever so carefully before you snap your Instagram pic. My tub is too small to get comfortable in, so I'll stick to joints. Ten milligrams in that package of newly-legalized gummies that are in no way fun or appealing to anyone? That's a little too low and slow for me. I'd also rather not wait forty-five minutes to an hour to see how I feel, and then possibly take another bite. I need my cannabis delivered a little faster than that. I'll stick to joints. Carrying a case with a torch, and a can of butane, and a timer, and a carb cap, and a dab tool, and a quartz banger, and alcohol wipes, and some Q-Tips...isn't especially convenient, but I get it. Dabs are indeed awfully terpy, and they do go immediately to the head. It's great that you have the time to heat that glass until it's red hot, wait exactly 68 seconds until it cools to the perfect temperature so you can take a giant toke, cough up a lung, sweat profusely for five minutes and repeat. I, unfortunately, have too little time, but let me know when a low-temp baby dab is ready for me. Until then, I'll stick to joints. I realize they are a bit low tech, smelly, and dare I say old fashion, but in my so-called Expert opinion, nothing is as effective, convenient, or classic as a well put together joint. Now, where'd my lighter go? - A Well Put Together Production -

Article by Andres Markwart, Cannabis Life Network Picking up right were the his Christmas gift left off, Craig Ex is back with a second Expert Joints short, to start our 2020 off right. In a world of vape pens and glass sculptures, we take a stroll back, to the simplicity and elegance of something hand rolled. Debuting a brand new Expert Joints logo ...

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Ottawa Cannabis Shops Gear Up For Edibles to Hit the Shelves

Ottawa Ottawa pot shops gear up for edibles to hit the shelves Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn 16 products will soon be delivered to brick-and-mortar stores CBC News Cannabis edibles like infused gummies and other products were legalized in Canada on Oct. 17, 2019. They're only now about to appear on store shelves in Ottawa. (Shutterstock/Victor Moussa)

Article by CBC News Local cannabis stores are expecting edibles like chocolate bars, soft-baked cookies and infused tea to appear on their shelves next week. On Friday, the Ontario Cannabis Store unveiled 16 edible products that will be delivered to brick-and-mortar stores and be made available online by Jan. 16. Ben Warner, assistant general manager at Fire and Flower in ...

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Will Legal Edibles Take Off? Here are Three Competitors

CANNABIS Will legal edibles take off? Here are three competitors BY PATRICK CAIN GLOBAL NEWS Edibles, vapes and tea to become available in Ontario pot shops.

Article by Patrick Cain, Global News Slowly and unevenly, legal cannabis edibles are starting to appear across Canada. Many Canadians have told pollsters that they’re interested in trying edibles, and producers hope that ‘Cannabis 2.0’ will turn their businesses around after a rough first year. But to succeed, legal edibles will have to hold their own against three sources of competition: the illegal market, customers themselves ...

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Considerations for Healthier Cannabis Consumption

CanadaHealthLifestyle Considerations for healthier cannabis consumption Elianna Lev

Article by Elianna Lev, Leafly The new year is unofficially the best time for setting goals and intentions for the year to come. That could mean hitting the gym more often, eating less sugar or quitting smoking. It could also be a starting point for considering healthier cannabis consumption habits. Here are a few things to consider: Avoid combustion While ...

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Pot-Stock Interest Fizzled in 2019. These Charts Show How Much

INSIDE THE MARKET Pot-stock interest fizzled in 2019. These charts show how much MATT LUNDY Average daily trading volume In millions of shares, for Toronto listings 2018 2019 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Canopy Growth Aurora Cannabis Aphria Canopy Growth 8.23 3.81 THE GLOBE AND MAIL, SOURCE: BLOOMBERG SHARE× Share this chart: Facebook Twitter Email TICKERS MENTIONED IN THIS STORY

Article by Matt Lundy, Globe and Mail If 2018 was a breakout year for pot stocks, then 2019 was a year to forget. Not only were share prices hammered, but interest in cannabis stocks, as measured by volume, also subsided. Just take a look at Toronto Stock Exchange data. In volume terms, a cannabis stock was the most-traded TSX-listed equity on ...

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Cannabis Edibles, Vapes and One Tea Coming to Ontario Shelves Monday


Article by Lucas Meyer, Newstalk 1010 The Ontario Cannabis Store unveiled its latest products Friday ahead of them hitting retail store shelves on Monday, including edibles such as gummies and chocolates, vapes and one tea. OCS vice-president of corporate affairs David Lobo said around 60 products will be delivered to locations in limited supply. “They will be able to start ...

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Ontario Weed Stores to Start Selling Edibles and Other ‘Cannabis 2.0’ Products Next Week

Ontario pot stores to start selling edibles and other ‘Cannabis 2.0’ products next week Jason Miller By Jason MillerStaff Reporter

Article by Jason Miller, Toronto Star The province’s government-run cannabis retailer is taking orders from stores looking to sell a small selection of pot-infused edibles, extracts, vapes and beverages, but Ontarians will have to wait a few more days to get their fix. The delivery of the now-legal products is set to begin Monday, David Lobo, the Ontario Cannabis Store’s ...

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Ontario Cannabis Store Expects First Wave of Cannabis 2.0 Products to Sell Out Within a Week

OCS expects first wave of cannabis 2.0 products to sell out within a week Ontarians will see a 'very limited supply' of cannabis 2.0 products at retail stores starting next week, with online sales starting Jan. 16 Vanmala Subramaniam

Article by Vanmala Subramaniam, Financial Post Ontarians will see a “very limited supply” of cannabis 2.0 products at retail stores starting next week, with online sales starting Jan. 16, according to the Ontario Cannabis Store, the province’s only cannabis wholesaler. “We expect products to sell out within the first week. But it will improve, week after week,” said OCS chief ...

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