Toronto’s Top Doctor Wants to Ban Weed Gummy Bears

News & Policy Grow Toronto's top doctor wants to ban weed gummy bears Peter Nolan-Smith

Article by Peter Nolan-Smith, Daily Hive Cannabis legalization comes with some heavy stipulations around what exactly is considered legal. Dried flower is now being sold across the country, however, there are still cannabis products that are not slated to appear on shelves until the fall. Cannabis infused edibles, beverages and concentrates are all part of legalization part two, when — barring ...

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Ontario Delivers Yet Another Cannabis Decision That Hurts Retailers and Helps Illegal Dealers

Ontario delivers yet another cannabis decision that hurts retailers and helps illegal dealers Opinion: A monopoly on e-commerce benefits the government, and the black market, at the expense of consumers The Ontario Cannabis Store website is pictured on a mobile phone.Sean Kilpatrick

Article by David Clement, Financial Post On January 31st, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (ACGO) stated legal cannabis shops in the province will be prohibited from offering online retail options to consumers. This means that the initial 25 cannabis stores in Ontario and the multitude of stores that could open once the province lifts its temporary cap on retail licences ...

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Cannaquestions: Dos and Don’ts When it Comes to In-House, Legal Cannabis Cultivation in Canada

Marijuana growing phase NEWS Cannaquestions: Dos and don’ts when it comes to in-house, legal cannabis cultivation in Canada Whether it’s protecting tenant’s privacy or identifying landlord’s liability, experts offer their views on how to cultivate cannabis plants at home the legal way By David Bosworth February 18, 2019 Comments One marijuana plant in four growing phase As such, it is legal for a total of up to four plants to be grown in a household as long as an adult is growing the plants over the age of 18. Johny87 / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by David Bosworth, The Growth Op When it comes to legally growing cannabis at home, the federal regulations could be a challenge to comprehend. Experts answer three widely anticipated queries that homeowners and tenants could potentially face–queries that were also the point of discussion at Cannabis Living Expo that took place in Toronto last year–and how best to deal with them. Q1. If ...

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Parched Pot: No One Wants to Buy Crispy, Desiccated Bud. What are Canada’s Licensed Producers Doing About It?

Parched pot No one wants to buy crispy, desiccated bud. What are Canada's licensed producers doing about it? By: Solomon Israel Brandon Sun Growers ’n Smokers owner Rick Macl rolls a joint of legally obtained medical marijuana on Friday. Recreational marijuana will officially become legal in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018. (Matt Goerzen/The Brandon Sun)

Article by Solomon Israel, Leaf News Since legalization, Canada’s stash of legal marijuana has drawn a common complaint: sometimes, the bud has dried out by the time it reaches store shelves, reducing its appeal to discerning cannabis consumers. Cannabis sommelier Joel Carleton has noticed the aridity in some cannabis he’s purchased from government-licensed marijuana producers. “I’ve noticed that their cannabis, despite being presumably recently ...

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‘Extensive Lobbying’ Underway to Ease Restrictions Around Hemp-Derived CBD in Canada

‘Extensive lobbying’ underway to ease restrictions around hemp-derived CBD in Canada 'CBD is not addictive, it is not habituating and does not get you high. So why is the federal government regulating it like it’s a psychoactive drug?' A hemp plant is pollinated in Oregon. The passage of the Farm Bill has given hemp producers in the U.S. an edge.Don Ryan/AP Photo file Vanmala Subramaniam

Article by Vanmala Subramaniam, Financial Post Canadian hemp and cannabis producers are pushing for changes to the rules governing the use of hemp-derived cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in both plants that has multi-billion-dollar potential as an ingredient in a host of wellness products. “There’s some pretty extensive lobbying going on right now — by licensed cannabis producers, and by ...

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These are Currently Ontario’s 8 Potential Cannabis Retail Locations

Grow Business These are currently Ontario's 8 potential cannabis retail locations 38aa74f73324dc8bea2c9471bbcae5a1?s=96&d=mm&r=gPeter Nolan-Smith cannabistrot420/Instagram

Article by Peter Nolan-Smith, Daily Hive Cannabis retail in Ontario has been a little slower to roll out than most other provinces in the country. When Doug Ford was elected premier over incumbent Kathleen Wynne, he made good on his promise to move the province away from a publicly owned chain of cannabis stores to a private retail model. Twenty-five applicants ...

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Companies Backed by Major Cannabis Producers are Inking Deals with Ontario Retail Lottery Winners

Companies backed by major cannabis producers are inking deals with Ontario retail lottery winners Nature of deals unclear as winners must retain control of their cannabis stores under the rules Vanmala Subramaniam

Article by Vanmala Subramaniam, FInancial Post A number of cannabis retailers backed by major licensed producers have entered into agreements with winners of Ontario’s  retail lottery in an attempt to gain access to Canada’s largest market come April 1, when 25 brick-and-mortar cannabis stores are expected to open across the province. But the nature of those agreements, and whether or ...

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The Cannabis Black Market Will Control 71 Percent of Sales in Canada This Year, Scotiabank Says

The cannabis black market will control 71 per cent of sales in Canada this year, Scotiabank says Lack of consistent supply in legal cannabis shops has been a major market stimulator for the illicit sector Oliver Rowe and Ben Isaacson calculated the figure, which reduced its legal recreational sales prediction to about 30 percent, citing supply issues, government inspections, packaging snags and quality control issues as some of the reasons for the low percentage.MJ_Prototype / iStock / Getty Images Plus Emma Spears

Article by Emma Spears, National Post The logistical challenges and related supply issued of producing legal cannabis in Canada are many–and as a result, the Canadian cannabis black market is booming. A new research note from Scotiabank analysts estimate that the black market will control 71 percent of cannabis sales in Canada in 2019. Oliver Rowe and Ben Isaacson calculated the figure, ...

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