Stick With Your Dealer? Or Buy Pot Legally? How Legalization Will Affect the Black Market

Stick With Your Dealer? Or Buy Pot Legally? How Legalization Will Affect the Black Market

Article by Emanuela Campanella, Global News When it comes to buying pot in Canada, it is safe to say that it is readily available to the public. As experts explain, Canada’s black market is sophisticated and mature. So how will legalization affect it? The video above explains in detail how the price of legal marijuana, the supply of it, taxes and ...

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Joe Oliver: the Latest Harper Conservative to Join Canada’s Cannabis Industry

Oliver. Joe Oliver: the latest Harper Conservative to join Canada's cannabis industry Former cabinet minister says there's "zero inconsistency" in joining the medical cannabis industry after being part of a government that vigorously opposed the legalization of cannabis. By: Solomon Israel. Finance Minister Joe Oliver answers a question during Question Period in the House of Commons in Ottawa on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Adrian Wyld

Article by Solomon Israel, The Leaf News It’s safe to say the Conservative government of Canada under former prime minister Stephen Harper was never interested in reforming Canada’s cannabis laws. Under Harper’s leadership, the Tories continued the war on drugs by maintaining the criminal prohibition on non-medical cannabis use and increasing the penalties for cannabis-related crimes. Arrests for simple marijuana possession soared during Harper’s time ...

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Judge Rules 2016 Project Claudia Police Raids on Medical Marijuana Stores Were Legal

Judge rules 2016 police raids at medical marijuana stores were legal More than 90 people were charged following the Project Claudia raids in May 2016 CBC News

Article by CBC News A judge on Friday ruled that police raids carried out in May 2016 at 43 medical marijuana dispensaries in Toronto were constitutional. The constitutionality of the searches had been challenged by Mark Stupak — one of more than 90 people who were charged following the Project Claudia raids. Stupak, the owner of the SoCo Medical Social Collective, was charged in 2016 with possession of marijuana for ...

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Government Plans to Legalize Pot Are On Track For ‘End of Summer’

Government plans to legalize pot are on track for ‘end of summer’ By Amanda Connolly National Online Journalist Global News. The province recently released the details of how marijuana will be sold in Ontario.

Article by Amanda Connolly, Global News Canadians looking forward to lighting up legally should be able to do so before the end of September. In an interview with The West Block, the parliamentary secretary for the minister of public safety said the government remains on track with its timeline to legalize marijuana and expects to have a framework in place to let Canadians buy ...

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Michael Spratt: Pot Bill’s Sober Second Thought

Trudeau Senate Pot bill’s sober second thought. The Trudeau government is poised to unveil the process by which it hopes to restore the maligned, scandal-plagued Senate to its intended role as an independent chamber of sober second thought. The Senate chamber on Parliament Hill is shown in a May 28, 2013 photo. Adrian Wyld

Article by Michael Spratt, Canadian Lawyer Last week, the Liberal government’s half-hearted cannabis legislation passed second reading in the Senate. Normally, this would not be cause for celebration. After all, there is little downside in voting to study legislation and the marijuana bill is no exception. Opponents to the bill, if not persuaded by evidence heard at committee hearings, can still ...

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Research Shows Cannabis May Curb Alcohol and Cocaine Addictions

Research Shows Cannabis May Curb Alcohol and Cocaine Addictions. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Article by Danielle Corcione, Complex Solutions to public health problems, such as the opioid crisis and addictions, might be right under our noses. Recent research has shown cannabis can help curb alcoholism and cocaine addictions. The Daily Mail reports researchers gave rats cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. CBD is a cannabis compound, similar to THC, which provides the benefits of medical marijuana without the psychedelic head high. A ...

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Valleriani: Medical Cannabis Shouldn’t be Subject to Tax

Valleriani: Medical cannabis shouldn't be subject to tax. Marijuana leaves. JUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY IMAGES

Article by Jenna Valleriani, Ottawa Citizen When the federal government released its 2018 budget, it came as a surprise to many that it was planning to not just tax recreational cannabis, but add a new excise tax on medical cannabis as well. Excise tax is usually reserved for products deemed to have a high social cost, such as tobacco or ...

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Judge Shuts Down Weed Dispensary Owner’s Claim That His Arrest Was Unconstitutional

Judge Shuts Down Weed Dispensary Owner’s Claim That His Arrest Was Unconstitutional Marek Stupek called the decision a “cop out” and said he will continue selling medical weed. Marek Stupek's constitutional challenge against his arrest in a dispensary raid has been rejected. Colin Perkel

Article by Manisha Krishnan, Vice News An Ontario judge shut down a medical weed dispensary owner’s claim that his arrest during Toronto police’s Project Claudia raids was unconstitutional. A successful outcome could have paved the way for thousands of charges issued during dispensary raids to be tossed out. Marek Stupek, owner of two medical pot dispensaries in Toronto called the Social ...

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What The Canadian Senate Didn’t Understand About the Cannabis Industry

What The Canadian Senate Didn't Understand About the Cannabis Industry WHAT THE SENATE DIDN’T UNDERSTAND CALEB MCMILLAN

Articel by Caleb McMillan, Cannabis Life Network This is what the Senate didn’t understand: There were small growers who were here first. Before the LPs. Growers who established the BC Bud brand. Governments talk about the tax-revenue they’ve missed out on with prohibition. So, they’ve promised legalization and even gotten into the game. Thinking, hey, this should be easy money. ...

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