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How do you Decarboxylate Cannabis to Activate THC?

How do you Decarboxylate Cannabis to Activate THC?

First it is important to point out that cannabis in it’s raw bud or extracted concentrate form contains THCA, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This means you can eat your marijuana buds, as much as you want, but won’t receive any mental buzz or stimulation. Many medical patients get relief from the psychoactive effects of cannabis and want to ensure they get their desired results…

What are the Differences Between Sativa, Hybrid & Indica?

What are the Differences Between Sativa, Hybrid & Indica?

When discussing the many different types of cannabis available, individuals will often refer to the two main species: sativa and indica. These are the two ends of the spectrum, with sativa’s making you more energetic, creative, and indica’s that relax and induce sleep. There are many different strains of cannabis that fall into the categories of sativa and indica, but the majority of them land somewhere in between…

What Forms of Cannabis Can You Legally Purchase From Your Licensed Producer?

What Forms of Cannabis Can You Legally Purchase From Your Licensed Producer?

The Canadian government currently has a limit on the different forms of cannabis available to medical marijuana patients. Cannabis can be purchased in the cured, dry bud form or a THC infused cooking oil, like sunflower oil. These products are lab tested and are shipped in the mail directly to the patients…

What’s the Best Way to Store Your Cannabis?

What’s the Best Way to Store Your Cannabis?

When looking for the best way to store cannabis, there are a few things that will affect your cannabis. These are temperature, oxygen and light. You will want to use an air tight jar, keep it out of direct light, and ideally store it at a cool temperature…

What are the Different Kinds of Cannabis, and How Different are They?

What are the Different Kinds of Cannabis, and How Different are They?

Cannabis falls into three camps-indica, sativa and ruderalis. Indica and sativa are the more commonly seen and cultivated. Sativas are known for their cerebral effects, inspiring a storm of mind-expanding thoughts, stimulating the intellect and inspiring brain activity…

Do I Need a Grinder for my Weed?

Do I Need a Grinder for my Weed?

A basic grinder is a good investment for even the most occasional smoker. It will be very difficult to roll tightly packed joints without the flower first being ground from nuggets to finer flakes…

When Will Weed be Legalized in Canada?

When Will Weed be Legalized in Canada?

Current projections are for July of 2018. We shall see.

How do I Roll a Joint?

How do I Roll a Joint?

Searching a video on youtube is a good place to start, as it helps to have a visual reference. You’ll need a bit of pliable cardboard for a filter, rolling papers and flower. Good joints are a work of art that take time and patience to perfect. Your first few joints will likely be a little funny looking…

Who Shouldn’t Smoke Weed?

Who Shouldn’t Smoke Weed?

Minors shouldn’t consume cannabis as there has been scientific correlation to impaired brain development. No one should be messing around with their brain. Consulting with a doctor is recommended and in fact is the only current legal channel of receiving cannabis…

Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

Vaping is preferred by some as there is no concern about inhaling combusted matter. Vaporizers heat flower just to the point that releases its psychoactive compounds, but not enough to actually create a fire. In smoking, of course, we use fire to get the whole thing going…

Help, I Lost my body. I’m too High, What Should I do?

Help, I Lost my body. I’m too High, What Should I do?

Some people (many people) overdo their first cannabis experience, especially their first experience with edibles. The very non-scientific term for this is greening out. Greening out can result in highly unpleasant sensations of paranoia and helplessness…

Cannabis edibles weed brownie marijuana cannabis

Why Should I Be Cautious With Edibles?

Distribution of cannabis oil within a given edible is inexact, so no two bites will contain the same amount of THC. In addition the effect of edibles comes about as a result of the digestive process, taking much longer to give an appreciable reaction in the user. Whereas smoking produces a near immediate buzz, edibles take between half an hour to an hour or longer to kick in…

Medical marijuana: what’s available, what’s not? Here’s what kind of cannabis is available by prescription in Canada

Medical Marijuana: What’s Available, What’s Not?

Shopping for medical marijuana for the first time can seem daunting, like when you find yourself in the fruit aisle at that exotic grocery market just staring at the strange, colourful objects. So many things you’ve never seen before. Where do you even start? First of all, know that the Canadian government has your back

Cannabis for depression therapy Initial research shows medical marijuana has great potential for treating depression. Here’s the scientific evidence we have so far

Cannabis for Depression Therapy

Depression is a complex disease made up of biological, psychological and social factors. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eliminating stressors, adding medication to your routine and psychotherapy can all assist in alleviating symptoms of depression—as can medical marijuana, in some cases…

Everything you need to know about vaping marijuana Is it time to put the lighter down?

Everything You Need to Know About Vaping Marijuana

Joints. Bongs. Pipes. Matches. Lighters. Forget about ’em. Let’s vape instead. Vaporizers have become the ubiquitous gadget for the modern-day cannabis enthusiast. What is vaporization? Simply, it is a method of activating raw plant matter without combustion. In other words, get high without fire. You inhale vapor, not smoke…

How to talk to your friends (and grandma) about your medical marijuana prescription Prescription cannabis: tough conversation, important topic

How to Talk to Your Friends (and Grandma) About Your Medical Marijuana Prescription

So you’ve got yourself a prescription to legally medicate with marijuana. Awesome! But the last thing you want is for your family or friends to suddenly think you have a drug addiction. Instead of hiding your new prescription, have a conversation about it….

Is Medical Marijuana Different from Recreational Marijuana?

Is Medical Marijuana Different from Recreational Marijuana?

