Can CBD Damage Your Liver?


Article by Travis Cesarone, Cannabis Life Network Now is a crucial time to understand the truth behind CBD. Studies can serve as incredible resources or terrible sources of misinformation. Research taken too seriously can lead someone to wonder if CBD will damage their liver. One would hope their beloved herb is a well-balanced medicine- not to be taken for granted but nothing to fear. ...

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Some Canadian Used a Fake ID of Marvel’s Thor to Buy Weed Online

CULTURE Some Canadian used a fake ID of Marvel’s Thor to buy weed online Who creates a fake ID, no matter if it’s just a joke fake ID, that isn’t even up to date? By Brendan Bures, The Fresh Toast

Article by Brendan Bures, The Fresh Toast via Growth Op In Canada, you can buy weed online. This constitutes one of the numerous perks Canadians enjoy thanks to the recreational legalization of marijuana. Most of you will read that and have no further questions. What a novel and enviable concept, you will think. Here’s the deal though: online Canadian dispensaries can’t ...

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Toronto Cannabis Events: July 22 – July 28, 2019

weekly newsletter Toronto Cannabis Events Dankr Crowd

Toronto is an amazing city for cannabis with so many diverse events going on. Here is a list of the events going on this upcoming week and weekend: Monday, July 22, 2019: Tuesday, July 23, 2019: Wednesday, July 24, 2019: Free Cannabis Grow Class When: 6:00pm-8:00pm Where: Grow Op Hydroponics (1332 Bloor St. West, Toronto) Price: Free Movie and a Doobie When: 7:00pm-9:00pm Where: Hotbox Café (204 ...

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Smoking a Spliff and Staying Stiff


Article by Julia Veintrop, Cannabis Life Network Cannabis can make anything better, so why not sex? As a female, I have no idea what it is like to have a penis. For the most part, I know what cannabis does to my vagina. But, I can’t even fathom what might be going on down there when a man smokes a joint, especially before sexual ...

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7 Scenic Ontario Smoke Spots to Hit This Summer

CANADALIFESTYLE 7 Scenic Ontario Smoke Spots to Hit This Summer DEVON SCOBLE July 18, 2019

Article by Devon Scoble, Leafly There’s no time like summer to stuff a joint or a vape with your favourite strain and head into nature. Ontario is blessed with gorgeous scenery, but these spots are especially breathtaking. Lake Huron’s Eastern Shore The eastern shores of Lake Huron, aka “Ontario’s West Coast” stretch over 300 kilometres from Sarnia to Tobermory, offering—truly—some ...

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Weed-Smoking Parents Are Harsher Disciplinarians: Study

Weed-Smoking Parents Are Harsher Disciplinarians: Study They might not be as "chill" as we think. By Connor Garel ASSOCIATED PRESS Many parents have found cannabis helps them, in varying degrees, to manage some of the challenges associated with raising children.

Article by Connor Garel, Huffington Post  In an age of new cannabis laws, advancing research and rapidly changing attitudes, the rise of the parent who uses marijuana has almost become a promised statistical outcome. Parenting is far from an easy journey, and many have been quite open about turning to the occasional joint to remain mellow through it all, to ...

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Cannabis Friendly Vacation Options for Toking Tourists on the Rise

Cannabis friendly vacation options for toking tourists on the rise Brennan Doherty By Brennan Doherty Star Calgary

Article by Brennan Doherty, Toronto Star Smoking a spliff off the balcony of an Airbnb rental is still likely to land a traveller in their hosts’ bad books — even in Canada — but some companies are now catering to tourists who want to take advantage of legalization on vacation. Nine months after the federal government legalized recreational cannabis, the ...

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Does Your Cannabis Oil Contain Palm Oil?

Does your cannabis oil contain palm oil? Vancouver store operator cites environmental concerns in push against palm oil as cannabis oil ingredient By: Solomon Israel Posted Vegetation grows on a palm oil plantation next to burnt land in this aerial photograph taken in Ogan Komering Ilir, South Sumatra, Indonesia, Oct. 31, 2015. MUST CREDIT: Bloombergt photo by Dimas Ardian. A palm oil plantation sits next to burnt land in South Sumatra, Indonesia, in 2015. (Dimas Ardian/Bloomberg Photo) PALM-OIL

Article by Solomon Israel, Leaf News Mike Babins is on a mission to convince Canada’s licensed producers to stop making cannabis oils using palm oil, an ingredient he abhors for its negative environmental impact. Ingestible cannabis oils are typically made with a food-grade “carrier oil,” used to dilute the concentrated cannabis oil to a reasonable strength for oral administration. In many cases, it is ...

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