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Au Revoir Hash Guru Frenchy Cannoli Julia VeintropJuly 20, 2021

Au Revoir Hash Guru Frenchy Cannoli

Article by Julia Veintrop, Cannabis Life Network The cannabis community is grieving a new loss ...

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Dab Throwdown Dankr

Dankr is Shutting Down Servers August 2021

Article by Dankr Staff For over 5 years we have had the pleasure of working ...

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Marijuana Jul 8, 2021 Sobeys' owner partners with Pathway Health on new medical cannabis program By David George-Cosh

Sobeys’ Owner Partners With Pathway Health On New Medical Cannabis Program

Article by David George-Cosh, BBN Bloomberg Canadian grocery chain operator Empire Co. is taking its ...

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BUBBLER by Shatterizer – Welcome to the Family! Happy 710, it’s officially OIL Day and we are so thrilled to share our good news. Welcome to the family BUBBLER by Shatterizer.

BUBBLER by Shatterizer – Welcome to the Family!

Article by Shatterizer Happy 710, it’s officially OIL Day and we are so thrilled to ...

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Study looking at vape pen ingredient phytol shows serious health concerns July 19, 202110 min read David Brown Insight A study released in late 2020 says that phytol, an ingredient used in some cannabis vape pen formulations, causes severe pulmonary injury and even death after inhalation dosing in rats.

Study Looking At Vape Pen Ingredient Phytol Shows Serious Health Concerns

Article by David Brown, Stratcann A study released in late 2020 says that phytol, an ...

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OCS pausing product calls while they refine their process

OCS Pausing Product Calls While They Refine Their Process

Article by David Brown, Growth Op Ontario has recently informed cannabis producers that the OCS ...

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Stoner Creek? Highway 8 set for second pot shop with four more in queue Thoroughfare could have six shops within five-minute drive

Stoner Creek? Highway 8 Set For Second pot Shop With Four More in Queue

Article by Richard Leitner, Stoney Creek News The first of four proposed cannabis shops within ...

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There are another eight cannabis stores just a block north of that, on Dundas Street West. Nearby Kensington Market, which was a hotbed of cannabis-friendly venues long before legalization, now has a cluster of five legal stores, two of them next to each other. There are no real restrictions as to where cannabis stores can be located in Ontario, except they have to be at least 150 metres away from schools. Some cities, such as Mississauga and Markham, have voted against allowing cannabis stores altogether, blocking out large portions of the Greater Toronto Area as potential store locations. So why did clusters of them emerge elsewhere? One reason, according to Mr. Maurer, was the way the province allocated its first batch of retail licences. A shortage of cannabis supply in the early days of legalization in late 2018 prompted the government to set up a lottery system to dispense licences. The two lottery rounds that took place in January and April, 2019, allocated just 67 licences. But hundreds of applicants raced to get financing commitments and lock in leases at exorbitant prices just to qualify for the lottery. “Everyone thought getting a retail licence would be a gold mine. So you saw all these people applying, with no knowledge of where the other applicant was signing a lease until it became apparent in the public notice process weeks later,” Mr. Maurer said.

Growth of Cannabis Retailers in Ontario Could Lead To A Wave of Closures, Experts Warn

Article by Vanmala Subramaniam, Globe and Mail Sasha Soeterik, the owner of independent cannabis retail ...

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