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Two Hoot – 50 Cal Vape Pen Review

two hoot concentrate gear 50 cal vape pen review dabs discrete weed toronto

Review written by Mike LaLone, for 50 Cal Vape Pen Overview: The Two Hoot 50 Cal Vape Pen by Two Hoot Concentrate Gear, looks to the untrained eye like your standard run of the mill stick vape pen. With a few added features to this product, this pen sets itself apart from the majority of pens the same size ...

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Trinity Terpenes & Flavour Savers – Gen X Pineapple Express/ACDC Review

Gen X vape pen flavour savers trinity terpenes ACDC pineappleXpress ACDC - PineappleXpress distillate terpene

Review written by Mike LaLone, for Gen X Overview: The Gen X pen is a prefilled cartridge, containing THC distillate that has then been re-enhanced with cannabis derived terpenes to give it a boost in flavour. The Gen X is a collaboration between Trinity Terpenes a California based company and Flavour Savers, a Ontario based extraction company known for ...

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Cannabiscotti – Cannabiscotti Review

cannabiscotti cannabis biscotti weed infused marijuana thc

Review written by Mike LaLone, for Cannabiscotti Overview: Cannabiscotti is a Toronto based edible processing company that launched in 2016. Their product has been developed over the last 5 years, and they have now become an Award Winning, and widely respected company within the craft cannabis community. Their product looks and tastes fantastic and will appeal to patients and ...

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VIP Edibles – Canadrank Review

VIP Edibles canadrank thc tincture made with bho cannadrank canna drank

Review written by Mike LaLone, for VIP Edibles Overview: VIP Edibles is an Ontario based cannabis edible processing company with a variety of high quality, lab tested products available throughout Canada. These edibles provide potent effects that are noticeable very quickly. Accessing VIP Edibles: VIP Edibles products are available on many M.O.M (Mail Order Marijuana) websites and can be ...

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Canada Concentrates – ATF Flavoured Distillate Review

canada concentrates alaskan thunder fuck atf flavoured distillate thc

Review written by Mike LaLone, for Canada Concentrates Overview: Canada Concentrates is an Ontario based cannabis extraction company, who’s main operations are within the GTA. Officially starting in 2015 and launching into the market in 2016, the team has worked together for the last 4 years. There main goal since then has been to provide safe, high quality and ...

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Green Leaf Vapour Lounge Review

Green Leaf Vapour Lounge Vape Lounge

Review written by Mike LaLone, for Green Leaf Vapour Lounge Overview: Green Leaf Vapour Lounge, 85 Rosedale Ave, in downtown Brampton is a beautiful and relaxing spot, for all cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients across the GTA. Located just minutes from the heart of downtown Brampton, Green Leaf seems to set itself apart from other lounges in the GTA. ...

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