Cannabis Cuts Migraine and Headache Pain in Half

HEALTH Marijuana cuts migraine and headache pain in half Scientists determined inhaled marijuana reduced the severity of self-reported pain 47.3% for headaches and 49.6% for migraines By Brendan Bures, The Fresh Toast A clinical trial, as Science Daily first reported, found that cannabis could be more effective at reducing headache pain than ibuprofen, though the researchers used nabilone, a synthetic cannabinoid drug, in the trial. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Brendan Bures, The Fresh Toast via Growth Op Next time you feel the effects of a headache or migraine coming on, you might skip the Tylenol and smoke some cannabis. That’s because inhaling marijuana nearly cuts headache and migraine pain in half, according to a recent study. Published in The Journal of Pain, this research represents the first study ...

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The Online Shopper’s Guide to Gifting Cannabis in Canada

CULTURE The online shopper's guide to gifting cannabis in Canada Province-wise breakdown on what to give and how to ship it By Karen LongwellDecember 10, 2019 Comments Online shopping could offer a reprieve from the hectic rush. But check the rules before sending a bit of bud to a loved one. iStock / Getty Images Plus “Ontario residents are not allowed to order recreational cannabis online from another province or territory.” Each legal government cannabis site has slightly different wording but all sites note that products can only be sent within the province or territory and a person with government-issued ID must receive the order. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Karen Longwell, Growth Op Crowded stores, no parking space and busy streets — the holiday shopping rush can make finding the perfect cannabis gift a hassle. Online shopping could offer a reprieve from the hectic rush. But it’s crucial to understand the laws and regulations before sending a bit of bud to a loved one. Can I buy ...

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Manitoba Unveils New Pot Possession Rules

LEGISLATION Manitoba unveils new pot possession rules By Josh Aldrich A marijuana joint is rolled during the 4/20 event on the Manitoba Legislative Building grounds in Winnipeg on Fri., April 20, 2018. Kevin King/Winnipeg Sun/Postmedia Network

Article by Josh Aldrich, Growth Op The provincial government unveiled new provincial legislation aimed at taking another bite out of the black market for cannabis. Justice Minister Cliff Cullen proclaimed the cannabis possession rules on Monday, which will give provincial inspectors the ability to issue tickets and make seizures related to cannabis. These are the first provincial officials to be given ...

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Stocking Stuffers For Stoners: The Best Small Gifts

CULTURE Stocking stuffers for stoners: the best small gifts Add a little green to your Christmas with these small-size gift ideas By Skyler Ash For the person who keeps their weed in a shady plastic sandwich baggie and should probably stop doing that. They haven't gotten around to replacing yet but they will one day. Don’t worry, after all the baggie (one they’ve been using for the past two years) is just temporary. Photo: Etsy

Article by Skyler Ash, Growth Op With holidays fast-approaching, it’s time to get cracking with gift shopping. And while it’s nice to open up a big, wrapped presents, we all know the stocking is truly where it’s at. Filled with stuff you need or don’t need (but love anyway), coming up with gift ideas for stocking stuffers is a great ...

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‘I’m Going to Put a Little Weed in My Grandmother’s Dish’: Culinary Cannabis Draws Top Chefs to Vancouver

British Columbia·New 'I'm going to put a little weed in my grandmother's dish': Culinary cannabis draws top chefs to Vancouver Social Sharing Chefs from Italy and California are in B.C. to learn about cooking with marijuana Jesse Johnston · CBC News Cannabis chef Travis Petersen is pictured with Silvia Barban, Kaileen Chisholm and Casey Thompson in Coquitlam on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC) Chef Silvia Barban prepares pasta dough for an upcoming meal. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

Article by Jesse Johnston, CBC News Two accomplished chefs are in B.C. on a field trip of sorts. Silvia Barban, who is from Italy and now runs a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, and Casey Thompson, a Texan opening a restaurant in Sonoma, Calif., are here to learn from local chef Travis Peterson. The trio are preparing for a private ...

