Majority of Saskatchewan in Support of Marijuana Legalization

Majority of Sask. in support of marijuana legalization

Article by Matt Young, CTV News A majority of Saskatchewan residents support the legalization of marijuana,according to a new poll by Insightrix Research. Just over 58 per cent of respondents either somewhat or strongly agree with cannabis legalization. Nearly 40 per cent oppose the legalization, while almost two per cent preferred not to say. The poll surveyed 802 SaskWatch Research ...

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High Hopes for Recreational Marijuana Industry in New Brunswick

High hopes for recreational marijuana industry in province If legalization goes ahead as planned, pot industry could be worth as much as alcohol

Article by Jordan Gill, CBC News Expectations are high for a recreational marijuana industry in New Brunswick, according to a report by a professional services firm. Mark Whitmore, the vice-chair of Deloitte Private, said if the legalization of recreational marijuana goes ahead, the resulting industry could be worth as much in Canada as the alcohol industry. “When you count the flower, the oil, ...

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The Tragically Hip Partner with Licensed Producer Newstrike

The Tragically Hip partner with licensed producer Newstrike The latest in a series of celebrity cannabis endorsements

Article by Lift News The Tragically Hip announced this morning a partnership with licensed medical cannabis producer Newstrike. According to the company website, Newstrike is a licensed producer of medical cannabis through its wholly owned subsidiary Hemisphere Pharmaceuticals. Hemisphere Pharmaceuticals received its cultivation license on December 19th, 2016 and is based in Brantford, Ontario. Newstrike is reportedly expected to trade on ...

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Some Canadians Worried Ottawa Rushing Into Pot Legalization: Poll

Canadians worried Ottawa rushing into pot legalization: poll Even attendees at Canada’s biggest cannabis trade show, Lift, on this weekend at Metro Convention Centre, had mixed feelings about legalization, with some worried government control and corporatization would crush the little guy.

Article by Lisa Wright, Toronto Star Longtime head shop owner Luke Reynolds sees recreational marijuana in Canada eventually rolling out “like Tim Hortons and Starbucks” on every corner. “It will be government run and I think they’re going to crush all the little guys like us who started this movement in the first place,” said Reynolds, owner of PipeDreamz in ...

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Medical-Marijuana Grower Funds Legal Fight for Insurance Coverage

Alberta based Aurora Cannabis Inc., announced this week that it will bankroll elevator mechanic Gordon Skinner’s coming defence this fall in the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.

Article by Mike Hager, The Globe and Mail One of Canada’s largest medical-cannabis producers says it will fund a Nova Scotia man’s ongoing legal fight to have his marijuana prescription paid for by his employee-insurance plan – the latest move in a nationwide push by industry, patients and their advocates for more widespread cannabis coverage. Aurora Cannabis Inc., a publicly ...

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Fire Forces Evacuation of Tweed Marijuana Facility in Smiths Falls

Fire forces evacuation of Tweed marijuana facility in Smiths Falls

Article by Blair Crawford, Ottawa Citizen A small explosion and fire forced a brief evacuation of the Tweed Inc. medicinal marijuana production plant in Smiths Falls Monday morning. The fire occurred just before 9:30 a.m. while construction crews were using an acetylene torch in an unoccupied portion of the company’s sprawling campus, said Bruce Linton, founder and CEO of Canopy ...

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Edmonton Woman Starts Canada’s First Cannabis Staffing Agency

Edmonton woman starts Canada's first cannabis staffing agency

Article by Gordon Kent, Edmonton Sun Alison McMahon should be able to find some really dope jobs after opening what she says is the first staffing agency working exclusively with Canada’s budding marijuana industry. The Edmonton human resources specialist, who started Cannabis at Work in 2015 to advise companies on issues linked to the use of the drug for medical reasons, recently branched out to help firms find ...

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Why Canada’s Cannabis Community Needs Vapour Lounges

Why Canada's cannabis community needs vapour lounges “Once legalization comes in, where are people supposed to smoke? In the park, or are they expected to go to an alleyway? Vapour lounges are a much more civilized way of dealing with a problem," says Abi Roach, founder of Hot Box Café.

Article by NOW Toronto & Cannabis Culture When David Deif wants to smoke a joint – which is often – he’s grateful to have a place that lets him do just that. As a premium member of Kensington Market’s Hot Box Café, Deif is grateful to have a space not just to smoke freely, but to connect and bond with other people ...

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Will The Greens Stand Up For BC Bud?


Article by Caleb McMillan, Cannabis Life Network BC’s Green Party says they will work something out with either the Liberals or NDP by next Wednesday. Someone will form government and that’s too bad because a hung parliament is the best parliament. Government services haven’t ceased without Christy Clark or John Horgan at the helm. The taxman is still collecting. There ...

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