A lot of people nowadays are wondering, ‘Is medical marijuana different from recreational marijuana?’ I’d like to answer that with a simple and definitive ‘no.’ All marijuana has medicinal value. Even if you are using it ‘recreationally,’ you are still getting the benefits of consuming non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD. However, this question is a bit messier than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Here are three issues that make medical marijuana distinct from cannabis grown for the current ‘recreational’ market…

How to inhale from your vaporizer The vaporizer inhale can be tricky for beginners. Here’s how to get smooth sips, every time

How to Inhale From Your Vaporizer

So you’ve got a vaporizer. Wonderful! Congratulations! Now what? First of all, good on your for picking one up. They’re healthier and easier to use on-the-go than most other methods of smoking. While there are many different types of vaporizers out there (you can read all about choosing the right one here), the same general tips apply on how to use them…

Why does cannabis make us hungry? One of marijuana’s most common side effects, explained

Why Does Cannabis Make Us Hungry?

We’ve all experienced it, that insatiable hunger that often follows cannabis use. The unsuppressable urge for “just a little bit more” that inevitably leads to “just a little bit more, again” and so on until the whole bag/tray/trough is empty. This phenomenon is popularly known as “the munchies,” and while that sounds silly, rest assured, it’s very much a real thing…

What is Rosin, hair straightener rosin press dab dabber

What Is Rosin?

Rosin is a solventless, cannabis concentrate made through the application of heat and pressure. Rosin allows you to consume the essential oils of the cannabis plant without…

How do you make rosin? making rosin pressing solventless

How Is Rosin Made?

It is made using heat and pressure, usually with a rosin press or a hair straightener. The pressure and the heat work together to extract what I like to call the “essence” of the plant…

Rosin vs bho other concentrates shatter wax crumble

What Sets Your Rosin Apart From Others?

In my opinion taste and strength set my rosin apart from the rest, cannot speak for all companies out there doing rosin, some are too hot trying to achieve big yields…

Can you make rosin at home with a hair straightener? dabs safe

Can You Make Rosin at Home With a Hair Straightener?

Yes! You can very easily heat your hair straightener, put bud between parchment paper and squeeze. You will hear crackling noises as it releases…

Is Rosin Superior To Other Extracts? (BHO, CO2, Ethanol, Etc.)

Is Rosin Superior To Other Extracts? (BHO, CO2, Ethanol, Etc.)

Yes I believe rosin to be by far superior to other forms of concentrates never mind amazing taste…

What is Rosin so Flavourful? dab theca rosin press pressing squish

Why is Rosin so Flavourful?

Rosin if done right is full of natural Terps! (terpenes) that are released through the pressing process. You taste…

Rosin tech hair straightener dabs concentrate the dab

Can Rosin be Produced at Home?

Yes rosin can be produced at home, and by far is one of the safest ways of making marijuana concentrates, no ventilation needed, no chance of explosion…

First press rosin pressing squish solventless

What Does First Press Rosin Mean?

First press means the very first squish of a certain bud. Due to lack of pressure or heat sometimes you can get more than one press…

Rosin bags rosin pressing dabs shatter rosin tech

How do You Keep the Solid Plant Matter Out of the Rosin?

Matter is kept out of the rosin by the use of micron bags. Micron bags are basically a filter and come in various sizes…

Rosin Yield results rosin pressing dabs temperature pressure duration

What Factors Affect The Percent Yield When Pressing Rosin?

Some factors that can affect achieving a decent yield are: if your pre squish (bud) is to dry or old, how much heat you use…

Rosin pre-squish pre-press pre press squish dab

Do you Recommend Pre-Pressing your Bud Before Squishing it? If so, Why?

Yes I do recommend the pre squish method especially when squeezing large amounts. It helps keep plant material out of the finished…

Rosin temperatures pressing press thc solventless

What Temperature Range Works Best for Pressing Rosin?

Hard to say the best temp, but I’ve seen amazing things achieved at ranges between 160F and as high as 220F. What the old school pressers have told us…

Rosin consistency dabs dab rosin press pressing squish

Is There an Ideal Consistency for Rosin?

Rosin comes in many forms from butter right to glass. I prefer an almost pull snap type of rosin that usually turns into butter the next day or two…

Dabbing Rosin pressing press

Can You Dab Rosin?

Yes dabbing rosin is the best way to use it in my opinion, but peeps put it in their spliffs/blunts, put it on top of a bong hit, use portable dab pens…

live plant rosin pressing press dab terpenes

Can you Press Fresh Buds to Create Live Rosin? If so, How?

Yes you can use fresh cut buds (live plants) to make an insane Terpy “live rosin.” I would definitely start with less heat to release the essence…

Can cannabis stimulate weight loss? Dr. Natasha Ryz offers a research-based hypothesis

Can Cannabis Stimulate Weight Loss?

is well known that cannabis and its major active compound THC can increase appetite and cause “the munchies.” But did you know that cannabis use might also contribute to a healthy body weight The role of cannabis and endocannabinoids in appetite regulation and body weight has been extensively studied for the past 15 years…

Hash Kief keif rosin press pressing

Can You Make Rosin With Kief Or Hash?

Yes rosin can be made from kief and hash but it can be tricky dialling that one in cause the returns are very high but you really have to be careful…

Rosin Pressing Bud Press dab concentrate

How Long Should You Press Your Buds For?

Length of press time is personal for each person or company. Some are trying to achieve different things…

full spectrum rosin dabs rosin pressing dab

What Temperature is too High for Full Spectrum Rosin?

I’d say if you’re seeing steam come from your press you are way to high. Above 220 F is the cut off I was shown, but to each their own. I just know 100%, we…

What to do with rosin chips? squished bud theca edibles oil

What to do With Your Bud After it is Squished?

Post squished buds are referred to as “rosin chips” and can be used to make very strong butter or coconut oil that can be cooked with or used to make…

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