Shad: Maybe I’m still sane because I don’t blog or twitter


Hip-hop artist Shad sat down in his hometown of London, ON to talk about social media & basketball.

TCUS: It’s been over 6 years since you dropped “Yaa I get It” where the lines are, “Maybe I’m not big because I don’t blog or twitter” Looking back from 2010 to now, do you still maintain the same attitude towards social media?

Shad: It’s funny I actually wrote a line that will probably appear on a song soon where I say, “Maybe I’m still sane because I don’t blog or twitter” it’s funny but on a more serious note, I feel like there is a lot of anxiety these days and a lot of worry and I feel that a lot of that comes down to how insanely connected and stimulated we are. And so ya reflecting back 6 years ago I say “Maybe I’m still sane because I don’t blog or twitter” that’s given me a bit of piece of mind. I’ve never been mad at social media but it is a little boring to me, and a little bit too much for me. I look at my life and go I have certain responsibilities things that I consider my responsibilities and I don’t have a ton of time left over to communicate on a level that is a little bit superficial. I don’t really know how to do anything more than that on social media. I think I have the exact same relationship (from 2010) where I’m not mad at it, but I just don’t get it.

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Video by: bender3445

Artist: Shad

Song: A Good Name

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