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Health Canada Announces Fees to Recover Costs of Regulating Cannabis

Health Canada announces fees to recover costs of regulating cannabis

Article by CHEX Licensed cannabis producers now know what fees they will have to pay with the Oct. 17 cannabis legalization date fast approaching. Health Canada announced Friday four new fees with the purpose of fully recovering the costs of regulating the cannabis industry. The fees announced that will take effect Oct. 17 are: Application screening fee: recovers the costs associated ...

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Mary’s Brew – Apple Cider, Chai and Ginger & Green Tea

mary's brew mary's tea dragons den cannabis tea thc cbd

Written by Gideon B, for Mary’s Brew Overview: Mary’s Wellness has been specializing in THC and CBD infused teas since 2015 and recently featured on the TV show, Dragon’s Den, successfully gaining a business deal with one of the “Dragons”. Mary’s Brews Pricing & Selection: Mary’s Brews come in a variety of flavours and blends, from your typical variety of ...

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First Nations Look to Secure a Piece of the Cannabis Pie Ahead of Legalization

First Nations look to secure a piece of the cannabis pie ahead of legalization The Canadian Press Christopher Reynolds

Article by Christopher Reynolds, Canadian Press via National Post Just upriver from downtown Montreal, the Kahnawake First Nation council office takes pride of place in the reserve’s modest skyline, along with a youth centre and a pair of churches. Soon, however, these old edifices may all be dwarfed by a sprawling, state-of-the-art greenhouse sprouting with cannabis plants and buzzing with ...

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Ontario Medical Association President Dr. Nadia Alam Apologizes After Calling Cannabis a ‘Gateway Drug’

Ontario Medical Association President Dr. Nadia Alam Apologizes After Calling Cannabis a ‘Gateway Drug’ Dr. Nadia Alam, seen in 2015, apologized Saturday on Twitter, saying: “I misspoke. Recreational cannabis is NOT a gateway drug. I thank my colleagues for correcting me.” (RICHARD J. BRENNAN / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO)

Article by The Canadian Press via Toronto Star The president of the Ontario Medical Association is taking back her comments saying recreational cannabis is a “gateway drug” to harder substances. Dr. Nadia Alam says she “misspoke” during an interview on CBC Radio last week, in which she also said recreational cannabis can cause anxiety and withdrawal symptoms for people who become addicted. ...

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Too High to Drive? Enforcement of Drug-Impaired Driving in Ontario Could Face Roadblocks Similar to Those Encountered in Colorado

Too high to drive? Enforcement of drug-impaired driving in Ontario could face roadblocks similar to those encountered in Colorado By PATTY WINSA With the looming legalization of recreational cannabis, many Canadians are concerned about drivers getting behind the wheel high. (CARLOS OSORIO / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO)

Article by Patty Winsa, Toronto Star If you could look into a crystal ball to see the future of drug-impaired driving on Ontario roads come October 17, you might see Colorado. Since cannabis was legalized there four years ago, statistics on marijuana and driving compiled by the state found that more than 20 per cent of drivers involved in fatal ...

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Toronto Bioscience Firm Determined to Corner the Cannabis-Drink Market

Toronto bioscience firm determined to corner the cannabis-drink market Trait Biosciences claims it has created technology to provide water-soluble cannabinoids. NICK EAGLAND Toronto's Trait Biosciences claims it has created technology that could give it an edge in the world of cannabis beverages, which a third of cannabis consumers say they are interested in using. JEFF CHIU / ASSOCIATED PRESS FILES

Article by Nick England, Vancouver Sun When the next phase of legalization arrives one year from now, Canadian cannabis users might celebrate by raising a toast rather than getting baked. Edibles won’t be available on Canada’s recreational market until a year after the Oct. 17 legalization of dried and oils and until then, a race will be underway to corner ...

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Legal or Not, Cannabis Delivery Services Prepare For Launch

Legal or Not, Cannabis Delivery Services Prepare For Launch Save the Drive CEO Chanel Graham in Edmonton, Alberta on Friday, September 7, 2018. Amber Bracken The Globe and Mail AMBER BRACKEN/THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Article by Amy O’Kruk, Globe and Mail Several Canadian entrepreneurs are preparing to launch cannabis delivery companies in time for legalization on Oct. 17, despite the fact this service will be illegal for recreational marijuana in most provinces. . These entrepreneurs believe clients will be willing to pay to get deliveries faster than they could from provincially run cannabis websites. ...

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Talking Cannabis Science With Alex The Chemist

Talking Cannabis Science With Alex The Chemist

Article by High! Canada High! Canada Magazine had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with Alex the Chemist also known as Alexzander Samuelsson. He works for NextLeaf Solutions as lead chemist out of Vancouver BC and we were lucky enough to catch him between meetings recently in Toronto. Tell us Alexzander, you’re a chemist, what led you down the path into the ...

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