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Cannabis Sprays Explored: Testing for Hydrogen Peroxide


Article by Travis Cesarone, Cannabis Life Network When your bud burns black and you get a headache, that is from left behind sprays because your cannabis wasn’t flushed properly. These sprays include pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides which are supposedly used to protect the plants, but most of them are cheap shortcuts used to avoid safer, more expensive practices. For many of the ...

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New Research Yields Insights into Effect of Light Cycles on Cannabis Flowering

WEEDMAPS ∙ NEWS ∙ SCIENCE & MEDICINE New Research Yields Insights into Effect of Light Cycles on Cannabis Flowering Emma Stone

Article by Emma Stone, Weedmaps News While many appreciate the therapeutic and recreational benefits of cannabis, few are familiar with the process that governs cannabis flowering, or the conditions that are required for optimal growth. When cannabis reaches the flowering stage, vegetative growth slows and flower buds begin to appear.  As the buds enlarge, the pungent, unmistakably aromatic cannabis scent also intensifies ...

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Cannabis Sprays Explored: Caustic Soaps and Salts


Article by Travis Cesarone, Cannabis Life Network We certainly want to smoke clean buds, but this feat cannot be naturally achieved if cannabis is grown in a massive warehouse or extensive field. Rather than relying on small batches, some producers turn to horticultural soaps to solve this common agriculture hurdle. This is also why you wash your apples before crunching into them. ...

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Micropropagation: A Matter of (Tissue) Culture in Cannabis Cultivation

biotechnology in vitro Micropropagation: a matter of (tissue) culture in cannabis cultivation Mothers take up a lot of space and there is a lot of horticultural work required to keep it going By Blake Medulan In Vitro Propagation Plum Plants. Agricultural Biotechnology. Laboratory Experiment. Macro. Instead of a cutting, micropropagation only needs a small portion of a shoot, leaf, stem or root _Vilor / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Article by Blake Medulan, The Growth Op For generations, cannabis farmers have either let their plants get fertilized in the field and go to seed, or they opted to make clones (take cuttings) to create the next generation. Over time, however, the going-to-seed approach gave way to cloning as the preferred method for indoor black market growers. Not only was ...

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Trimming with Weedstagram416 on a Twister Trimmer T6

weedstagram416 trimming twister trimmer t6 automated trimmer grow at home

We had the pleasure of helping @Weedstagram416 harvest the last three Cannatonic Blackberry (WeedMD) plants in his garden using a Twister Trimmer T6 and a WRH Industries drying rack. We filmed the video below for you to understand the process and enjoy watching. Dankr in the Weedstagram416 Grow! from Jonathan Hirsh on Vimeo.

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Grow Your Own Cannabis with Lyte Resources

lyte resources grow at home prescription toronto ontario

Article by Brook P, Growing your own cannabis can be one of the most rewarding experiences a cannabis user can experience. Growing a pot plant can need daily attention to keep them alive and be filled with all sorts of possible pitfalls including bugs, mold, and hermaphrodites. But for all the risks the reward is exquisite. Gardeners who harvest ...

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Can Cannabis Buds Get Moldy?

Can cannabis buds get moldy? bud mould mold weed

Written by Toronto Toker for  This is a loaded question, as it always seems to be with cannabis, and has a lot of factor to consider. I’m assuming most people reading this a smokers rather than growers, where you receive the cannabis ready to be consumed. Before this stage the growers must grow and dry the buds without them getting ...

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How to Source Cannabis Seeds/Clones in Canada?

cannabis seeds toronto canada clones weed shop marijuana grow your own bud

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for This is an interesting topic in Canada. For the longest time Canadians haven’t had an issue with obtaining cannabis seeds. These seeds are often sold as souvenirs with a warning not to germinate them. The seed only counts as a plant once it has been germinated, in Canada. This distribution of seeds went undisturbed for ...

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Grow Op Hydroponics’ Beginners Cultivation Class

grow op hydroponics grow-op hydroponics home cannabis cultivation free cannabis grow class toronto

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Cannabis growing has long been the forbidden fruit for most cannabis enthusiasts. For many it’s common after years or even decades of consuming cannabis to not have ever seen a living plant. With the uncertainty of how legalization will be implemented (restricted access, taxation, etc.) now is a great time to start learning how to ...

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HotBox Grow: Gardening Your Medicine

matt mernagh HotBox Grow: Gardening Your Medicine cannabis

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for When thinking about Canadian’s knowledgeable enough to lead a cannabis cultivation class, there is one individual’s name that jumps out: Matt Mernagh. Matt was the first Canadian medical patient with a court exemption to grow their own cannabis as a fall out of being raided with cannabis plants, before it was a medical option for ...

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