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Comedy Film ‘Canadian Strain’ Tackles Country’s Cannabis Legalization

A comedy about Canada's upcoming cannabis legalization is headed for the big screen. Canadian company We'll Be Over Here Productions Inc., says production has begun in Toronto on the feature film "Canadian Strain." Written and directed by Geordie Sabbagh, the film stars Jessica Salgueiro as a boutique weed dealer who has been put out of business by the legalization of cannabis. Salgueiro hails from Winnipeg and is being featured at this year's Toronto International Film Festival as a Rising Star. Colin Mochrie plays her dad and Naomi Snieckus plays her uptight retail co-worker. Thousands are expected to attend the 4-20 marijuana smoke-in at Vancouver's Sunset Beach Friday, and while the legalization goal of the annual Weed Day will soon be met, an event organizer says there is much more to protest. A woman smokes a joint during the annual 4-20 cannabis culture celebration at Sunset Beach in Vancouver, B.C., on Thursday, April 20, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Article by The Canadian Press via CTV News  A comedy about Canada’s upcoming cannabis legalization is headed for the big screen. Canadian company We’ll Be Over Here Productions Inc., says production has begun in Toronto on the feature film “Canadian Strain.” Written and directed by Geordie Sabbagh, the film stars Jessica Salgueiro as a boutique weed dealer who has been ...

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Canopy CEO Linton Sees More ‘Disintegration’ Than Consolidation in Cannabis Sector’s Future

Canopy CEO Linton sees more ‘disintegration’ than consolidation in cannabis sector's future 'It happens when people make promises at valuations that can’t possibly be fulfilled…. They have no chance of doing anything potentially other than building inventory' Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton will be on the board of Canopy Rivers.Peter J. Thompson / National Post Geoff Zochodne

Article by Geoff Zochodne, Financial Post The head of leading Canadian pot producer Canopy Growth Corp. sees the cannabis industry as ripe for “disintegration,” rather than just consolidation. Bruce Linton, chairman and co-chief executive of Canopy, outlined the somewhat apocalyptic-sounding vision for the future of the business Thursday morning, a day after his company announced they were part of the biggest deal ...

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So You Want to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Ontario? 5 Must Knows for Potential Cannabis Retailers

So you want to open a marijuana dispensary in Ontario? 5 Must Knows for Potential Cannabis Retailers Harrison Jordan

Article by Harrison Jordan, Harrison Jordan Law If you haven’t been living under a rock the past week you have probably heard the reports in the Canadian media that Ontario premier Doug Ford has decided to privatize the sale of non-medical cannabis in the province. An official announcement has not yet been made by the Ontario government, so I’m hesitant ...

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Strain: Kreamy Karamel from Kannabia Seeds

Strain: Kreamy Karamel from Kannabia Seeds

Article by Cy Williams High! Canada High! Canada Magazine has been talking to Canadian growers about their own individual grow methods, which vary greatly from grower to grower. We feel its important to examine the many different ways of producing a top-shelf harvest and is our hope that you see both the similarities and differences in what you are doing yourself ...

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Kassam: Canadian Medical Association Shouldn’t Give Cannabis Cold Shoulder

Kassam: Canadian Medical Association shouldn't give cannabis cold shoulder ADAM KASSAM What role does weed have in medicine? According to the CMA, it's minimal. TED S. WARREN / AP

Article by Adam Kassam, Ottawa Citizen The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) recently announced that it supports the elimination of the current medical cannabis system  once federal legalization is implemented in October. The rationale is “the lack of evidence, the lack of scientific studies showing it actually works, the lack of knowledge around dosing and interactions with other medications.” The CMA’s reservation with ...

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Myriad of Health Claims Suggest Cannabis is a Panacea For What Ails Us. But Is It?

Myriad of health claims suggest cannabis is a panacea for what ails us. But is it? BY SHERYL UBELACKER, THE CANADIAN PRESS Chris Lawrence spends time with his son Logan Lawrence, 6, at a park near their home in Aurora, Ont., Saturday, August 11, 2018. Logan has severe autism and Lawrence says cannabis CBD oil has eased his behaviors. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Galit Rodan

Article by Sheryl Ubelacker, Canadian Press Google the word “cannabis” coupled with just about any disease — arthritis, epilepsy, even cancer — and there are all sorts of health claims made about what some have come to view as a potential wonder drug. But fervour over what cannabis might do has run wildly ahead of what scientific studies have proven ...

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Municipalities Weigh Pros and Cons of Taking The High Road

Municipalities weigh pros and cons of taking the high road By MITCH POTTER.

Article by Mitch Potter, Toronto Star From the tiniest town councils to the leafiest suburban chambers, Ontario’s 444 municipalities are feeling a regulatory hangover as they grapple with how to navigate Premier Doug Ford’s new plan to hand storefront cannabis sales to the private sector. For at least one town — Richmond Hill — the answer to the culture shock is ...

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Second Cup Says it May Convert Ontario Coffee Shops to Cannabis Stores

Second Cup says it may convert Ontario coffee shops to cannabis stores By The Canadian Press Second Cup had announced a partnership with marijuana clinic operator National Access Cannabis in April to potentially convert coffee shops to retail stores. At the time, the companies said they were focused on Western Canada. (CHRIS YOUNG / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO)

Article by The Canadian Press via Toronto Star The Second Cup Ltd. says it is actively reviewing locations in Ontario for potential conversion to cannabis retail stores in light of policy changes in the province. The company’s announcement comes after Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government said it would allow private retailers to sell recreational marijuana starting next April. Second Cup had ...

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Half Baked Extracts – Jolly Rancher Mix Pack Review

half baked extracts infused gummies edibles thc weed cannabis

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Half Baked Extracts Overview: Half Baked Extracts is, as the name suggests, an extract company that produces shatter and honey oil. Half Baked Edibles uses these concentrates to infuse their in-house edibles. They have been a company for almost a year now and have some excellent prices that are worth checking out. Accessing Half Baked ...

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Richmond Hill, Markham to Opt Out of Retail Cannabis Sales

Richmond Hill, Markham to opt out of retail cannabis sales Katherine DeClerq, CTV News Toronto

Article by Katherine DeClerq, CTV News The mayor of Richmond Hill has said that his city will opt out of the government’s plan to introduce private retail stores for cannabis by April 2019. Mayor David Barrow said that while some residents disagree with his stance, city council will not be in favour of legal pot shops in the city. “We’re ...

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