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Some Cities Try To Put Brakes On Rush To Marijuana Legalization

Some cities try to put brakes on rush to marijuana legalization Municipalities across the country are harnessing their limited powers to delay the opening of retail cannabis stores, dictate where they can operate or ban them outright — at least temporarily. The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC), a subsidiary of the LCBO, plans to open an initial 40 cannabis stores this summer, eventually expanding to 150 stores. (SEAN KILPATRICK / THE CANADIAN PRESS) By ALLAN WOODS Quebec Bureau

Article by Allan Woods, The Toronto Star In the rush to marijuana legalization, cities across the country are harnessing their limited powers to delay the opening of retail pot stores, dictate where they can operate or ban them outright—at least temporarily. There was uproar from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Toronto District School Board after finding out the city’s first ...

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Toronto Cannabis Events: April 16 – April 22, 2018

Toronto Cannabis Events Dankr Crowd

Toronto is an amazing city for cannabis with so many diverse events going on. Here is a list of the events going on this upcoming week and weekend: Tuesday April 17, 2018: TERRIFIC TUESDAY GANJA YOGA BASIC with Jose When: 7:30pm-9:30pm Where: The House of Yoga (714 Bloor St W, Toronto) Price: $30/class, 4 classes for $100 Wednesday April 18, 2018: Movie and a Doobie When: 7:00pm-9:00pm ...

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Is All Cannabis Use Medicinal?

Is All Cannabis Use Medicinal? By Dr. Frank - Special To Cannabis Culture

Article by Dr. Frank, Cannabis Culture In my mind, the answer to this question is simple. “Yes, all cannabis use is medicinal.” The reasoning for this? Because, even if you’re using cannabis “recreationally”, the cannabinoids and terpenoids in cannabis are working together and providing their health benefits.Lowering inflammation, busting stress, eating a full meal and getting to sleep properly – these ...

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Canadian Conservative Senators Who Visited Jeff Sessions Are Sharing Anti-Cannabis Propaganda With Their Peers

Conservative senators who visited Jeff Sessions are sharing anti-cannabis propaganda with their peers by Amanda Siebert. Conservative-appointed senators Denise Batters, Pierre-Hughes Boisvenu, and Claude Carignan traveled to Washington, D.C. earlier this month to meet with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Article by Amanda Siebert, The Georgia Straight Last week, the Straight reported that three Canadian senators took a trip to Washington, D.C. to meet with anti-legalization groups and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions—the same man who, in 2016, uttered the words, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” It’s bad enough that three unelected officials decided to waste taxpayer dollars seeking out the advice of a prohibitionist, but ...

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Potholes: The New Fight Over ‘Drugged Driving’

Potholes: The new fight over ‘drugged driving’ Marijuana will soon be legal in Canada. But a study from a Toronto doctor suggests the risks of pot-impaired drivers are, well, high. New laws governing drugged driving which will accompany the legalization of marijuana this summer are proving to be controversial — particularly the issue of measuring impairment. (CARLOS OSORIO / TORONTO STAR). JOSEPH HALL Feature Writer

Article by Joseph Hall, The Toronto Star Canada’s 4/20 celebration of all things pot may be more festive than ever this year as partakers anticipate the laws legalizing marijuana coming this summer. But a new study showing significantly increased traffic deaths on the April 20 “high holiday” is a sobering reminder of the dangers that marijuana — and freer access to it ...

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Meet the Neighbours of Toronto’s First Legal Pot Shop

Article by Victoria Gibson, The Toronto Star The owners and employees of the hair salons, pizza joints and convenience stores who will be neighbours to Toronto’s first legal pot shop had no idea about the government endeavour sidling up next door — until they saw cameras, or flipped on the news. Juliet Medina of Hi Cuts Hair and Care said one ...

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Province Announces Thunder Bay’s First Retail Cannabis Location

Province announces Thunder Bay's first retail cannabis location The retail cannabis store will be located near the Real Canadian Superstore on the Harbour Expressway CBC News. The first cannabis retail store in Thunder Bay, Ont. will be in the same plaza as the Real Canadian Superstore on Harbour Expressway. The new location will be right beside the First Choice Hair Cutters store. (Cathy Alex / CBC)

Article by CBC News Residents in Thunder Bay, Ont. now know the planned location for the first cannabis retail store in the city. The province announced the first four locations on Wednesday, with the Thunder Bay store expected to be located south of the parking lot of the Real Canadian Superstore at 570 Harbour Expressway. It’s in a multi-store complex that already houses an ...

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Cannabis Scheduling: The FDA Wants to Hear From You

Cannabis Scheduling: The FDA Wants to Hear From You

Article by Ben Adlin, Leafly. Between now and April 23, the US Food and Drug Administration is accepting public comment from “interested parties” regarding the classification of cannabis. In case you need a quick refresher, cannabis is currently a Schedule I controlled substance—a category reserved for drugs with high abuse potential and no accepted medical use—meaning it’s more tightly regulated than ...

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Halifax Marijuana Dispensary Robbery Investigation Leads to Drug Search, Trafficking Charges

Halifax marijuana dispensary robbery investigation leads to drug search, trafficking charges

Article by Rebecca Lau, Global News. A Halifax marijuana dispensary employee is now facing drug trafficking charges, that were prompted by a police investigation into a robbery at the business. The owner of Scotia Green Dispensary on Spring Garden Road, Carl Morgan, said the investigation into the robbery has taken a wrong turn. “We are not the bad guys here,” ...

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