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Why Should I Be Cautious With Edibles?

Written by Marine Golding for Distribution of cannabis oil within a given edible is inexact, so no two bites will contain the same amount of THC. In addition the effect of edibles comes about as a result of the digestive process, taking much longer to give an appreciable reaction in the user. Whereas smoking produces a near immediate buzz, ...

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Help, I Lost my body. I’m too High, What Should I do?

Written by Marine Golding for Some people (many people) overdo their first cannabis experience, especially their first experience with edibles. The very non-scientific term for this is greening out. Greening out can result in highly unpleasant sensations of paranoia and helplessness. An inexperienced user would be justified in being more than a bit perturbed by the experience and forgoing ...

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Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

Written by Marine Golding for Vaping is preferred by some as there is no concern about inhaling combusted matter. Vaporizers heat flower just to the point that releases its psychoactive compounds, but not enough to actually create a fire. In smoking, of course, we use fire to get the whole thing going. The benefit to vaping is avoiding possibly ...

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Who Shouldn’t Smoke Weed?

Written by Marine Golding for Minors shouldn’t consume cannabis as there has been scientific correlation to impaired brain development. No one should be messing around with their brain. Consulting with a doctor is recommended and in fact is the only current legal channel of receiving cannabis. A doctor will be able to go over any contraindications you might have ...

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How do I Roll a Joint?

Written by Marine Golding for Searching a video on youtube (such as this) is a good place to start, as it helps to have a visual reference. You’ll need a bit of pliable cardboard for a filter, rolling papers and flower. Good joints are a work of art that take time and patience to perfect. Your first few joints ...

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Do I Need a Grinder for my Weed?

Written by Marine Golding for A basic grinder is a good investment for even the most occasional smoker. It will be very difficult to roll tightly packed joints without the flower first being ground from nuggets to finer flakes. A smoother grind allows for a joint or bowl that smokes evenly, thus yielding a smoother toke and more efficient use ...

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What are the Different Kinds of Cannabis, and How Different are They?

Written by Marine Golding for Cannabis falls into three camps-indica, sativa and ruderalis. Indica and sativa are the more commonly seen and cultivated. Sativas are known for their cerebral effects, inspiring a storm of mind-expanding thoughts, stimulating the intellect and inspiring brain activity. Indicas are more relaxing, cerebrally calming and are excellent for assisting in falling asleep (or consuming ...

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Vault of Talent – Women Grow

Women Grow Toronto Weed Event

Written by Marine Golding, for The Vault on Queen Street West was a veritable treasure trove of industry talent Thursday, April 6, when Women Grow took over for their first networking signature event. Lawyers Arlene Mack, Sasha Toten and Alice Tseng drew a sizeable crowd that audienced a candid but balanced discussion on cannabis industry legalities. With legislation in the ...

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