7 Amazing Benefits of Rosin

Article by Randal, Cannabis Culture

7 Amazing Benefits of Rosin. By Derek Randal - Special To Cannabis Culture

Looking for affordable, potent, and pure cannabis extracts?

Consider rosin. In recent years, rosin has become popular among cannabis patients and enthusiasts alike.

Featuring a sticky consistency, similar to sap, rosin is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.

When made properly, rosin rivals any cannabis extract on the market today. In fact, some say rosin is the future of cannabis concentrates.

Here are just a few of the many amazing benefits of rosin.

What is Rosin?

Rosin is an extraction process that combines heat and pressure to make solventless hash oil (SHO). This technique produces a high-terpene and cannabinoid-rich resin.

While you can make rosin at home with a hair straightener, using the right equipment greatly improves the quality of your product.

For best results, use a rosin press.

Unlike a hair straightener, a rosin press is precise. A rosin press will apply the right amount of heat and pressure to properly extract cannabinoids and terpenes.

1.) Rosin Contains Zero Residual Solvents

While rosin looks nearly identical to other cannabis concentrations like BHO, there is one huge difference.

Rosin is completely solventless. Unlike BHO (butane hash oil), rosin does not require a solvent. Which means there’s zero risk of residuals in the end product.

The result is purer meds.

Butane is extremely harsh on the human body and the environment. Rosin produces a completely clean, potent product when extracted properly. In fact, rosin is comparable to BHO in potency.

For patients who need pure and powerful meds – the choice is obvious.

2.) Rosin is Safer to Produce

Extreme precautions must be taken when producing butane extractions.

Butane is highly flammable and susceptible to explosion. It is an extremely volatile substance.

Unfortunately, a large number of accidents have occurred from people trying to produce extracts with solvents like butane. Granted, many of these accidents were caused by amateurs who did not follow safe extraction methods.

Nevertheless, making concentrations from butane is risky business. Even when handled with the utmost care, butane still poses considerable dangers. Serious harm or even death can occur.

Rosin completely avoids these risks.

3.) Rosin is Simple to Make

Did you know that with the right equipment, you could make rosin in a few minutes?

Rosin presses apply heat and pressure. This combo liquefies the terpene and cannabinoid content in flower into a sticky wax.

The process of making rosin is incredibly efficient. In a single day you can make high-quality concentrates.

For new labs or caregivers, this is a huge advantage of rosin in comparison to closed-loop systems, which can take months, or even years to get up and running.

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