Canada’s Hybrid Cannabis Distribution Models

Article by Jamil Dayekh, International Policy Digest

Jamil Dayekh Canada’s Hybrid Cannabis Distribution Models

Since the Canadian Federal government announced that cannabis, both recreational and medicinal, will be legalized on July 1, 2018, the Canadian government and provinces have found the process of figuring out distribution to be a difficult task. However, Alberta and Manitoba have developed some very interesting distribution models which they describe as hybrids.


Before explaining how Alberta and Manitoba are approaching distribution issues, a brief review of the process that led to the legalization of cannabis follows.

There are many beneficial medicinal uses of cannabis. In the 19th century, cannabis mixtures and remedies were common “cupboard” remedies. After the marijuana ban in the 1900’s, these health benefits were perceived to be myths. Today these benefits are still present in the herb and you can read more about it here.

However, it wasn’t just the health benefits that piqued the interest of the Canadian Federal government. A variety of different charity organizations also began to spring up, giving donations and support to a variety of different causes. You can check out these organizations here.

Due to these factors, as well as the strong support for Trudeau, who promised to legalize marijuana, the legislation will be enacted on July 1st, 2018.


Alberta: One city in particular has released information on its “hybrid model” to tackle the issue. Alberta has announced that marijuana will be sold through private brick-and-mortar stores and all online sales will be governed by the government. As discussed by the Edmonton Journal, the idea of allowing publicly owned dispensaries was an ongoing controversy but was eventually thrown out and this hybrid model is planned to be enacted by the end of December. The liquor distributor of the province will be in control of the 150 privately owned marijuana stores in Alberta.

Furthermore, although the legal age has been set at 18, provinces may raise the legal age if they wish.

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