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SparQ Toronto Dispensary Review (Yonge & Sheppard)

Sparq toronto dispensary review thc

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for SparQ Toronto Overview: SparQ Toronto is a unique dispensary focused on carrying top-notch strains, rather than an excessive selection. SparQ is discretely placed right on Yonge Street and has been there since the beginner of the 2017 summer, providing medicine to patients in need. SparQ Toronto Location: 4905 Yonge St. SparQ Toronto is conveniently located ...

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Delta 9 Releases Justin Trudope, a New Strain in Honour of the PM

Delta 9 releases Justin Trudope, a new strain in honour of the PM But... isn’t that what the alt-right calls the Prime Minister?

Article  by Kate Robertson, Lift News Marketers face a difficult challenge when it comes to medical cannabis in Canada: under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations(ACMPR), licensed producers aren’t allowed to promote themselves with any images of the plant, dried or not; they can’t lean on celebrity endorsements, nor can they make claims about the effects of strains. And ...

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How Queen’s Park Is Gearing Up To Be The Largest Legal Pot Dealer In Canada (And Maybe The World)

How Queen’s Park is gearing up to be the largest legal pot dealer in Canada (and maybe the world) Ontario’s new government monopoly kicks into gear in July, when the legalization of recreational weed takes effect. Here’s what you need to know. Finance Charles Sousa joked at a Toronto Regional Board of Trade meeting in November about Canada becoming the "world's biggest pot dealer." (CHRISTOPHER KATSAROV / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO)

Article by Robert Benzie, The Toronto Star Charles Sousa was half-joking about toking. “I was with some high school buddies last week — you remember the guys from high school — and they said to me: ‘who’d have thought it would be you that would one day aspire to become the world’s biggest pot dealer?’ ” the Ontario finance minister ...

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Genetic Pot-Pourri: Why Cannabis Strains Don’t All Live Up To Their Billing

Genetic pot-pourri: Why cannabis strains don't all live up to their billing Pot strains can have mixed-up genetics that don't always match what's advertised, experts caution By Susan Ormiston, CBC News . Canopy Growth, a cannabis company in Smiths Falls, Ont., is actively breeding pot and drilling into its genetics to create new strains with consistent characteristics. (Mia Sheldon/CBC)

Article by Susan Ormiston, CBC News Red Diesel, Moby Dick, Lemon Burst, or how about Girl Scout Cookies? All names for “bud,” the cannabis flower, and when the black market product goes legal in Canada this summer expect some heavy marketing of fancy names and their tantalizing effects. But plant scientists say the “sell” is hazy. Those buds have a mixed-up ...

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A Very Cannabis Christmas: Bringing Better to The Marijuana Mainstream

A Very Cannabis Christmas: Bringing Better to The Marijuana Mainstream

Article by Irie Selkirk, High! Canada This isn’t going to be your typical list of items that you can click through to order immediately—although I’ll include a few to simplify your life. Instead, this information is simply designed to help one recognize what the cannabis consumer enjoys… something that some of the provincial governments seem to be avoiding at all ...

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Ontario Government-Run Pot Stores Coming

Ontario Government-Run Pot Stores Coming. Mary Ellen Bench says the locations of government-operated stores that sell marijuana will be up to the province, but that should not be an issue for municipalities.

Article by Shannon Kari, Law Times The Ontario government is promising to open 40 government-run cannabis stores in more than a dozen municipalities once federal legislation is enacted later this year to permit the sale of the product for recreational use. That number is scheduled to rise to 80 stores and online sales by the summer of 2019, increasing to 150 ...

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Geerbbox – Geerbbox Review

geerbbox dooptube joints beer box bbox thc gearbox gearbbox

Reviewed by Toronto Toker for Geerbbox Overview: Geerbbox was introduced as a product made for the legal cannabis market to carry joints, papers, bud, and even a lighter. It is made to allow you to easily carry cannabis and half smoked joints around with you, with out worrying about the smell. Accessing Geerbbox: Geerbbox was started in early 2017 in ...

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Drugs and Driving Committee Accepts Drug Screening Device for Review

Drugs and Driving Committee accepts drug screening device for review DDC also currently reviewing three additional devices, according to a spokesman for the agency

Article by David Brown, Lift News The Drugs and Driving Committee (DDC) has accepted one drug screening device for evaluation and is currently reviewing three additional devices, according to a spokesman for the agency. How Canada will manage cannabis-impaired driving once the drug is made legal this summer has been a major concern for law enforcement, politicians and stakeholders. A recent ...

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