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Shoppers Drug Mart Now Selling Medical Cannabis Across Canada

CanadaHealthIndustry Shoppers Drug Mart now selling medical cannabis across Canada Jesse B. Staniforth

Article by Jesse B. Staniforth, Leafly Though 1.1 million Canadians may use cannabis for medical purposes, a huge majority—some 800,000—do so without prescription, self-medicating with products purchased either from legal retailers, or from the illicit market. For some doctors and pharmacists, Shoppers Drug Mart’s push to offer medical cannabis in all provinces may be what Canadians need to move its self-medicating consumers ...

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Sorry Canada: Edibles, Extracts and Topicals Aren’t Ready

NEWS Sorry Canada: edibles, extracts and topicals aren't ready If anything does come before the new year, it will be a 'very limited supply.' By Bobby HristovaDecember 9, 2019 0 Comments Workers make cannabis-infused chocolate in the large bean-to-bar chocolate factory on Oct. 29, 2019. Photo: Julie Oliver/Postmedia Workers make Cannabis-infused chocolate in the large bean-to-bar chocolate factory. On October 17, 2019 - as part of Cannabis Legalization 2.0 - a range of cannabis products became legal in Canada. After 60 days notice is given to Health Canada these products will become available to the public in mid-December, 2019. Canopy Growth in Smiths Falls unveiled their bottle and chocolate factories and lines of cannabis-infused drinks and chocolate Tuesday (October 29, 2019) to the media. Julie Oliver/Postmedia

Article by Bobby Hristova, Growth Op Cannabis 2.0 likely won’t come in time for Christmas after all. Reps in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec all say they expect the first sales of edibles, extracts and topicals to come no sooner than January 2020. And if anything does come before then it will be a “very limited supply.” Dec. 16, 2019, ...

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Struggle to Open Tecumseh, Ont. Hemp Shop Due to ‘Massive Confusion’ in Cannabis Industry

Windsor Struggle to open Tecumseh, Ont. hemp shop due to 'massive confusion' in cannabis industry Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn 'Everybody's scared': Owners say it was hard to find insurance, landlord and bank support Jason Viau · CBC News Gingers House of HEMP owners Tiffany Rizok, left, and Melissa Boow, right, officially opened their shop in October at the intersection of Walker Road and Highway 3, in Oldcastle, Ont. (Jason Viau/CBC) Gingers House of HEMP sells hemp-based items such as lotions, food products, clothing, mattresses, pillows, bags, as well as dog leashes and collars. (Jason Viau/CBC) Trina Fraser is a partner at Brazeau Seller Law in Ottawa, and specializes in cannabis law. (Jason Viau/CBC)

Article by Jason Viau, CBC News Opening a hemp-based business for two moms in Tecumseh, Ont. has involved more than a year of red tape and roadblocks, largely because of the connection to cannabis. Finding a bank, insurance and a landlord wasn’t easy, according to Melissa Boow and Tiffany Rizok, and nearly forced them to give up trying. The owners constantly had ...

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Largest LP Canopy Growth Names Big Alcohol’s David Klein as CEO

BUSINESS Canopy Growth Names Constellation’s David Klein as CEO Constellation, which holds 36% stake in the cannabis company, promotes Hankinson to finance chief Constellation Brands, which produces and markets brands such as Modelo beer, holds a roughly 36% stake in Canopy Growth. PHOTO: RICHARD B. LEVINE/ZUMA PRESS By Colin Kellaher

Article by Colin Kellaher, Wall Street Journal Canopy Growth Corp. CGC 14.16%▲ said David Klein, who currently serves as chief financial officer of major shareholder Constellation Brands Inc., STZ.B -1.64%▲ will join the cannabis company as chief executive, effective Jan. 14. . Canopy said Mark Zekulin will step down as CEO and resign from the board, effective Dec. 20. . Mr. Zekulin, a company founder who stepped in as CEO in ...

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CBD Can Harm You, According To The U.S. What Does This Mean For Canada’s Cannabis Sector?

CBD can harm you, according to the U.S. What does this mean for Canada’s cannabis sector? David Olive By David Olive Star Business Columnist

Article by David Olive, Toronto Star Roughly one year into Canada’s experiment as the first industrialized country to legalize marijuana, the project gives the appearance of being a bust. Appearances are deceiving in this case, as we’ll see in a moment. But the first 13 months of Canadian pot legalization have been characterized by product shortages, a woefully insufficient number ...

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