Cannabis Culture x NOW: Who We Are And Why We’re Here

Article by Jeremiah Vandermeer, NOW Toronto

Cannabis Culture x NOW: who we are and why we're here

Hello NOW readers! Jeremiah here. I’m Cannabis Culture‘s Chief of Operations and Editor-in-Chief of Cannabis Culture Magazine and Pot TV.

Cannabis Culture is highly honoured to have a digital residency launching today at NOW Magazine.

Canada is is the middle of some big changes. Today, the government will announce its future path to legal marijuana in Canada and our country will soon be a different place. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure yet what kind of a place it will be. We hope it will be a place where no peaceful citizen goes to prison for marijuana, but we may be holding our breath for a while. Better take a big bong toke first.

Our Cannabis Culture x NOW digital residency will give us the opportunity to provide an alternative to mainstream news coverage of the ever-growing marijuana movement and industry, and bring our long-time marijuana culture to a wider audience.

But first, a little CC history:

The business known today as Cannabis Culture was forged by the tireless work of Prince of Pot Marc Emery and his team of super-activists in the 1990s. Marc was a passionate young entrepreneur and libertarian upstart who sold his bookstore in London, Ontario and moved to British Columbia to begin his ongoing quest to reform marijuana laws in Canada and around the world.

Marc is part of a long tradition of activists who use civil disobedience as an effective tool for positive change. By breaking destructive, unfair and moralistic laws and getting arrested, revolutionaries like Marc have called attention to the hypocrisies of our society and have challenged the constitutionality of unjust laws in court.

Before medical marijuana programs and Licensed Producers, before the explosion of storefront pot dispensaries, and even before head shops made their comeback from the 1960s and 70s, there was Marc Emery, his store and marijuana seed company, and his magazine, Cannabis Culture.

Marc’s success in the marijuana seed business and his dedication to donating millions in profits to reforms led to a surge in marijuana activism in North America and across the globe. He became the loudest voice and biggest funder of an increasingly popular movement – and the powerful forces behind marijuana prohibition started to pay attention. In 2005, Marc was arrested then extradited and imprisoned in the United States for five years in what was quite obviously the targeting of a vocal dissident for political reasons.

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